Tygra and Cheetara

For many years he was in love with her, for so long she only saw him as a friend.

In the middle of the darkness, in that midst of hate, in a dark room he begged and hoped for one chance with the woman he loved, Cheetara. As he slowly recovered from the only pain that is invisible to the naked eye the emotional pain. He suddenly realized she was knocking on his bedroom door and by the sound of the loud knocks she was worried.

"Tygra, are you in there?" she said a little alarmed.

"Yeah I'll be right out give me a second" he replied remembering Pantro, Lion-O, and the youngest members of the Thundercats had gone out to look for food leaving Tygra and Cheetara in charge of the tank.

He opened the door and found himself staring the blonde beauty in the eyes, those eyes he saw at an early age, the eyes he avoid it as much as he could thinking it would help him get over her. He did not came back to reality until he felt her warm and soft hand touch his cheek.

"Tygra you have been acting distant a cold lately, is there anything bothering you?" she asked stroking his cheek.

"No its nothing." He replied coldly.

She did not seem to calm with his answer for she reached to hug him. Tygra embraced her back and for one second tried to let go but it was like his arms as well as his heart and body, they were only hers. When she allowed herself to let go it was too late for she was giving him a gentle and sweet kiss on the lips. His lips reacted with a more fast way and she followed. They slowly parted away from each other and he spoke.

"Cheetara, I love you, more than when we were kids." He said with a smile.

"I love you too, and I will not let go." She said as he gave her another kiss and they smiled for the knew a bright and happy future was ahead of them.