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Harry Potter and the Love Potion
By: Sapphire Rose

Throughout the whole time Ryan was preparing for later that evening. Harry and Ron finally found Hermione walking around the halls. She had said she wasn't feeling well and decided to rest the day and get her strength back. Oliver and Crystal were already in the Great Hall sitting in their places. The whole of Hogwarts gathered into the Hall for dinner and began to eat.

Dinner seemed like it was endless. Ryan was waiting for the end of dinner to come; he was impatient and couldn't wait much longer. One by one, pairs by pairs, groups by groups, everyone started to leave the Hall. Only a small handful was left. There were a few Slytherins an Hufflepuffs still there. Veronica and Fleur were talking at the Ravenclaw Table an Ryan, Oliver, Crystal, Ron, Harry and Hermione were still at the Gryffindor Table. Fleur glanced at Ryan and their eyes met for a brief moment. Ryan nodded and Fleur smiles a bit.

"Hey.umm V, I need to go get a book do you mind waiting here for me?"

"Alright, I guess I can but just don't be too long."

"Ok.see you in a few!"

Fleur heads over to the Gryffindor table.

"Hey Ron."

"Hey Fleur, how are you doing?"

"Well I was just going to get a book, do you mind coming with me?"

"Not at all."

Fleur and Ron leave the Great Hall hand in hand.

"So Oliver what do you feel like doing now?"

"Well I had something in mind."

"Mind sharing then?"

"Actually I do."

He laughs and leaves the Great Hall with Crystal not too far behind.

"So Hermione want to come with me to go and visit Hagrid?"

"Alright, I guess I'm feeling up to it.I can't stay too long though I have some work to do."

"Fine by me.let's just hope Hagrid doesn't offer us any Stout Cakes, those things are hard as a rock."

Sharing a laugh they both leave the Great Gall. As they left the rest of the houses leave the Hall as well. Only Ryan and Veronica were left there. Veronica wasn't paying attention to her surroundings and completely ignored Ryan's presence. She just sat there waiting for Fleur to get back.

Ryan sat there at the Gryffindor Table staring over at the only other person left in the room. He wondered how she was able to fill him with such joy and somehow capture his heart. He was debating whether or not to approach her just yet, Ryan had been waiting for this moment all night and now that it finally came he didn't know whether or not he could actually walk over to her.

Ryan slowly rose out of his seat and headed towards the Ravenclaw Table. He sat down right across from her and gave off a slight smile.

"Hey Veronica."

Veronica looked over in his direction for the first time and sighed in exasperation; she stood up and started collecting her things together.

"Please don't go I need to talk to you its important."

"Well I'm not in the mood to talk to you."

"You leave me no choice then."

She looked at him in confusion but before she could say or do anything Ryan had muttered 'Wingardium Leviosa' and placed the spell on her. Veronica was then suspended in midair and continued floating up. He let her hang there from the ceiling for a while.

"Ryan! Let me down.ooo when I get down from here you're going to get it.get me down now! Ryan!"

By this time Veronica had been kicking and screaming.

"You left me no choice, and I'm not going to let you down till you listen to what I have to say first."

"This is not fair!"

"Will you listen to me then."

"I have no choice in that matter."

"Good point.anyway."

Ryan cast the same spell on himself and he began to rise up as well. Veronica couldn't look him in the eyes. She looked like she was in pure rage at this moment. Ryan took his hand and lightly brushed it against her cheek which only made her annoyed, turning her cheek to the side and moving away from his touch.

"Well what did you have to tell me that was supposedly very important?"

Ryan gathered all the courage he had in him and reached out for her again, turning her to face him and look him in the eyes. Without thinking or knowing why, he moved closer to her and brushed his lips against hers. She was taken aback by the action but instead of pushing him away she wrapped her arms around him and continued the kiss.

"What does this mean?"

"Veronica, I'm sorry.I was acting like a stupid git last night. I didn't mean to push you away.all through the day I was miserable, my day just wasn't complete without your beautiful smile, I realized I needed you and."

"And what?"

She was staring directly at him now, awaiting his answer.

"And.I found out that I'm in love with you."

"You love me?"

"With all my heart.and I never want to leave your side ever again."

Veronica was speechless; she didn't know what to say. Ryan floated there in front of her, waiting for her to say something, anything. She couldn't look in his eyes so she just stared down at the ground below her. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. Ryan just smiles and he pulls her into an embrace. Veronica leans her head against his shoulder. Slowly the two begin to descend back down to the ground. Their feet touch the floor and the land back down on the ground. Ryan pulls out of their embrace and he takes her hand within his. Both begin to walk out of the Great Hall hand in hand.

The Great Hall was completely empty now. The tables had been cleared and the room was spotless. Silence spread through the room, but was soon disturbed by the sound of footsteps racing through the halls. Veronica rushes in and runs over to the Ravenclaw Table gathering her books together in a pile and hulling them off. She had a huge smile on her face, the first in a while.

Once again the sound of footsteps could be heard as Veronica runs back to the awaiting arms of Ryan.

"I almost forgot about these."

"Here let me help you with those."

Ryan grabs her books and carries them for her. Smiling her gratitude to him


"It's no problem.so where do you want to go now?"

"Well Fleur was supposed to meet me at the Great Hall and we were going to go to the library.but for some strange reason I have a feeling she was never going to come back."

Veronica gives him an accusing look and he returns a look of mock surprise.

"And what might you be implying at?"

"Oh nothing.maybe that someone set it up that way purposely."

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."

"Alright.whatever you say."

She just nods her head and smiles at him. The two begin to laugh as they roam around the halls aimlessly.


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