Welcome back! This is just a Prologe with 5 Parts to Finalize and continue a Story on from there on.

Prologe: Usper's Descent: Part 2

I'm only using these Chapters to test a way to effectively tell a story with Dialogue.

I'm only going to mention the Characters we know now and hide the One we Don't know yet

Characters in Chapter

-Dorate Huzai Or (Plato)

-Sayuri Kuraudo

-Katsudo Miyamura

In the Apartment Building they resided in, Plato and Sayuri were going up the stairs to Apartment 3.

Plato: Your annoying you know that? LooksatSayuriwithanannoyedlook*

Sayuri: Laughs*am I really bothering you that much.?

Plato: Stops* Well I asked you to help me with this bloody mirror Like a gentlemen and I get respectfully Answer of "No". Putsdownmirrorandstartstopant* See how you feel this Beautiful contraption.

Sayuri: LooksatPlatoandshrugswhileshakingherheadsidetoside* Beautiful? Really I might of said that was old but it is a piece of junk. And I'm not picking up something that was on top of a garbage mound.

Plato: Eyebrowtwitches* A real person would help out a friend in need.

Sayuri: Goesthroughherpurseforakeytothedoor*Well please tell me when you find some.

Plato:Pickupsmirrorandthenhearsthecomment* Why you little –

Sayuri: FindsKeysandCutsofPlato'slastsentence Found them! UnlockstheDoor*

Plato and Sayuri Enter the Apartment-

Sayuri: looksaround* Hey, looks like Katsudo really cleaned up the place.

A figure enters with Short brown hair, Blue eyes and A large Red and green robe with Kanji symbols all over it

Sayuri: Katsudo-kun! Dropsbagsandrunstohughim*

Katsudo: GivesablankstareandPushheraway* Sayuri-kun try not to scream in the House please.

Sayuri: fallstothelargeredsofaandgetherheadin-betweenthecushions*

Plato: Strainstotakeoffshoeswithhisfeetwhileholdingthemirror* It nice to be home and thank for cleaning the house, Kats. Goestothedirectionofthebathroom*

Katsudo: Sighswhilecrossinghisarms* First of all, Welcome back. Second, when your done clean the Tub. Third, I always clean the house after her mess. I will not stand for it she has to clean it herself once and awhile…

Sayuri: Getsupandturnsherheadgivingacheerfullook* Ah It's nothing to worry it I'll clean up … .Next time

Katsudo: Turnedaroundandwenttothebedroom* Wake me up when you have something.. more truthful and interesting to say

Sayuri: So cold! Freezesinherspot*
Plato: Yellsfromthebathroom* Can you two be quiet I'm trying to work on clean the mirror that actual Gentlemen's work.

Katsudo: Sorry Plato-kun. And please keep your voices down I'm going to sleep. Exitstheroom*

Sayuri: Stillfrozenbythelastcommentandthenunfreezes*That's right were going to that meeting of That guy there what was his name.

Plato: Sighs* Tybolt of the Denver Family line Yes that's the guy your thinking about?

Sayuri: Oh I see so we are going to meet a Shakespearian Actor. That nice for once.

Plato: Wrong person…. Anyways get ready, I'm finished in the Tub I'll let it soak in for a while. By the time we get there and come back. We should be back in time to get me perfect plan in action. WalksoutofthebathroominawhiteTuxedo*

Sayuri: Okay sure, but first off …. Where did you get that Tuxedo from? it doesn't match your green eyes. Why wear it? PointsherfingeratPlato'sTuxedo*

Plato: Humph. Gentlemen need to look their finest at all times. I told you already I keep different suits for different occasions. Picksupandwearsawhitetophat,AmonocleandaAzurecane*

Sayuri: Looksathimwithadepressedlooked* The Accessories are too much…

Plato: Let it be known that this has now turned into Mission Charile-dazo~ Poses*

Sayuri: Looksathimwithaevenmoredepressedlooked* Kyouma Reference, Epic fail.

Plato: Be quiet and let's go. Headsforthedoorandexits*

Sayuri: Don't Tell me to be quiet you –. Exitsandclosesdoor*

Katsudo:Inhisroom,inhisbed* Finally their gone time for some well deserved sleep!

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