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Usually, the full impact of your mistake doesn't hit you until after a night of sleep. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was repeatedly smash my head against my headboard. Immortality must have done something funny to my brain, or boredom got the best of me. Because I've never committed to this level of stupidity. I am regretting spilling everything to the Cullens. How was I going to wrap this mess up?

I don't remember getting dressed and going downstairs, but the next thing I knew, I was in our drive way, staring dumbly at the shiny Volvo parked before our house.

That man is nuts.

But apparently I was not that much better either. Because suddenly, I was laughing uncontrollably. The incrediblity of Edward's stubborness had just boardered hilarity.

Edward took it as a sign that it was safe to climb out of his car; and as he slowly approached me, I could see that he was smiling too. To feel him so close, to see him standing next to me even after my numerous hurtful rejection was, in a very strange way, comforting. Like he cares enough to put up with my crap.

"Must've been a good night sleep. Good morning," His eyes were slowly losing their hesitance, "Harry Potter."

I immediately sombered up.

"Do not call me that."

"It's a keeper, Harry."

My eyes narrowed, "What are you doing here?"

He cocked his head, "I thought you'd need a ride."

My eyes shifted toward my rusty red truck.

"That's not a ride." Ouch.

My first reaction was to pound his head into his neck, but instead I found myself getting into his car. It was that kind of morning where you seemed detached from your body. It's like you're trapped in one of those omniscient dreams where you just watch yourself do stupid shit, yelling at yourself about how stupid it is, and your dream self just keeps doing what it's doing anyway.

As we rode to school, I can't stop wondering what was wrong with me. Only yesterday had I made it so clear that I want the Cullens out of my life, but not 8 hours later, I was all buddy-buddy with the subject of my rejection. To add the cherry on top of my stupid cake, I noticed that we had long ago strayed off the main road and into a much more isolated pathway. In my clogged up mind, I briefly noted that this was the route to the Cullen's residence. Looks like we're ditching.

It was as if an elastic band had snapped back into place, and suddenly I was very aware of my situation.

"I thought we were going to school!"

"Did you now. Interesting." He had the nerve to be, well, unnerved.

"You lied to me." God's sake, I had being outsmarted by a child. To anyone it would have been a dent on their ego.

"I never said that I was taking you to school, I only said that I'd give you a ride." He threw me a lopsided smile.

Son of a bitch.

But looking back on it, he had thrown me for a loop.

Clever son of a bitch.

A sudden clang above us momentarily distracted me before the backseat door opened and Jasper climbed in, wearing a smirk nearly identical to Edward's. Everything clicked together.

"You two teamed up on me! And you," I turned my glare upon the very amused adonis seated beside me, "You used that to your advantage."

"Now, I wouldn't neccesarily say that. My family and I simply wanted another round of Q & A with you." Edward said sincerely, or rather, he tried to. The playful spark that danced in his eyes shone brighter than a neon sign that spelled: Bullshit.

"I thought I've already got my point through yesterday, or was I not convincing enough?"

Edward's expression blanked and even though it was only for a few seconds, I could see that it was hurting him to recall last night, and in turn, it gave me a little pang in the chest to be the reason of his dispair. But I was never one to know when to shut up.

"And why does it matter to you anyway?" I stared at him hard, "Get out of my case."

The car slowed to a stop. At first I thought that Edward had had finally enough of my hostility, and was going to kill me (or try to) right here in this middle of nowhere. But then again, he had made a comment about me being some kind of wimpy wizard boy, and that really pissed me off. If he disemboweled me right here in this forest, I'd probably wind up stalking the wet tree trunks, immortal and looking for him, unable to rest until I'd ripped out his shiny vampire dick. Then, I realized that we had arrived before his white victorian mansion, and the degree of my neglectfulness to my surroundings nearly threw me off my feet.

This is why I hate empaths. I pointedly threw a glare at Jasper. They lead you off the important focuses.

I crossed my legs and leaned into the seat, "If you think I'm gonig in there, you are dead wrong." And just to be mean, " Pun intended."

Edward just shook his head and got out. But I could almost hear his eyes rolling. A gesture signifying that he still took me as a kid, and that made me angry. There was something about Edward that threw me of balance. First of all, he could get on my nerves like nobody else can, well, maybe there are more annoying people out there, but those lunatics are another story. And there was something damn attractive about his attitude. Maybe it was the way he could be so gentle and nice one moment, but all naught and tease the next. Or maybe it was the way he was so caring around his family while he could be all big and bad and gansta. How dreamy.

I shook my head and scoffed. He did nickname me Harry after all, that alone should effectively crush all feelings I have for him. But the thing was, it didn't.

Then something hit my nose. Not literally, but it did feel like it. It might have as well been a freight train, hitting me square in the chest and knocking my calm out of me. Something that smelled like a dying summer breeze, decayed sweets with a hint of bitter sour. I know that smell anywhere, and the right thing to do would be throwing myself into the driver's seat, shift the gears and get the hell out of here. Instead, I threw open the car door and sprinted toward the house.

Hey, you can't blame me. I told you that I wasn't in the right mind this morning.

The door opened right on cue before I had the chance to bust it off its hinge, and an exasperated Alice came into my view, looking as if she had been expecting me to do this since 1812, when the canadians were burning down their Whitehouse. But knowing her, she probably did. Damn psychic. But my mind is else where.

"Who's inside?" I was making a great effort in not shoving her out of the way.

"Do you know them?" She quirked an eyebrow.

I knew very well who she meant by 'them'.

"Why did you let them in?" I asked.

"We found them in the forest and they were asking for you. They said that they knew you. Very well. And we were very curious so we let them in." She said it as if it was the obvious thing to do.

Right. The girl really needs some vitamin D. Maybe she should go into the sun more often. Makes her brighter too.

"You shouldn't let people into your house like that." I glared at the wall behind her, as if I could see through the white obstruction. Because I know that those two bitches are behind it, I felt it in my gut, "Especially people that has something to do with me."

Alice ignored me. "They won't talk to us but they've waiting for you."

She got out of my way.

I hesitated. The Volvo which had, just a couple of seconds ago, been a tool for my kidnap, looked quite inviting. And I could invision myself getting in that car and bust out of here. But that would make me look like a coward, and I do not want them ten miles near that information. In truth, I would like to get out of here. I would very much like to get out of here. But, what the heck, I stepped through the door way.

"Took you long enough." A feminine voice. Sweet and sultry, lazy and slurred but sharp and clever, and so damn annoying.

I scoffed.

"That's it?" She came into my view. Black hair with two blond curls framing her face, dedicate features, and killer body. Oh yes, and that arrogant posture and proud eyes. Meet Shizuki, she is one of those lunatics that I mentioned earlier. You know, the ones who can make me lose my shit even faster than Edward can.

"It has been 98 years since I last saw you and that was all the greetings I get?" She raised one perfect eyebrow. Even more perfect than Rosalie's.

I sighed. "Things have been pretty lazy until last week. Nothing was happening." I eyed her fleetingly, "And you really can't blame me for not wanting to see you."

She smirked at me, "Aww, you're still so cute."

"Bella-chan!" Here comes bitch number two.

A flash of blond and black rounded the corner of the room and Shizuki's younger twin sister came into view. Yuzuki was the mirror image of her elder sister except for her eyes, which lacked the intelligence that was so apparent in her sister's. She could've been the original barbie. Hot as hell but with a brain of a golden retriever.

Incredibly naive.

Tears welled up in her eyes the moment she saw me and she stood still with her hands over her heart, like she's too happy for words. Those tears doesn't look fake, it truly seemed as if she was overwhelmingly happy to see me. She probably was, but I don't understand why. Most of the time, I blamed her unreasonable joy on her microscopic mind.

Those two sisters have a very strange relationship with me. One acted like I was a useful puppet she has up by the strings. The other viewed me as the adorable dog she never had. But I only saw them in a single light. They were tools. Allies, if you will. There was no love between us, at most, it was reluctant comradeship. They helped me to get what I want and I worked for their advantage. We have the same goal so it was a win-win situation. In other words, I kinda sold my soul to the devils.

Edward and Jasper chose the same moment to step in as Yuzuki chose to launch herself at me. It wasn't a gentle speed. She was going a hundred miles an hour and as she locked her arms around me, I flew backward, crashing through Edward and Jasper, out the door and skidded a painful 20 meters across their driveway on my back. I think I got grass in my pants.

Alarmed yells and screams sounded from the house, but I barely heard any of it. There was something warm in my hair and thorugh my blurry eyes, the world was spinning out of controll. panicked voices next to my ears, and hands patting my body lifting me up. Somewhere a hundred miles away, a female voice screamed: I can see her skull!

Another female voice screamed: Uwaaaaa, Bella-chan, I missed you so much! ( For some reason I really wanted to shut that voice up)

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I could feel flesh knitting together at the back of my head and the familiar feeling of my body been pulled back from death. When I opened my eyes again, seven pairs of eyes stared back at me worridly and I was encased in two frozen arms. I sat up and rubbed the back of my head.

"I thought I was going to be bald." I grumbled.

"Be-Bella," I turned and looked into the eyes of a very terrified Edward, "Your head... you head...the blood."

I brought my hands to my face. It was painted red. Oh, yeah. There was still blood gushing out of my head, like a fountain. I pressed my hand to the healing gash. And suddenly,

"It stopped." I stated dumbly.

There was a very awkward silence.

I ruffled the hair at the back of my head. It was sticky and warm with blood but my head was as if it was never scratched.

Then I was pulled into the embrace of Edward, and I could feel his built frame trembling. And involuntarily I snuggled into his chest. If anyone bring this up, I'm gonna blame it on jasper. Yuzuki sighed dreamily as she stared at the two of us with a faraway expression. The one that made me really want to smash her face in.

"Ho ho ho, so nice to see your antics again Bells." Shizuki sautered over, "I missed you so."

"Who are you really?" Rosalie snapped the same time Edward snarled at Yuzuki.

"Me? Ho ho ho, I'm Shizuki and that girl there is Yuzuki." She winked at me, "We are Bella's guardians."

Seven jaws hit the ground at the same time.

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