Arashi: Another oneshot that deals with both Ren and Karin even though this may be on the short side but not exactly sure as of yet.

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By your side

Summary: She didn't expect for Ren to say the following words as Karin thinks she'll have to spend the holiday alone is when he offers to spend the day with her in the sun. Not wanting to cause him problems she tries to leave ahead only to have him waiting for her.

Walking down the stairs in her thought Karin almost didn't catch the sight of her brother reading on the couch hearing her mutterings, "Another day to be on my own. Just what I need now of all times. Mama and Father are away on business and I believe Anju is with Grandmother at the moment for some training. Big brother…I mean Ren must be with one of his women he sleeps with."

"All the other parts are true expect the last part, idiot," The familiar voice of the oldest child in the Maaka Household drawls out getting Karin to stiffen

"Good morning Big brother," the purple hair teen said putting on a smile but drops it at the sight of Ren's brows raise at her smile but rolls his eyes. "What are you doing here Ren? I thought you be out for a couple of days."

"I just feel like lazing around the house," Ren answers closing his book watching his sister with interest. "What about you? Where are you heading off to?"

"Work," The girl fibs knowing its her day off but no one in her family had time to learn these due to their previous plans and she didn't feel like giving such information. Other then its good to spend some time alone even if its Thanksgiving tomorrow so she can think of things through.

"Quit lying Karin. Our parents and younger sister known today is your day off like me but weren't able to change plans so we can spend time as a family." Ren scolds crossing his arms over his chest earning a scowl which makes him smirk seeing he's getting under his little sister's skin.

"I just want to be on my own today," She whispers softly not really meaning the words at all but wish its possible for a day with the family again.

"Liar," The voice growls moving besides her. "How about I go along with you. Since I'll be by your side."

Karin raise a brow not quite sure what to believe. Is Ren really offering to spend time with her? Doesn't he have more important things to deal with then her? She catches the warning look then follow by a very rare sight of a warm smile perks her hopes hope. She nods as both siblings leave the house having no idea what destination but figure who cares. There is nothing like being by someone's side even if they didn't expect it.

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