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Blue 1

Seven years ago

The music played loudly and a huge smile was on the littleboy's face as he watched his mom dance to the music in their kitchen while she made lunch. He sat on the island next to his best friends Eric and Angela in the middle of kitchen sneaking a French fry whenever he thought his mother wasn't looking.

They were having Cheeseburgers and French fries for lunch; Mike's favorite. One day, Mike vows, he's going to learn how to cook as good as his mom… then make French fries and cheese burgers whenever he wants.

The boy was small for his age with his mother's wild blond hair and big blue eyes. His name was Mike and he was eight. Eric, the small boy on his right, had with straight soft black hair, and big brown eyes. On the other side of Mike sat Angela, a small girl with long very dark brown hair and white glasses covering her brown eyes.

Dad came into the kitchen a ruffled my hair, "Hey buddy!"

"Dad, dance." Mike exclaimed.

Mom laughed, "I'm afraid your daddy doesn't know how to dance, sweetheart."

Dad looked insulted, "I know how to dance. See look!" He put out his arms on as wings and started doing the chicken.

Mike and Angela and Eric and Mike's mom laughed and then Mike finally got the courage to ask something he had been dying to ask all week. "Can I go to La Push beach on Saturday with Eric and Angela?"

It was like the question made all the air leave the room and his mother gasped and got a horrified look on her face while his dad looked sick.

"I-" His mother tried to start but could seem to manage the words.

"Bud-" His father's voice failed as well.

Mike didn't know what the big deal was.

All three knew asking was a long shot. All of their parents always said no when it came to La Push. Sure they had been to La Push beach before with their parents and when they were there his mom and dad were always stiff and fidgety like how Mike used to be when he thought there was a monster in the closet; and Eric and Angela said their parents were the same way. It was never fun going to the beach with their parents but they weren't allowed anywhere near La Push without them but they were older now almost nine! They were mature enough to go to the beach with just Eric and Angela and Eric's older brother and Eric's older brother's friend; at least in Mike's opinion he was.

"Please!" He begged his parents.

Eric and him was going to bring three water guns: one for him, one for Eric, and one for Angela, and Angela was going to bring a whole lot of paint because Jessica and Lauren were going to be there and it was time for those two witches to leave them alone. Paint filled water funs and Jessica and Lauren; Mike couldn't miss that. It was the chance of a lifetime. He's planning on taking pictures!

His parents looked at each other and seemed to share a telepathic link as well as a look as they silently communicated with each other.

His father sighed, "It's time."

His mother nodded, "I'm afraid so. And we did get the short straw when it came to telling the kids." She said glumly.

His mother and father looked at them with grim expressions. "Mike, Eric, Angela there are a lot of things you don't know," His father started. "About the world and what really goes on in it. You see I- Do-" His father couldn't seem to find the right words to say next so his wife took over.

"Honeys," Mike stiffened; whenever his mother called him honey she had really bad news, last time his grandpa died and the time before that Jessica had stayed over for a week while her parents went on their second honeymoon, "do you remember when you were little and you swore up and down that Mr. Black was a werewolf whenever you saw him?"

The three kids nodded. They had and always will believe that something was strange with Billy Black.

"Good!" Mike's mother smiled happily. "And do you three remember when you were seven and kept telling us there was a vampires outside your bedroom windows at night for months? And we told you that you were just dreaming."

"Yeah," Eric said and grimaced.

Mike inwardly cringed though he had decided that the vampire with blond hair and red eyes named Caius was just a dream and any time he caught Caius standing above his bed looking down at him… well that was dream as well. It had to be! And any and every conversation he and the vampire had was just a figment of his imagination; besides that large bloody handprint on his wall washed away eventually.

"You see, Honeys, he—they were actually there," Mike's mom stated cheerfully as if she didn't just probably cause her son to go back to thinking he needed therapy like Angela received after her dog was accidently shot by her uncle. "And Mr. Black is a werewolf."

After hearing the seriousness of his mom's voice, he realized she was telling the truth. Mike looked down, "We had to see the school counselor every recess for a month because we kept seeing vampire nightmares even though Eric and Angela said there were vampires outside their windows as well."

Angela scowled, "Even though Mike and Eric saw Marcus too when they slept over…"

"And Aro actually talked to us," Eric glared hard, "A lot! He wouldn't shut up! I fell asleep playing kickball because of him."

Mike's dad seemed to have been holding in a chuckle at that, "Back to the matter at hand: vampires, werewolves, demons ("They prefer youkai, Dear," Mike's mom put in), witches, wizards, trolls, giants; they all exist and like people some are good ones and some are bad ones."

"So the vampire outside our window: Caius, Aro, and Marcus they are good ones?" Mike asked.

His parents laughed. "No, they are bad; they are very bad." Mike's dad said.

Eric narrowed his brown eyes, "So… you let bad vampires stay outside our window?"

Mike's mom waved a finger, "It's not as bad as it sounds." She defended. The three kids shared a look: yeah right. "Anyway, you could sense Billy Black and those vampires, besides them revealing themselves to you, because you are not entirely human."

Mike immediately thought back to a conversation with the vampire outside his window; Caius, he had told Mike something along those lines as well. "Caius said he was my grandfather."

Eric stiffened next to him, "Aro said he was mine too; said I looked like him. I don't have his eyes do I because their creepy?" Eric pleaded with Mike and Angela.

Angela rolled her eyes, "Marcus said he was my grandfather."

Mike's dad nodded, "They are your grandfathers; Caius is my father, Eric your father is Aro's son, and Angela your mother is Marcus's daughter; all of us are full vampires and you, kids, are half vampires."

The kids sat up and grinned at each other excitedly; they were vampires! How cool was that?

"SO I can drink?" Mike beamed. "Can I eat Jessica?"

"I got Lauren!" Eric claimed quickly making Angela hiss at him and pout.

Mike's dad lifted his hands, halting them. "There will be no biting of any kind until you're older; you all get enough blood from what your parents and we put in your food."

"So no getting rid of Jessica," Mike sighed, "So Billy Black is a werewolf: is he good? And what about our first grade teacher Mrs. Brown, she was an evil witch." The last part wasn't a question.

"Billy is neutral; werewolves follow their own laws," His mom said. "This, of course, brings us to the rules."

The kids groaned trust parents to ruin the supernatural.

"Rule one:" Mike's dad started, "Avoid confrontations with other vampires and werewolves and things alike because we do not want you grandfathers coming and destroying the town because you got hurt."

"Rule two: talking to unknown vampires and other creatures is the same rule as with strangers; do not talk to them." Mike's mother said sternly.

Mike's dad nodded. "Never go to La Push and or La Push forest alone; it's werewolf territory."

Mike's mother went back to preparing the burgers as she spoke, "Rule three: when you do go to La Push don't talk to any strange boys (meaning werewolves) there because you can't out run werewolves… even in your dreams."

Mike's dad started muttering darkly under his breath at that, "I dare 'em to touch my boy; I got a shotgun! –-Not gonna deflower my baby boy; I'll shoot 'em in the ass."

His wife rolled her eyes, "Rule Four: You are not allowed to leave the town without proper guard; your grandfathers insisted on this and we agreed; they have various guards protecting you."

The kids narrowed their eyes; they were being followed, what about their pranks? How were they supposed to get away with them if they were watched.

Mike's dad lifted up an eyebrow, "And finally rule six: as your vampire heritage started to kick in you will become faster and stronger and then when you hit puberty your fangs will come in but you are not to reveal to humans what you are. It is punishable by death: the human's that is. Only the truly stupid would reveal what they are to a human."

Mike's mom smiled, "SO that's it; yes you can go to La Push this weekend but remember the rules. Any questions. No? Okay, lunch will be ready in twenty minutes. Go play until I call you." She rushed the sentence obviously saying she didn't want them to ask questions; like the whether or not she was human, she technically wasn't'; she was a witch. "Oh by the way you'll be visiting your grandfather ever summer from now on."

The kids left the kitchen and went upstairs and into Mike's room; they sat on his blue bed. Everything was quiet because none of the three kids said a word for a while. They were all thinking.

Finally it was Angela who broke the silence. "Our parents tell us the vampires that scared us to death life for months and scarred us for were dreams and we go to therapy;" She pushed her brown hair behind her ear. "Our parents care nothing for our mental health."

Mike nodded, "I don't know what scarred me more the vampires or the doll they made us talk to in therapy."

Eric seemed to twitch, "Now they tell us the vampires were real and evil, we are not human, that we have to visit said vampires every summer from now on and then tell us we can't tell anyone like we're stupid we're not gonna tell anyone. " He stood up and growled. "I'm not going back to therapy."

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