Ouran Host Match Ups

Match Up 5 – Disney Characters (Requested by not-you-15)

Hypothetical Question: If the Host Club were Disney characters, which characters would they be?

Haruhi as Belle

In case anybody doesn't know who Belle is, she is also known as Beauty (which is what her name means in French) from Beauty and The Beast. Now the obvious reason for this match up would be Haruhi's looks (she's naturally beautiful, even with cropped hair) but that's not the only reason I put these two together. Anybody who has seen the movie, knows that Belle is an odd one; even though she lives in a 'quiet little village' she isn't like the other residents. She lives with her eccentric father (can we see any similarities yet?), is in love with reading, is very intelligent, is mostly apathetic to all the attention she gets from the (ahem) male residents of the village, and wants more than just her current 'poor provincial life'. Haruhi is much the same; she lives with her own eccentric father, is very intelligent, is absorbed by her studies, is pretty much oblivious to all the attention she receives from the host club, other males and even other females, and wants to make something of herself by following in her mothers footsteps. Belle and Haruhi are also known for their ability to look past appearances, Belle fell in love with a Beast and Haruhi doesn't care about gender differentiation, believing it shouldn't matter; she doesn't particularly care about her appearance, or anybody else's for that matter either.

Note: I think Mulan would also fit Haruhi, as they both take initiative to do whatever they need to, to support their father's and families in general.

Mori as Pocahontas

I can see similarities between Mori and Pocahontas. They are both quiet, and prefer to observe their surroundings, are adaptive and selfless (Pocahontas protects her tribe by going to England with John Smith, Mori protects Honey and the rest of the host club by any means necessary, and usually goes along with the Host Clubs ideas without complaining) and are both very in touch with nature. While Pocahontas believes all living creatures, whether they are plants, animal's, humans or even the wind, have a soul, Mori loves animals and adopts a wild Tanuki and raises a chick. Mori's name is also a pun, it is a way of saying 'harpoon', but it also means 'forest'!

Hikaru as Ariel

*Pauses for chorus of WHAT THE HELL?'s*Yes, yes, I know. Hikaru doesn't have nearly enough breasts to pull off being a mermaid. Wait a minute, that's not what you were thinking? Oh. Well, this is awkward… Ahem. Just kidding, I do have a valid reason for matching these two up! Ariel is very curious, inquisitive and sick of her current life. She wants to venture up to the shore, and live with the people, to be 'part of their world'. Hikaru is much the same; although he loves Kaoru, after he meets Haruhi he wants to expand their world and become a part of hers, he is also very curious about Haruhi, and is always probing her for information. Both Ariel and Hikaru are risk takers, and are not very good at listening to rules; they follow their hearts, even when it is liable to get them in trouble. They are both troublemakers, and oh yeah, they're both redheads.

Kaoru as Peter Pan

The boy who never wants to grow up! Yes, Kaoru is that boy. It may not seem obvious, but I think from the way he's constantly fretting about what will happen after everybody graduates, that he just wishes everybody could stay the same age. Not to mention he's mischievous and playful, just like Peter Pan. Of course we can't forget the interaction with the girl, like Hikaru, Kaoru is also infatuated with Haruhi but he is way subtler about it and steps back for Hikaru, since he can see Hikaru loves her too. Peter is infatuated with Wendy, but I like to think of it in a very innocent way, since Peter doesn't really understand what he's feeling (He wants Wendy to stay and be the lost boy's 'mother'). They are both witty. Kaoru is an interesting character; He is innocent and wise at the same time, while he seems to be helpless in his theories of eventual dissolution, yet he also knows that no matter what happens, things can't stay the way they are forever. Like Kaoru, Peter never wants to grow up, but is quite witty and I think after meeting Wendy realizes he probably will have to grow up one day. Peter and Kaoru are both cheeky, but are never outright mean.

Note: I've actually drawn a picture of Kaoru as Peter Pan. I did it before I wrote up this chapter, but I thought I'd put it in here anyway. It's on my deviantArt, feel free to have a look: .com/gallery/35220866#/d4mdrc9

Tamaki as Hercules

Tamaki and Hercules? Doesn't seem to fit does it? Haha, I think it does. One thing that I get from Hercules and Tamaki is their ever-optimistic attitudes even when things seem to be at their worst. They never give up, because they CAN go the distance! Also, they both just want to belong; for Hercules, he feels alienated from his fellow Greeks, and when he finds out his dad is Zeus he knows he was right – he is a demigod! But as we all know, he ends up staying on earth for his love, Megara. Seems like something Tamaki would do, doesn't it? Well, like Hercules, Tamaki wants to feel like he belongs in his family, and is constantly searching for his grandmother's approval. In the end it pays off, and they finally make amends. He is allowed to see his mother at the end, and probably does do so after the manga ends, but initially stays with Haruhi because he loves her. I think that Tamaki, as well as Hercules, 'would go most anywhere to feel like they belong.'

Kyouya as Kovu

For anybody who doesn't know, Kovu is from the Lion King 2. He is Kiara's love interest and is raised by his mother for one soul purpose – to take his 'rightful' place as the king of the Pridelands, like his father Scar would have had he not been killed by Hyenas. In a similar way, Kyouya was bred as the third son of the Otori, and from his childhood had it hammered into him that he would have to work extra hard to surpass his two brothers if he wanted to become head of the Otori business empire, like his father encouraged him to want. Of course in the end, both Kyouya and Kovu go against their parents plans and do what they want to do, rather than what is expected of them. For Kovu, that's going after Kiara, and for Kyouya that is joining the Host Club. Through this, they both gain a sort of liberation. I think they are both very respectable characters.

Honey as Lilo

For anybody who doesn't know, I'm talking about Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. Honey is small, strange, can kick ass and carries around a stuffed bunny. Lilo is small, strange, can kick ass and carries around a stuffed toy named Scrump. Honey and Lilo are both misunderstood, and are different from their peers. While Lilo owns an alien, Honey's brother thinks he's an alien because all he does is eat cake and play with cute things! They both have siblings (for Lilo her older sister and guardian Nani, and for Honey his younger and a bit more realistic brother Chika) that are a kind of voice of reason (although Mori and Jumba are just as much voices of reason, and are very important). They go out of their way to help others, and are very disturbed when their friends are upset or hurt. Lilo does hula but isn't very good at it, while Honey does Kendo and Karate and excels phenomenally. Still, they are both activities that relate to their culture. Lastly, even though Lilo is young, both Honey and Lilo are very wise for their age and seem to notice things others don't.

Short Story: The Costume Conundrum

Today we are doing a Disney theme, and I think I look rather dashing. I'm dressed up as Hercules, the handsome Greek demigod. I have to admit that I feel a bit exposed though; all I'm wearing his a pair of sandals, a Grecian style skirt, a leather vest to cover my chest, and a headband. Other than that I am quite naked, the ancient Greeks sure liked it breezy!

Anyhow, we have a strange line up today. I'm not sure why I picked out these characters to be honest; they seem a bit out of whack. Except for Haruhi's of course. Ma belle Haruhi.* Yes, she is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It was hard work wrestling her into the canary yellow princess dress, but it was well worth it. She looks stunning; not that she doesn't usually look stunning, she's just extra gorgeous today.


Sigh. Why couldn't I be left to my daydreams? Those meddlesome twins, what could they possibly want right now? "Yes, Kaoru?" I responded, shooting the twin a smile.

He frowned at me and pointed to the loveseat where his brother was currently lounging. "How is Hikaru supposed to move?"

I glanced at the older twin, who was glaring straight back at me. "He can hop." I said, turning back to Kaoru.

"That's not good enough! He can't perform the act if he can't even stand up! Why does he have to be the male version of The Little Mermaid?" Kaoru growled.

"Because his personality matches Ariel's! I think he looks quite handsome in that," I commented, eyeing Hikaru's bright blue fishtail.

"Getting Kaoru to wear tights is one thing, forcing me to wear this stupid fishtail is going too far!" Hikaru spat from his side of the room.

Kaoru turned around, "Do you have something against me wearing tights?" He asked indignantly, frowning at his twin.

"No! Calm down Peter Pan, I was just making a point," Hikaru explained, adding in one of his trademark smartarse comments.

"Your point being?" Kaoru insisted, speaking rather incredulously.

And with that the two redheads started having an argument about whose outfit was worse. Well, in my opinion Mori got the worst outfit out of us all. Call me crazy, but I don't think dressing him up like Pocahontas was the best idea I've ever had. Although that long silky black hair does look quite good on him, the knee high dress doesn't do much for his appearance. Then again, I should have known Hikaru and Kaoru wouldn't be happy; they always complain about the costumes if they haven't been handmade by their mother.

"Tamaki," Kyouya's voice cut smoothly through my thoughts.

"Yes mummy?" I asked, turning to my ebony-haired best friend. He was scowling at me for all he was worth; I often wish that his beautiful face was adorned with a smile more often.

"Kovu?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, what's the matter with him?" I replied, cocking my head to the side in confusion.

"I feel like a walking carpet," He muttered, stroking his furry costume in distaste. What is it with everybody today getting annoyed about their costumes? It wouldn't have killed them to voice their objections before the last minute. Oh wait, I didn't tell them until today…

"But you're so soft!" I cried, jumping on Kyouya and giving him a tight hug.

"Get off me Suoh!" Kyouya barked, pushing me off of him.

"Hey, lions don't bark! They roar!" I protested, earning an eye-roll from Kyouya before he walked away, presumably to distance himself from me.

"Why did I have to dye Usa-chan green?" Honey implored, running up to me from somewhere behind. Seriously, what is this? Interrogate Tamaki day? Dieu!**

"To make him look like Lilo's doll, Scrump!" I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest in annoyance. This is getting ridiculous! That's it, I'm definitely leaving costumes to the twins next time; they can deal with all this!

"Okay, I like the muumuu though!" Honey smiled, nodding his approval. Well, that's something I guess. Since when did I become so cynical anyway? Maybe it was when everybody started bitching about their costumes!

"Well, I'm glad you like it." I smiled back calmly. I still find it ironic that Honey is the person I have to keep my cool around the most; it's extraordinary how he's the one host that could kick my ass to Kingdom Come if he wanted. Lucky he's so easy going…

"Senpai!" Here we go.

"WHAT?" I shouted, fed up with everybody's complaints. This caused Haruhi to stop in her tracks. She looked at me with shock.

"I-I…" She paused trying to get her wits together, "What the hell is your problem?" She managed to spit out, obviously projecting her frustration out on me.

"What's the matter with me? What's the matter? Oh, I'll tell you the matter!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air, "So far everybody has complained about their outfits! So I'm just a bit peeved at myself for not being able to please everyone. I obviously messed up big time, but I was just trying to pick Disney characters that matched everyone's personalities!" I exclaimed, flailing my arms about in frustration.

"How does Belle's personality match mine?" Haruhi questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Wow, she really is oblivious sometimes.

"Isn't it obvious? She's intelligent, selfless, compassionate, and beautiful! Hell, her name actually means beautiful in my native tongue! If I there is a better way to describe you, I haven't heard it!" I hollered, and then immediately slapped a hand over my mouth in embarrassment.

There was a silence for a few minutes before she said anything, "You really think I'm all that?" She wondered aloud in slight awe.

I nodded my head stiffly in response. I was unwilling to let myself speak again, lest I shove my foot farther in my mouth than it was already wedged. I could feel the eyes of the other hosts on me, probably wondering where that sudden outburst had come from. If I was being truthful, I had no idea why I had had my little rant. The only reason I could think of was that Haruhi's last complaint must have been the straw that broke the camels back.

"Wait a minute…" Haruhi breathed, narrowing her eyes at me, "If you were trying to match everybody's characters with their personalities, then why are you Hercules?"

I was honestly not expecting that.

"W-well you see-"

"Is it because he's a hero? A demigod? Because he saved the day? Or maybe it's because he's ripped! No, no, that can't be it. You don't have that much muscle. Maybe it's his handsome appearance, or because he wooed the girl? You're so narcissistic! Of course you would pick Hercules! Who better to represent you than a superhuman stud-muffin! You make me sick!" Before I could respond, Haruhi picked up her dress, span on her heel and stomped away in a huff.

"Yeah boss! I'm taking this stupid tail off!" Hikaru cajoled from the other side of the room, where he and Kaoru must have finished with their argument.

"Hmm, seems like we'll have to cancel club activities for today…" Kyouya mumbled as he walked past me, following behind Hikaru as he hopped into the change rooms.

"Does this mean we have to get changed?" Honey's saccharine voice asked from somewhere in the room. My brain was far too addled to pinpoint his exact location.

"Yes Mitsukuni." I heard Mori's deep baritone reply, before they both walked into my line of vision and entered the change-rooms as well.

What the hell just happened?

So there I was, left standing alone in the clubroom dressed as a Disney style Grecian demigod, with my mouth hanging open and my mind working at a million miles an hour trying to process the whole situation.

"That's it, I am never picking out the costumes ever again!"


Translations (They are all French):

*Ma belle Haruhi = My beautiful Haruhi

**Dieu! = God!

Hello Everybody! To my watchers/readers who have been waiting on the next chapter of this, I give you my humblest apologies. I know it's been a while, but the good thing about this is that since none of the chapters are interconnected, I can leave this and go back to it whenever I want to! So no, I'm not dead, just lazy.

Enjoy everyone!