Jedam fluff for Rhiannamator, Terrahfry and for DesertEagle16, all of who I have been promising Jedam to for a long time.

Adam reached out for his husband, sighing softly when his fingers met cold sheets instead of warm flesh. Jeff had promised to wake him up that morning before he left so he could say goodbye. Failing that Adam had set the alarm so he would be woken up. Obviously Jeff had caught onto his tricks and had turned the alarm off.

Sighing again he pulled Jeff's pillow closer, inhaling the pine scent that seemed to follow the American man wherever he went. Him being retired would be much better if it wasn't the health risks that forced him to do it. If he had chosen to retire Jeff wouldn't be so worried about him going to Impact, or being left backstage alone when Jeff had a match. Because in his husbands words, Immortal would not hesitate to attack Adam and Roode had lost his mind. Personally Adam thought it was only a matter of time, AJ and Storm weren't exactly the sanest people to hang out with but Jeff seemed to like Roode. Well, he had liked him before the man had attacked Dixie. Jeff didn't stand for men attacking women, whatever the reason.

Rolling out of bed Adam stretched before he padded calmly into the bathroom. The house needed a clean and his Jeffy would need a good dinner to come home to. He could always start planning.

"Ads?" Adam let out a very unmanly squeal and bolted from the kitchen, jumping at Jeff and wrapping his long legs around his husband's waist and leaning in for their traditional 'welcome home' kiss. Jeff caught him and locked their lips together firmly, making sure to get a decent grope of Adams ass in the process.

"Hey baby," Jeff finally said, pulling back to grin warmly at the blonde. Adam smiled adoringly and leant in to gently rub his and Jeff's noses together in an Eskimo kiss.

"Welcome home baby," Adam murmured. "I missed you." Jeff smiled and kissed his baby again.

"I missed you too," he admitted. "Next time I think I'm going to have to take you with me and just tie you to the bed in the hotel room." Adam giggled sweetly.

"I'd be ok with that," he announced. "You could keep me ready for you at all times." Unwrapping his legs from around Jeff he dropped to the ground and turned towards the kitchen.

"Dinner is almost ready," he called over his shoulder, deliberately swinging his hips. "Maybe for dessert you and I could start practicing for the next time you go away."

"Damn gorgeous," Jeff hissed, following obediently. "Can't we just skip dinner?" Adam turned around and leant against the door frame.

"Not a chance," he purred. "Big boys need their strength." He stepped closer when Jeff reached him and ran his fingers down Jeff's chest, stopping at the waistband of Jeff's jeans. "And you are definitely a big boy." He stepped back and headed into the kitchen, bending down to get the food out of the oven before he squeaked in shock as Jeff pulled him back and threw him over the broad shoulder before the American man turned the oven off.

"Screw dinner," he announced. Adam laughed and pounded playfully on Jeff's back.

"Put me down Jeffy," he complained.

"Not a chance," Jeff announced slapping Adams ass firmly as he opened the fridge. "I want my dessert." Adam couldn't stop laughing as Jeff pulled the chocolate sauce and whipped cream out and headed for the stairs. Adam stretched out and slid his fingers down the back of Jeff's jeans, copping a feel of the firm ass without shame.

"Were you a good boy?" Adam asked flexing his fingers. Jeff laughed himself and tossed the pretty blonde gently on the bed.

"Oh I was a very good boy," he said, crawling up and placing the chocolate sauce and cream on the bedside table. "Now I get to be bad." He pulled out the scarves that the two of them always used and Adam grinned, locking his legs around Jeff's hips. He always enjoyed Jeff's homecoming.