Ficawesome Gift Exchange- 3some

Title: The Man Behind The Mask

Written for: Mid Night-Love/Midnightlove87

Written By: mandy52799

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: One where a girl meets her true love in an unusual way.

One where a man has an embarrassing habit and then has to tell his girlfriend, maybe the girlfriend will be accepting of that habit.

One where a man is lost, lonely with a broken heart. He's a wanderer. And finally he stumbles upon a lovely woman. Love blossoms. And makes him not so lost.

I don't own Twilight, its characters, any music or books I may slyly reference, or Batman. I do, however, harbor some naughty fantasies about a certain Twilight actor playing Batman. Which one? Only time will tell...

Bella sighed as she trudged into her apartment after a long week at work. Dropping her keys on the kitchen counter, she rolled her neck to release the tension. It had been an especially grueling week at the office, and everyone had been excited for 5 o'clock on Friday. Everyone except Bella, who had nothing to look forward to but an empty apartment and a TV dinner. Maybe I should get a cat. She thought to herself, but immediately shuddered at the idea. Cats left hair all around and would disrupt the order of her perfectly organized life.

Grabbing a glass of wine, and her tattered copy of The Vigilante's Bride, Bella snuggled on the couch for her own version of date night. Where have all good men gone? She pondered. Working at the battered womens' shelter had given birth to fantasies of vigilantism. Her police chief father had raised her to trust the legal system, but her experience left her needing a hero. Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need. He's got to be strong and he's got to be fast and he's got to be.."

Bella was instantly jolted from her musings when a loud clatter rang out from her balcony. What the fuck? I live on the fourteenth floor? Rising to her feet, she went to investigate the mystery. Suddenly the balcony door slid open and a tall dark figure stepped into the shadows of the unlit space.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Bella screamed as if her life depended on it. And in fact that might just well be the case.

"Shhhh Shhhh Shhhh! Please calm down ! I'm not going to hurt you." A low velvet voice broke through the fog of fear in her brain as she felt the electric jolt of foreign fingers holding onto her shoulder. Does this dude not pick up his feet when he walks?

"How...How the FUCK did you get in here?" Bella shook her head back and forth to clear the cobwebs. Surely she must be hallucinating the site in front of her."

"Through the balcony." His calm smooth voice responded. No shit, Sherlock.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Batman."