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"And here we are, back where it all started," Kessler says, motioning with both arms to the destroyed building and area. "I was so worried you weren't going to live through the blast. But you were fine. More than fine actually."

"I remember you. You were there after the bomb went off," Cole says while pointing an accusing finger at him. I look at him questioningly until I remember as well: "Activation plus six minutes. Pulse is 45, respiration 10."

"You and Caia were there too!" I realize, staring daggers at the strange hooded woman who just watches me with calculating green-blue eyes.

"We've always been there Laura, I've been closer to you than you realize. Every step of your life." They end their post-imminent defeat speech by teleporting away, to the left and right and side. I draw my sword and go over to help Cole and Silver when suddenly Selene appears in front of me, her own blade drawn.

"So, think you can dance little girl?" she asks, swiping at me while I leap back. She takes another swipe at me while she talks. "You think just because you can wield a blade, then that will make you a Zorro?"

I charge electricity into my blade and slash back at her, sending electricity through her own sword to give her a shock. Selene lets out a cry of surprise and minor pain, much to my own annoyance, before teleporting away. I look left and right before getting blasted back by a wave of wind and lightning, like a super charged energy wave. As I struggle up, Selene punches the ground and a shockwave rises up from the ground, like a wave in the ocean.

"Shit!" My muscles work as I'm back on my feet, jumping upward and using my static thrusters in order to safely land on the other side. When I touch down, I see Selene breathing heavily; like she's a grandma that needs to catch her breath. That is my opening to attack; sending rockets and sniper blasts her way as well as moving in for close combat. The rockets and precision shots strike home, but all I do is a pin-scratch on her mechanical arm before she's up again. This time I keep my eyes on that bitch. She teleports left and energy crackles around her in a brilliant display of power. I duck down low just as a huge lightning bolt scorches a pile of junk behind me. Looking up from the ground I have exactly half a second to roll to the side as a second lightning blast fries where I just was. My body gets up to my feet just as a third energy line strikes the tips of my hair. I cry out in anger, launching more lightning attacks and even scoring a deeper slash in her clothing, drawing blood.

"First…" Blood? Before I can finish my statement, the scratch on her arm heals up right before my very eyes. Selene laughs out to me, as around us Cole deals with Kessler and Silver deals with Caia. Cole tries to rush out to a lamp post up near the edge of the crater when suddenly he's thrown back onto the hill in the middle.

"We're not done with you Cole," Selene says with a smirk, teleporting an inch away from my surprise lunge. A gigawatt blade is swiped at her neck, again only scratching the plating like a sewing needle.

"Very impressive. But this is only the tip of the iceberg," Selene presses her palm into my chest and teleports away, leaving a glowing green-orange orb attached to my stomach. The orb explodes the same second I realize what it is, sending my body flying to the ground with a groan of pain. I put a hand across my stomach, feeling what could be a cracked rib or two. A quick pull up of my shirt reveals no bone sticking out or anything, and the pain soon vanishes after draining a power line.

"You're a dirty bitch you know that!" I swear before Selene does another ground-pound, this time creating large black shadow mimics in her own image. Dark energy crackles between them, giving me the message to not get touched by one of them. But they all advance on me, even as I try to keep my eyes on the teleporting Selene. My sword strikes down one black clone, and a kick dispels the other. The area gets darker, as if the clones were sucking the light around them. When I feel one cold finger touch my forehead I see Selene's haunting face and… I don't know what happens, but I'm clutching my head in the absolute worst headache possible.

"LUNA!" I think I hear Silver cry my name, but my body rolls away from yet another blast from my opponent. It seems as though I cannot get a break, stumbling over to a power line and drinking it like I'm a vampire.

"Your mother was ashamed of you," Caia says, speaking to both me and Silver as Caia and her sister draw back from combat. "She wanted two beautiful little daughters who would play with dolls, wear dresses and grow up to be a teacher and a nurse, not two tomboys who play with knives."

"LIAR!" shouts Silver as a giant fireball is blasted at the pair, my own rockets joining in with hers. The two laugh even as the flames and electricity engulf them, possibly hurting them even as they laugh. When the fire clears away, the two aren't there anymore. The next second I find myself flying back into the hill with Silver, pain in my back from a kick.

"Your father wasn't around was he? He was always off fighting the war, hoping to get himself killed when you two couldn't grow out of your tomboy look. He never did tell you if he loved you or not," Caia continues as Cole seems to have enough of their talk. A huge blue bolt of lightning falls from the sky to strike at them. The duo let out a cry of pain and surprise, even as a shield seems to absorb most of the damage.

"That's not true! It's a parent's duty to love their children no matter what!" McGrath yells back to them. "So what if they didn't turn out the way their mom wanted them or that they don't act like common women do. That's no excuse to cut them off from the love of a parent!"

Cole… A smile forms on my mouth, some blood trickling from closing scars as he talks. And a few tears mix in with the wounds, making them sting. He was in some ways a father to us, even if he's more of a big brother. Both of us drain energy from a still-sparking line and get up, determined to take them down.

"Oh I wouldn't talk Cole. Especially with your parents," Kessler says as combat starts again, lightning flashing all over the place.

"Your mother is ashamed of you McGrath. She lies, telling people you're a teacher. No one respects a bike messanger. And your father… Your old man carried a picture of Trish in his wallet, telling people she was the daughter he never had. Did you know that? He couldn't wait for you to marry her."

"It's no wonder Taka didn't ask you out on a date. Not even to the dance. You know he was the one who started the rumor about how you play for the other team. Look at you, you're as flat as a ten year old boy and you dress like one too."

"What. Did. You. Just. Say?" I growl out, that attack on my pride pissing me off. Selene just laughs and I feel that tick mark getting bigger and bigger on my head before the anger bubble just pops. "I'M GONNA RIP YOUR INTESTINES OUT THROUGH YOUR NOSE YOU BITCH!"

Selene hesitates a little, long enough for me to score a deeper slash in her mechanical arm before she throws me onto the island. The teleporting bitch is then right in front of me with her arm reaching for my head like before. My own hand clutches her metal wrist in a battle when cold metal connects with scalp flesh. I swear I could hear the sizzling in my noggin as my brain is getting cooked by her electricity. In between cooking cycles, I realize that Cole and Silver are also beside me, getting their melons burned to husks like a marshmallow in a fire.

"You're weak, failures; all three of you. All of this has been for nothing," Kessler says with disgust as he stands over our forms. My sword falls from my grip as I land, gasping and panting for air and electricity. Suddenly gunshots sound out from two different weapons and the trio's shields activate to protect them. Four knives fly through the air, only to fall short of piercing the female's shields.

"Get your hands off of them!" Zeke shouts out, firing off more shots with his revolver. Morgan has two throwing knives in her hands, throwing them at Selene and Caia before she fires off with her AK-47. "Cole, make a run for it. We can take care of these gas hags!"

"This doesn't concern you fat man!" Kessler says as he sends a wave of energy at Zeke, hurtling the man out of the battlefield. Morgan fires off with her assault rifle at Kessler in response, but the bullets bounce harmlessly off his shield as well.

"Stay out of this grandma." Selene sends her own wave of energy at Morgan, throwing the silver-haired martial artist teacher into a nearby structure. I grit my teeth, from the pain in my ribs and for those two throwing our friends like dolls. "No one is going to save you this time."

"You're not going to be so glib when I ram my foot up your sorry ass lady!" I growl out, rising to my feet and charging forward with gigawatt blades extended. This catches both Selene and Caia by surprise and my anger fuels my energy, carving a slash that draws blood even in their shields and armor. That is when I find an opening. Removing the throwing knife from my leg pocket, I twirl it in my grip so the point is facing out of my knuckles. Electricity courses between my knuckles and my dagger as I send a super-charged punch into Selene's shoulder, cracking her armor and bringing red stains to it. A second thunderized punch sends the old bag of bones to the ground.

"DIE!" A bright green lightning bolt strikes down into her body, piercing whatever shield she might have and striking past her armor; all my anger and rage centered upon her for all that she's done.

** I look down at Selene, reveling in my victory. Then I heard her whisper: "Trish, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please forgive us." Immediately she was on me; fingers digging into my face like before. As Selene's, Caia's and some of Kessler's secrets played in my head, I finally began to understand. I saw their nemesis, a beast intent on extinguishing all life. In those early days they could have used their powers to stop it… but instead fled with Cole's family, leaving others to fend for themselves. Hunted for years, Selene and her sister watched with Kessler and his family as the rest of the world went to hell. But by then it was too late; too late to fight, too late to save anyone. In that moment of failure and grief, together the three used their newest and most dangerous power, and they went on a one-way trip back in time. In an attempt to rewrite history, Selene and Caia aided Kessler as they seized control of the First Son's and accelerated the Ray Sphere's development. Decades spent plotting the blast, organizing the quarantine, finding Cole, Silver and me. Yet the thing that drove them onward, their single link to the past; was a picture of Kessler's wedding day… when he married Trish; Zeke was his best man and Trish's two bridesmaids… were none other than Selene and Caia. My brain lurched, unable to accept that Selene and I were the same. That she'd come back in time to mold me into the savior she failed to be. Going so far as to kill the woman Cole loved, that she – I – came to think of as a mother, so none of us would be tied down by emotions. No, she wanted me strong, ruthless, brutal, fearless… so when facing the beast I'd be capable of making impossible decisions… all for the common good. And then she fell back, finally dead. Her final message, my final message, burned into my brain. I took one final look at my future self and turned away, rage curdling inside. I hate everything about Selene and Kessler, but I know that when the time comes, I will be ready…**


"Sis, come on. Wake up fuzzball," Silver cries out, yanking off the covers from underneath me. I squawk out in protect, arms moving to cover myself in case Cole was around. I'd forgot to put something on underneath when I started sweating last night. Both of us blush red as Silver hands me a shirt, and I put it on my body.

"Erm, well… we were going to go with Cole to the park, if you wanted to come…" she says, neither of us looking at one another to try and forget what happened. I slowly nod my head and agree, slipping my belt onto my shoulders before walking with my sister. That is when we pass a television that shows the USTV news station up.

"After weeks of around the clock search, the CDC has just announced that it had developed a cure for the Empire City plague. Side effects are said to be quite mild and the vaccine has a 99% success rate. Officials went on to say the distribution of the cure, administered by a single shot, will begin tomorrow. The hope is that the quarantine will be lifted within one to two weeks, an event that could include the ceremony of Staton Bridge."

"Two words: About Time." I state with boredom, but then slowly grin. If there will be a ceremony, then that means there will be cameras and live coverage that broadcasts to everyone else in the world. In short, we can use them to expose the truth of what's happening in our city.

** I thought it would be the end; that when Selune and the others were gone, life would go back to normal. Now I understand: this IS my life and there's no going back. But the gift of these powers will be my, our, burden until the day we die. The people around here love us, but how long will that last? What's going to happen the first time someone expects us to be there and we're not? I don't know who to trust. Moya is still around, planning God knows what. And Zeke; I don't even know what to think.

At least with Morgan-Sensei, Silver and Cole; I don't feel alone in this. Morgan's teaching us again, like before the blast; like nothing has happened. Even Cole has been getting a few lessons, after she knocked him on his back in the assessment spar. Silver and I had a good laugh as we saw him try to correct his stance. They're our new family now, Morgan and Cole. **

As we round the corner, we pass by a band playing in the streets and hear their song. So we both stop to listen to it:

If ever we drop
Remember we lost
Inside the reasons
Whatever we'll know

A silent melody
A surface memory
A sound symphony
Became a part of me
A sudden shift between
A different frequency
My hand has spread the sea
It's like there's a god in me

I find myself bobbing my head to the music and actually think about the lyrics and how the song seems to … fit our current predicament.

And when the fear comes
White amber rain falls
A somber wind calms
I'm under his thumb
What have I let go?
What have I become?
I don't know either
Whatever we'll know

A silent melody
A surface memory
A sound symphony
Became a part of me
A sudden shift between
A different frequency
My hand has spread the sea
It's like there's a god in me
A silent melody
A surface memory
A sound symphony
Became a part of me
It's like there's a god in me

It's like there's a god in me

"It's like there's a god in me…" I softly sing the last bit and wave to the band with a smile. They wave back and holler something or another at us as we walk by, and I know that they recognized us. After all, we are two of the three Heroes of Empire City.

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General Herbison: Well I tried shooting the military with my redirect rockets. The rockets moved up and followed the jet, but they didn't hit them.

Ancient Liddel: Actually, even if you are Hero and you press the sphere together, you immediatly get changed and locked into InFamous mode. Right then and there. So even if you healed a bunch of people, you're not going to be able to get blue lightning again.

madrox23: Heh heh... yeah that kind of scene has crossed my mind a few times, but as of now, I'm unsure if I can work that kind of scene into this story. Maybe in the 1 month between InFamous 1 & 2 or even in 2 I'd be able to have some kind of scene between them. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them to try to get something like that going.

Manakete King: Hmmm... Well I was thinking Luna could have something to do with wind or air, but I'd love to hear the other power ideas.

Now due to popular request *cough* Manakete King *cough* I present to you an OMAKE of what would happen if the trio were evil. And for those of you who've seen it, yes I was watching Hellsing Abridged at the time. (Just don't watch it with your parents within earshot for those that haven't seen it)


"Ha ha ha ha! Burn baby burn!" I cry out with a joy filled expression on my face as black and red-green lightning falls from the sky, vaporizing anything unfortunate to be caught in its path. Civilians run away from me, only to be struck down as a massive dark fireball slams into the ground, scorching the fleeing prey.

I look up to the building where my sister grins, wearing some too-small leather outfit and holding up a very jagged blade. Where it was once smooth and straight, it's now curved and hooked; promising to draw more than just blood on the first slash. When I look around, I notice the military has arrived to put a stop to us.

"Stay where you are!" One soldier cries out as he advances forward. "Don't move or we'll shoot."

"Well let's see. You would be intimidating," I start with an evil chuckle, moving my fingers up around my fishnet and leather top. "Well, that is; if you were intimidating."

The soldier looks at me like I'm crazy, which I actually am. "Are you mocking me?" He asks with anger in his voice. My grin spreads wider at his anger, making me seem like some demented devil. Again, the very thing I am.

"Mocking you, oh no no nooo…" I state while waving it off. "Psh, hell yeah I am." I turn behind me and whistle. Red hooded Reapers storm from behind me and charge forward; bearing assault rifles, bazookas, machine guns, and especially some conduits. I watch with a wicked smile on my face at the carnage that comes about. It's good to be an evil bitch.

So, now what the heck to I do?