Welcome back to the world of Steins;Gate. This is a fanfiction based a few years after the Events of original. You might get Some Cameo's from the character's themselves but I


Usper's Densent (Part 1)

"You sure this is a good idea Dorate- I mean Plato-Kun"

"Tsk tsk* Sayuri-chan You got to have a little more faith in me"

" It's just that being here in this dump is… kinda H-"

"Wonderful! You never know what you might find."

"Yeah. Sigh*. Exactly."

"RummagesThoughsomegarbage*. Their should be at least one thing here that would boost our effort."

"Face it Plato-kun. There is nothing here that-."


"Look over there, In that mound. There something shining in the sunlight."

" What… WalkstoSayuri'spositionandlooksinherdirection.Hmm… interesting."

"Yeah I told you so. Now go and get it so we can go home"

"Aww… are you okay in your new clothes?"

"Hey this black jacket happens to be very expensive and With the leather outside and cotton lining also that this shirt is also an original from the green collection of 2010 and these jeans are also high quality better that your-"

"Pitiful excuse of a scientist drag let alone a cosplay. Jeez, I've known you for sixteen years excluding the year I had to go to America, You still exactly the same and easy to predict. As Gentleman scientist, I say-"

"Will you please can it!. You're just as bad as that Kyouma person. Same clothes, almost same hair if your hair wasn't so straight and I see that you copying you"

"Now see here. he is a genius. Don't go insulting someone who has a higher intelligence than you. At least he doesn't dress up as weird so-called Fashion statements. Remember the Tomato suit. Covershishandoverhismouthtryingnottolaugh*"

"Oh come on that was and Jean Paul Pierre exclusive Red spring wear. It did not look like a Potato."

"First of all it was a Tomato, Second trust me I' like you at home clothes than your going out clothes. They feel more natural."

"Anyways Well you're right on one thing about on Kyouma-san"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh Nothing at all. Now please get the… Thing"

"Whatevercouldshemean Alright I'm going. Platostartedtowalkupthemoundofgarbage*"

"Can you hurry up please? It's boiling out here and, sniff*, it's starting to smell."

"Ugh…My god. That woman is so-. Staresattheobject*"

"What is it?"

"Platowentdownwiththelargeshinyobjectinhisarms* I can't believe this…."

"What's wrong? not what your looking for?"

"Tsk* tsk* not what I am looking for? Oh on the contrary, it's exactly what I' am looking for"

"Really I would have never guessed."

"Don't ruin the moment! It's a discovery that happens once in a life and-"

"In a Dump remember. Nothing to memorable about a dump"

"Sigh* Fine. Let's go home, I'll explain it when we get there."

"Yeah, Katsudo will be happy to see us."

"Why wouldn't he be. I known him almost as long as I've known you."

"If you say so, Gentlemen Plato-sama~. SayuristartswalkingawayforthedumpbeforePlato*."

"I'llgetherforthatsomeatsomepoint.OH! Wait up! Don't leave me to rot by myself. PlatostartsrunningtocatchuptoSayuri*"

There I made it. I know the style I did it in is weird but I wanted to try something different for a change than the normal stranded of writing. If no one likes it I'll start Writing in long paragraphs Like I usually do.

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