Thanks and Letters.

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Chapter 1:

"Ugh are you serious?" Mick complained, moping and spinning around in his chair.

"As much as it kills me, I'm with him on this one." Said Beth, clearly not too happy about this either. She glared at Sam, trying to make him change his mind.

"Come on you guys. It is either this or the regular trust and team bonding workshop all the teams have to go on. And besides, because of all the cases, we have already missed all the other workshops." Sam answered. He saw the point of this whole assignment. It was actually a pretty good idea in theory. Plus the holiday was coming up. But getting a team of profilers to write about their feelings was harder than trying to pull teeth. Hell, some of his teammates would probably rather get shot than do this.

Prophet pointed out, "Well, technically it is not our fault we missed the other seminars and workshops." He shared the negative feelings of his fellow coworkers. Sitting on his chair, twirling on his pen, he tried to make sense of the assignment.

Still kind of confused about the whole situation she asked. "Wait one more time, what do we have to do again?"

"Apparently we have to write letters saying how we appreciate the members of our team." Explained Prophet. "At least a paragraph or two on each person. Do you know if they are going to be read?" "They better not be." he thought. Having to read your thoughts out loud to each other would suck. Not to mension, the whole team thrived upon their whole "if we are upset, let's get a beer" mentality. They never actually talked about feelings. That's what the beer was for.

"The psych department says just to email one copy back to them and turn in one copy to me." Sam replied. "I guess I'll mail them those too or something. So no, I do not think we have to read them out loud." Well, he had a sinking suspicion that they did. He'd reread the email later. Better focus on getting the team to do the assignment first.

"Damn I can't fake it." Beth retorted. Still pretty pissed, she stared off at the wall. Why would they do this? Everyone had their place in the team she thought. They each needed to keep their own sort of personality or reputation around the FBI. Kind of for their own sanity. Everyone knew everyone cared about each other. They didn't need to put it in writing or anything.

"No guys you can't fake it. I'm pretty sure the psychiatrists are smarter than that." Sighed Sam. Hopefully no one wouldn't fake it. You'd never know if someone pretended or BS the paper with a bunch of highly trained profilers.

"Fine whatever. Let's just get this over with guys." Gina said. She didn't see what was the big deal about this. It was just some boring psych assignment. It wasn't that hard for her to say what she thought about her teammates. Well most of them...

"So we are seriously doing this bloody assignment?" asked Mick. He still didn't get the point. Thanksgiving was an American holiday. They didn't have it in Wales. "It's not like we are the nutcases and wackjobs. We are the ones who catch the crazy people remember?"

"Yes Mick. Just have it turned in by the end of the day." Sam responded, watching everyone head off to start his own assignment.

Lucky enough for the team, it was a slow day. Just meant to catch up on paper work, or go through cold cases. By the end of the workday, everyone had his or her letters done and printed.

"Say Coop, where do these go?" asked Prophet, walking around and looking unwilling to give up his piece of paper.

"Hmh. Just hand them to me I guess. I'll figure out what to do with them tomorrow." Said Sam. "Mick, Beth, turn yours in too." He watched everyone place a stapled assignment on his desk and checked to make sure their was some kind of writing on each of them.

"No worries Coop. I was going to. What were you implying mate?" asked Mick innocently, finally handing over his paper. It was funny; he scowled at it on his way out. He still wondered if he should of lied. He could of pulled it off. And what if everyone else lied too?

"Nothing Mick. Just give me the paper so we can all leave." Said Sam. Putting them in the mailroom, Sam locked the offices and left.

*The next day*

Sam arrived an hour early as usual. On his regular work routine, he went straight to the coffee maker and started the pot. Beth and Prophet would kill someone if they did not have their morning coffee straight away. He then headed to the gym, just for a quick warm up. After that, he went up to his office, and upon looking on his desk, he saw that the assignments from yesterday were placed there. Picking up a note that sat near the pile, he read it. Even though he knew it would come to this, he sighed. "No one is going to like this."

As the rest of the team headed in, their profiling instincts told them something was off. A sinking feeling started growing in each of their stomachs. But by the expressionless look on Sam's face, they decided not to ask.

"Okay guys. Gather around the conference room in five." Ordered Sam. He left to go before anyone else could talk to him. Time to prepare himself for what's to come.

"New case? " Gina asked. She knew that there wasn't though. The other option was too horrible to think about. No one really wanted to think about it. "I didn't hear any news reports or see anything on my desk."

"It's probably bad news." Prophet said, the last to get up. "I can see it in his eyes."

The team all gathered around the table, all in their usual spots.

"So remember that assignment yesterday?" started Sam. "Well, turns out after you guys wrote them, I get to read all them out for you guys."

"What?" shot Mick. "That's the most rubbish idea ever! Why?"

"Well, its suppose to help with team bonding." Answered Sam. At least the rest of the team was quiet he thought. He was a little unsure of this too. It might turn out great, but it might destroy the team dynamic. And blow up in their face. It all depended on what everyone said about each other.

All the other team members were in shock. Blood was draining down their faces. They had that nauseous, nervous feeling in the pit of their stomach. Their thoughts and feelings about each other were going to be read out loud. To the entire team. This was worst than being shot.

"Alright." Said Sam. "Let's get this over with. Mick tear some paper onto the table. Now whoever picks up the piece with this marking, gets to go first."

Everyone silently prayed as they each choose and unveiled their piece of paper. The whole situation would have been comical if the letters were anything else.

"Crap." Said Prophet, groaning and collapsing in his seat.

Hello guys, this is my little tiny Thanksgiving fic. I based it off a concept of a story I saw on the NCIS: Los Angeles fanfiction page. It's called Falling Leaves and Crumbling Walls if you want to check it out. It's a pretty good story. Anyways, since this is the first little intro thing, it is pretty short. I'll have it longer though. And no worries I'm still finishing the other story. Thanks for reading! If you're really awesome please review . Thanks!