Title: The Problems with Spells…

Pairing: Thor/Loki

Rating/Warnings: M (for sexy tiems.). Cat ears!Loki

Summary: Loki practices a new spell, but ends up giving himself cat ears instead! Thor finds out and, well…

-Movie verse, set before the coronation-

"Oh, this is simply ridiculous." Loki hissed at his reflection, his wintergreen eyes narrowing in frustration. Atop his head twitched two cat-like ears, black and fluffy. Protruding from his leather trousers was a thin black tail, the fur fluffed up to match its owner's anger. Instead of the simple summoning spell, the Asgardian prince seemed to have given himself the appearance of a catboy. Grinding his teeth and leaning away from his reflection, Loki closed his eyes, his ears flattening against the top of his head.

"This cannot be. I know I recited the spell perfectly!" Soft footsteps echoed on the dull stone floor and the prince crossed over to the ancient text, bending down to squint at the curved writing within the large spell book he had acquired so long ago, sighing in defeat as he noticed the one syllable he pronounced wrong. "But of course." He whispered, closing the book and plopping into the chair near the table, resting his forehead in his palm. If anyone were to see him in such a state, Loki knew the ridicule that would accompany the strange looks. It wasn't as if this was the first time the younger prince had messed up a spell, but it would certainly be the most embarrassing.

Seeing his fears were about to be realized, Loki's head shot up at the knock on his bedroom door, his eyes wide and somewhat fearful.

"Loki. It is I, let me in! I have fantastic news about my coronation ceremony!" Thor's jaunty voice bellowed from beyond the thick wood and he pushed both doors open with ease, not heeding Loki's muffled excuse about Thor not coming in. Thor was never one for listening to others anyway. Thor's thin simple white shirt ruffled in the small breeze, its low cut neck exposing a triangle of tan skin. He bore simple black slacks to match, his heavy leather boots thudding on the floor. "You shall never believe what Father has planned for my-" his booming voice seemed to cut out as he froze just inside the doorway, giving just enough room behind him to let the doors swing shut with a soft thud.

"…Brother?" Thor questioned, taking a soft step forward, lifting one arm to point at the top of Loki's head, a rather amused expression starting to come over his features. "What are those atop your head?"

Loki bristled, his position unchanging since his brother's rude entrance. He stood slowly, moving to take a step back, closer to the shadows.

"It is nothing; A simple mistake, nothing more." His voice shook slightly and he pursed his lips without meaning to, trying not to let his emotions get a hold of him. The only thing worse than messing up such a simple spell would be allowing everyone to know it affected him. His ears remained slightly flattened against his head, but not entirely hidden and the young prince could feel them twitch as Thor took another step forward, the blonde's eyebrow rising from curiosity.

"Yes, that is what I would assume." He laughed, rich and loud and Loki glanced towards the door, praying no one else heard. "How did this come about, brother?"

"A miscalculation on my part. The spell and its effects should fade by sundown, I am sure of it." Loki sighed, crossing his arms and turning towards the stained glass door leading to the massive balcony, his tail twitching slowly behind him. "Until then, I shall remain here, lest the rest of Asgard enjoy my discomfort, much like you." Loki's voice dripped sarcasm and Thor's grin started to fade.

"I am not enjoying your obvious disdain, brother. I simply find it amusing!" Thor shrugged, taking a step towards his unmoving brother. "But you shouldn't shut yourself away as such. I'm sure the maidens around the castle would be very interested in your current state." Another small chuckled pierced the stillness of the room.

"I have no interest in maidens, brother. If you were even the slightest bit observant, you would have seen that by now." Loki sighed, turning his head only slightly to speak with his brother, his hands clasping behind him, just above his tail, his soft voice barely a mumble.

Thor raised an eyebrow, walking forward to stand beside the other prince. "I'm not quite sure I understand, Loki."

"You wouldn't, of course." The dark haired prince glanced sideways, pausing as he realized his brother's electric blue eyes were staring intently at him. A flush rose to Loki's pale face and the catlike ears shot up. There was a strange sort of emotion behind those eyes that made the younger man's heart skip a beat. "What are you staring at?"

"Those ears… they suit you, brother." Thor smiled and Loki looked away and down, frowning slightly.

"Surely you taunt me…"

"No. No lies." Thor swallowed, shifting his position so he was facing Loki, his blue eyes not moving from Loki's feline ears.

Silence fell around the room like a veil, so suffocating.

"May I…touch them?" Thor asked, his voice hopeful as he extended a shaky hand.

Loki shivered despite the rising heat of the room, his chest rising and falling in an uneven pattern that matched his frightened heartbeat. The room seemed to shrink, all sound fading into the thundering of shallow breathing and hearts thudding against rib cages. Fingertips calloused from years of training brushed ever so slightly along the shuddering fur. Even with such a normal, curious touch, a bolt of pleasure surged through the mischief maker's body, convulsions causing his knees to practically give out. Pale, shaking hands gripped Thor's shoulders in desperation, Loki's bright green eyes widening in shock, meeting Thor's curious gaze.

Flushing with embarrassment again, Loki straightened up, his hands remaining on his brother's shoulders for balance he had not yet regained.

"Strange…" the sorcerer cleared his throat, his eyes turning downward and his ears folding flat against his head. "Not sure…must be a side effect. I-I'm sure it will fade."

"Still…" Thor's voice was deep, tinged with a strange tone that caused Loki's head to snap up.

The younger man gulped, instantly recognizing the look of lust in his brother's eyes, for he had seen the same look cast on many a voluptuous bar maiden (Not that he had felt jealous, of course.) He was treading dangerous waters and Loki could feel his tail twitch back and forth nervously. He began to retract his hands, halting his actions suddenly as he felt a strong arm encircle his waist, a rather large hand cradling his cheek. Shivering against Thor's warm touch, Loki's body seemed to lock up as Thor's muscular arm ran fluidly down the back of the raven haired god's loose white shirt, down to the rim of his trousers, resting just above the base of Loki's fluffy black tail.

"Thor, I urge you to think this through…"

"I do not need to think… I simply need to see the extent of that reaction…brother." Thor's voice lowered an octave and he ran his thumb along the younger man's jaw line.

Loki's breath hitched in his throat, nervous shakes wracking his body as Thor's voice rumbled, his grinning face coming dangerously close to Loki's. The younger god let his hands fall to his brother's chest, intent on pushing him away until he felt how hard and fast the blonde's heart was racing. Never in his life had Loki thought he could cause another to feel this way, let alone the man he'd grown up with. A strange surge of pride swelled within Loki's chest and his nervous shakes faded away. The god of mischief quietly wondered how else he could influence his brother. Eyes renewed with confidence, Loki looked up to meet Thor's increasingly desperate gaze. He nodded, attempting to prepare himself for the surge. Always ready for a challenge, Thor's massive hand wrapped around the base of Loki's tail, running downward at a steady pace. Again, like lightning, a surge of pleasure attacked Loki's senses and his eyes widened, spots of white dancing in his vision. A massive tremor flew through his frail body and he slumped against Thor, the thunder god's strong arms holding him upright with ease. Breath coming out in short bursts and heat pooling in his stomach, Loki tried to regain even an ounce of his former composure as Thor let a soft chuckle escape his lips.

"You seem to be having trouble, my dear brother." He paused and Loki looked up with a frustrated pout. "I propose we move to a more comfortable location."

"Thor." Loki ground out, gritting his teeth and pressing his body against the other's muscular build, clinging to the material of his brother's shirt for dear life. "If you do not cease with this infuriating teasing-"

Loki's thought was instantly destroyed as Thor bowed his head slightly, his fingers tangling in the younger god's usually neat hair and yanking his head back roughly as Thor's mouth attacked Loki's neck, teeth nipping at cold flesh. Loki let out a small whimper, Thor's hot breath rolling across his neck. He could feel the taller man's words hum against his skin.

"Loki… I have not yet begun to tease you."

Another shiver… and yet the room seemed so hot. Strange twists of feelings coiled in the raven hair's chest, taking up too much space. There seemed to be no air left in the once spacious room, both princes swaying against each other. Slender legs stepped back, pulling Thor forward, the blonde letting his hands fall to the other's thin waist. Loki pushed away from Thor's chest, a lock of black hair falling against his pronounced cheek bone, half-lidded wintergreen eyes clouded over with lust glancing upward.

"Wait…Thor. Please, just give me a moment." His voice seemed small, lost in the flurry of heartbeats.

"How so…?" Thor's confusion cut through just for a moment and he smirked, brushing the stray hairs back behind Loki's ear. "You are not afraid of me, little brother? Surely this is not your first encounter of such passion?"

"Of course not!" Loki snapped, but the color that rose to his cheeks contradicted his resolved.

Thor smiled, kissing Loki's forehead and easily lifting the smaller man, carrying the cat-eared god across the short space to Loki's spacious bed, laying his brother down onto the black sheets and crouching over him, a lion approaching his prey. Blonde locks fell around their faces like a veil as Thor took in the sight below him. Loki's normally brushed back hair was splayed out beneath him, a dark halo against creamy pale skin, a blue tinge just beneath the skin. Loki's feline ears were relaxed, twitching every few seconds.

"You are more beautiful than any maiden…" Thor breathed, supporting himself on one arm, slowly untying the front lace on Loki's shirt, one finger tracing circles along the other's collar bone.

"And yet I'm the one with the tongue of silver." Loki laughed, almost unsure of what to do with his hands. He settled with gripping the material of Thor's shirt again, tugging the other down towards him.

"I'm sure we could find a use for that…" The blonde grinned.

Loki's tail subconsciously moved to wrap around the other male's thigh and Thor allowed a growl to escape his throat as the end of the tail edged closer and closer to his crotch.

"Enough." Thor crashed his lips against Loki's, the force almost bruising and Loki's arms draped across wide shoulders. Thor let himself completely cover the other, hands gripping Loki's hips as he pressed against Loki, both men gasping from the sudden friction and heat. The blonde took advantage of the gasp to slip his tongue inside the other's cool mouth, tongues battling for dominance. Loki let his legs open and Thor's hands slid between them, cupping the quickly growing bulge. The younger god bucked, his eyes shutting tightly as he broke away from the kiss, his nails digging into the back of the other's neck.

"So eager…" Thor growled, biting into what was exposed of Loki's pale neck. "It is unfortunate about these clothes."

Loki gulped, raising a hand and mumbling a string of words before snapping, the clothes between them suddenly vanishing only to appear on the other side of the room. Thor nodded, grinning.

"When did you learn that trick and for what purpose?" he chuckled, watching as Loki's gaze drew down his own body, wintergreen eyes taking in the muscled body pressed against him, the large hand palming his already weeping cock. "Yet, I see you are distracted… Should I leave you to your thoughts, brother?" Thor teased, not wanting to fulfill his threat.

"You do and you will pay dearly." Loki managed to gasp out, willing his eyes to stay open.

Thor wrapped his hand around Loki's cock, pumping slowly. The younger god nearly came undone, clawing at Thor's back as he tried to suck in air. Thor watched in fascination as Loki bit his bottom lip, his eyes remaining closed as Thor sped up his movements. The blonde watched as the other's concentrated expression slowly softened, his mouth falling open as his body was assaulted with feelings completely alien to him up to this point. Little moans escaped his open mouth and Thor wasn't entirely sure Loki was aware of them. The older man stilled his hands and his brother simply whimpered and Thor kissed his cheek.

"Turn over."

Confused, Loki did as he was told, turning over onto his chest and Thor knelt behind him, hands grabbing Loki's hips and pulling his ass against him. The raven haired man had to bite his fist to control the gasp as he felt his brother's full girth against him, the sheer length both surprising him and making it difficult for him to sit still. He pressed back and Thor groaned, stopping himself from shallowly thrusting against the other's ass.

"Be patient, Loki."

"Patience is for the weak." The god of mischief whined, his ears folding back against his head. "Please…I need you inside me."

Thos gulped, his weeping cock posed at Loki's entrance, the head pressing against the taunt ring of muscles. Raising one hand, the blonde grasped Loki's tail just as he thrust in. Loki's back arched and he moaned loudly, the mix of pleasure and pain too much for him to handle. Thor moved slowly until he was fully sheathed in his brother's tight heat, the muscles squeezing him and causing Thor to close his eyes, his hand rubbing the younger god's back comfortingly.

"Are you alright?" Thor gasped out, opening one stormy blue eye to check the other's expression.

Loki's face was buried in his arms, his shoulders shuddering as he lifted himself to his hands and knees. A bead of sweat trailed down the elegant neck, stopping at the base of his shoulders and Loki nodded, looking back at Thor with a hungry expression. "Move."

Thor obliged, his hands gripping Loki's hips as he begun to slowly pump into the other. Loki turned his face, attempting to hide any trace of pain. It wasn't until Thor angled his hips ever so slightly to the left, thrusting up and hitting that sweet spot that Loki moaned, his arms shaking. "Brother please….do that again!"

"What…this?" Thor grinned, thrusting again to perfectly hit that spot.

Loki collapsed again and Thor flipped him onto his back, grabbing Loki's legs and lifting them for better access. The younger god gripped the black sheets beneath him, knuckles fading to white as he clung to the fabric, the blonde above him thrusting faster. A symphony of soft moans mingled with the crass sound of flesh slapping against flesh as Loki attempted to push himself against Thor in time with the thrusts, earning a loud moan from the god of thunder. Loki began to moan Thor's name softly again and again, the words falling off his lips like a prayer. Thor leaned down, once against capturing Loki's mouth with his own, a hand slithering between them and stroking his brother's cock, the pre cum adding extra lubrication. Loki bucked and twitched, his cat like ears still flat against his head. Thor started to stroke Loki in time with his thrusts before reaching up his free hand to massage one of Loki's ears, the added sensation sending the younger man crashing over the edge. Mouth opening in a perfect 'o', a strangled moan ripped through Loki, his muscles shuddering and clamping around Thor, causing the other's release as well. The blonde shot into Loki, his shallow thrusts slowing until both men collapsed, their moans muffled into each other's mouths. Breaking away with soft pants, Loki's arms wrapped around his brother's neck as Thor let his head rest on the other's chest, his length still buried within his brother.

It was several moments before either opened their eyes; Thor glancing up at Loki's disheveled hair with a small frown. "The ears… they have finally vanished, it seems."

Loki opened one eye, his breathing slowly returning to normal. "Oh… I suppose that is rather unfortunate." The disappointment was difficult to hide in his voice.

There was another moment of silence, before Thor asked. "So, when can you bring them back?"

AN: WHEW! Ok, finally done, guys. Sorry if it sucks! I'm still pretty new to the whole smut world! Hope it didn't suck too bad… ;) If this one goes over well, I'll be writing more ThorLoki… 'cause I love them together. 3