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Now On With the Show!

"Oi, I've got a lot to say to you shit face."

"Really? Because you're such a talker already."

"Man, shut the fuck up!"

Ichigo looked at the bleeding teal-haired man with disdain and aggravation. That ravaged torn body still opposed him. He just wouldn't stop. He was going to keep throwing himself at Ichigo's sword until he died… Ichigo tightened his grip on Zangetsu.

"…Grimmjow stop." He commanded in a tired voice.

The teal-haired espada shakily wiped his bleeding mouth with his wrist. But he only succeeded in smearing more blood onto his face, "Never… stop looking at me like that Kurosaki… I said, stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" The teen spat.

"Like you've beaten me."

The man ran for him again, sprinting haphazardly at the orange-haired teen. He extended a bloody arm in a punch, but the shinigami threw his sword to the ground and caught it.

The espada's eyes fell darkly in realization at what he'd done.

Ichigo's demeanor became tinged with pain as he whispered roughly, " Grimmjow please…stop…."

When the espada did not respond, continuing to look off into space with that furious but dead expression, Ichigo's fingers tightened desperately on the man's knuckles and he gritted his teeth.

"You were right." The teen said with determination.

Grimmjow swallowed dryly while his own eyes narrowed. He still did not meet the other's gaze.

"I did come here to fight you… and I want to keep fighting you..."

The panther lowered his arm now shaking off the other's hand. His eyes were still vacant but he continued to listen.

"Live. Live to fight me another day… "

"Why? Giving up is worse than any death!" The blue-haired espada roared into the other's face. He punched again but Ichigo dodged. He ended up dodging a flurry before punching Grimmjow himself. As knuckle connected with jaw, the espada staggered back and spit blood. His breathing was even more haggard than it previously was.

"I'll… never lose to someone like you. With those disgusting eyes…. I. Hate. Those. Eyes… Look I don't care who you are! Human, Arrancar, Shinigami- I'll cut down anyone who looks down on me!"

"Who says I'm looking down on y-?"

"RIGHT NOW! LOOK AT YOU RIGHT NOW! With those fucking eyes!"

Ichigo grabbed the other by the white folds of his collar and shook him up to meet his gaze. Grimmjow struggled with everything he had. A small altercation proceeded and the arrancar dug his fingers into the Shinigami's hands. Both of their breathing became loud and frantic.

Ichigo's intense brown eyes blazed as he glared at Grimmjow. He shouted, "I'm NOT!"

He took a pause, gaze flicking between Grimmjow's own. His voice was lower in volume but stronger by far; a level of understanding woven in those next words in a mysterious way, "I'm not looking down on you…"

Grimmjow's intense snarl was disrupted by his wide angry confused eyes. But they remained still. Nothing but their breathing making any noise in the silent dessert.

Grimmjow yelled, determination a little broken now, "Why not?"

The teen narrowed his eyes.

"Why the fuck not! I don't understand you! I never fucking understand you…"

"Because you look down on yourself enough without any of my help…"

Grimmjow's anger intensified. He finally gave a good sock to the teen's face. Ichigo was propelled backwards and was flattened to the sand. The teen brought a hand up to his throbbing eye.

"Agh you shit-head!" He hissed.

"I'm not one of your bitch ass friends Kurosaki. You can't just bring me to the 'good side' with your bullshit psych tactics. You don't know shit about me. So fuck you."

Ichigo lay there smiling as he rubbed his eye, "I wish I could…"

Grimmjow blinked and pulled back. He still looked angry, but had a solemnness in his expression now.

The teen continued whimsically in a small voice, "Life ain't fair though… it really ain't…"

The opponents were cast in another apprehensive silence. Ichigo's smile disappeared as he stared up in the sky. He was in no hurry to move.

"Why aren't we fighting damnit?... we're enemies. We hate each other. We're supposed to be fighting not sayin' all this pussy bullshit," He grabbed the other's sword and threw it onto his chest. The teen made a slight oomph noise.

"So let's go." Grimmjow challenged.

The teen stared up at him angrily. He pushed the sword off and his eyes fell, "There's only one reason why I hate you, you bastard."

"Oh yeah? Enlighten me. With your fists." The arrancar said smiling viciously.

"Because you'd rather be here alone and be miserable for the rest of your life than receive help from anyone…! To me, that's pathetic… so that's why I hate you Grimmjow. And that's the only reason."


"See if ya didn't notice- I'm a helper! I'm a hero! I'm supposed to save people… and when I see someone in trouble- and they won't let me save them…. Even though they know… they know, they can't do it themselves… I can't help but get pissed."

Ichigo sighed in frustration.

"So I'm fine with the hating, and the name calling, and the fighting… what I'm not fine with… what I'll never be fine with… is the fact that you're untouchable."

Grimmjow's frown intensified.

"The real you…. I'm never going to know you. Ever. You're never… going to tell me anything of value are you?...You're never going to tell me the truth about anything. Even when you give me looks like that…"

Ichigo had been watching the arrancar's expression for a few moments and there was a sad softness in his otherwise disgusted expression. That he was thinking about something hard. This expression was a common one Ichigo was used to. One that he was captivated by. As soon as he said that though, Grimmjow went right back glaring, hiding any actual emotion from his face. The teen sighed and laid his head back on the sand in frustration. His eyes looked desperately to the sky.

I may not be the most inspiring or understanding person in the world

I may not be the most affluential…

But please…

Let him hear me just once, he pleaded.

Ichigo suddenly made wild comical hand gestures while he impersonated the husky voice of his companion in a corny way,"' Urrguhurrhurr! Because you're Grimmjow and you don't have any weakness~! Urrghurrhurr~!'- bullshit… I call. Bull. Shit… On that one, Buddy..."

"Why do you even care?" Grimmjow yowled in disgust as he threw up his hands in confusion.

"Because I don't want you to die you ass!"


"I DON"T KNOW!" The orange haired teen screamed.

Silence settled on the pair like cold on a snow covered graveyard.

Ichigo covered his eyes with a hand, he breathed slowly to calm himself, "I don't know…" he whispered, "Please… just don't make me do this…"

Grimmjow huffed and shook his head. His shining gaze stared downwards in contempt.

"God I'll never understand you." He snarled.

"Then that makes two of us…" Ichigo said moving his hand slightly so that one brown eye found its way to the Espada.

"…I could understand you if you let me." He continued

"Why would I want that?"

The teen became snarky and said, "Ok then, let me sleep and have fun off on your own. Have a great time with all your friends Grimmjow."

"I don't need friends-!"

"Then go be alone." Ichigo hissed challengingly.

The Espada met his gaze with infuriation. Then his expression began to quell. The espada narrowed his gaze, stil snarling. But now he looked as though he were mentally contemplating something, eyes angrily flicking around while he breathed harshly.

The blue-haired man gulped and slowly sat down, pain ravaging his form, "Alright I will. After this nap."

"Go sleep somewhere else."

"You can't boss me around you little shit. I can sleep anywhere I fuckin' want. Plus when I wake up, I won't have to look for you so I can end this battle."

"And what happens after that?"


"What are you going to do after you kill me?... What happens when you kill everyone?... You'll be alone. And you'll be king of nothing."

"I don't care about that. You can't weasel your way out of this Kuro-"

"God damnit Grimmjow no. I'm not playin' this game!" Ichigo rolled himself up and stared at the bloody Arrancar with what almost looked like a painful expression. His grip tightened on his sword.

"You wanna talk with me. You let me in. You wanna be alone, you be alone. You don't get to use fighting me as your excuse to be around another person..."

"…You're so annoying." The panther hissed with a condescending smiling as he rolled over, "you think everything I do has to do with you. Fuckin' sad Kurosaki. Not getting' enough attention from the people around you so you turn to anyone… even your enemy… Ha. You're just an insignificant little human with too much time on his hands. The only thing your worth is the enjoyment I'll get from ripping you apart. Besides that you're next to nothing. Don't even pretend like you know who I am. I promise I'll kill you as soon as I heal. So fuck off."


And with that the orange haired teen shun-poed away.

The espada heard this and immediately sat up gazing around, "That shit face! He… He really left!"

The blue-haired espada became still in the silence. His eyes sharpened above his disappearing smile. Grimmjow let out a long exhale. He sank back to the sand and looked up to the same sky Ichigo had only moments ago.

That kid…

doesn't know anything about me….

A pause overtook the arrancar and he felt his hand slide over the sand to the place the other had laid. It was still warm. He dug his fingers into the soft ground but said nothing.

I'm never going to get him… the masked Arrancar thought wistfully as he stared into the sky.

But Ichigo hadn't really left. No matter how sick of the Espada's shitty attitude he was, he couldn't leave. The teen was sitting on the top of one of the large red cylinders of Hueco Mundo staring off into the distance where he saw a tiny speck of blue against the sand. Ichigo watched with frustration at the espada's movements. A lightly tanned hand slid over his mouth in though.

"I'll wait as long as you need… idiot." He couldn't help but smirk as he said this.

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