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A mighty pain to love it is,

And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;

But of all pains, the greatest pain

It is to love, but love in vain.

-Abraham Cowley

It had been a long time since Piper really thought about Jason, last she heard of him he was in Camp Jupiter settling down with Reyna, officially married and raising a beautiful baby girl. Piper didn't choose to think about Jason- she forbade herself to think about him, he wasn't worth her time but sitting in a New York bistro by the window side, alone at the age of twenty one and listening to the song floating off the café's radio.

"I heard that you're settled down

That you found a girl and you're married now.

I heard that your dreams came true.

Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you."

I must be even more pathetic than I thought, Piper thought as she watched the Manhattan traffic flowed through, she was wallowing herself in self-pity and bitterness over a simple heartbreak. But of course it wasn't just a simple heartbreak. It was Jason, it was him; he held a place in her heart and sometimes she always resent against Reyna, but no never hate. How could she hate someone who never ever done anything to her? Well, at least not intentionally.

But she always wonder what did Reyna had that she didn't have, well she's beautiful, strong, smart and everything a Roman Queen should be…she's perfect- perfect for Jason. And it was where Jason belongs- with Reyna, with the Romans and with them; he was never hers. Reyna could give something to him, his life, his friends and his birthright.

"Old friend, why are you so shy?

Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited

But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.

I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded

That for me it isn't over."

Piper brushed a couple a few tears away from her eyes but she didn't sobbed uncontrollably like last time instead she felt even worse. She remembered embarrassing herself in front of Jason and Reyna's wedding (Yes, in the end Annabeth manage to win the long and worthy battle of bringing Piper to the wedding), speaking up when the preacher ask the crowd to do so and the looks of horror on the crowd's faces etched on her mind so vividly. She said she wished him a long and prosperous life when she really felt like blurting out she love him.

"Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you too

Don't forget me, I beg

I remember you said,

"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,"

To be honest, she never really thinks she'll find someone else like him. He was just himself, she do wished that Jason and Reyna are having a blissful life with their brand new daughter, Regina Dianna Grace, and she remembered the times they had when they were demigods; when she was young and naïve. She does anything to have that innocence back instead of lugging around a whole bag of regrets.

"You know how the time flies

Only yesterday was the time of our lives

We were born and raised

In a summer haze

Bound by the surprise of our glory days,"

"Gods, Jason," Piper rolled her eyes as he picked her up bridal style and stand on the Argo II's railings that stopped them from toppling down to their death and earning a very painful smash onto the ground but for Jason the choice of falling down to his death was optional. He sprung from the railings and onto the air, Piper shrieked as they began to rapidly fall to the ground and Jason laughing as Piper clutched him tighter and then stopping their fall and controlling the wind, bending them to his will. "You're an idiot!" She swatted him hard on the shoulders as they began to gain speed and rushing back up.

"Oh please, that was fun- admit that," Jason grinned at her crazily as they did some sort of weird jig in the sky, bursting through clouds and soaking them with potential rain water. Jason was having fun, zooming in the air as Piper clung onto him; still terrified she was going to fall even though she did this millions of times.

She missed him, she missed those times.

"Nothing compares

No worries or cares

Regrets and mistakes

They are memories made.

Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?"

Tears started to flow down her cheeks as she rubbed them in a perfunctory haste, she needed to be a sage person in this- she managed for a year, why couldn't she do this? Damn the song for ever existing, Piper thought bitterly. Was it ironic that the daughter of love wasn't love and was left as an empty, broken shell when the daughter of war has gotten the love? She hated the Fates and their dark, ironic sense of humor.

And it was sweet, even great to see Jason so happy, so delighted and it's going to share the amazing journey of life with…someone else.

"Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you too

Don't forget me, I beg

I remember you said,

"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,"

The track ended, the commenter's voice announced the song was by Adele and some news about the singer, and that usual buzz seems to chatter off as a new feeling of dread replace her heart as she saw them walked towards her.

She smiled forlornly as Reyna and Jason edge closer to her, Reyna's dark long mane twisted into a long side plait, her face young and regal as usual- beautiful, Piper was pretty but not beautiful like her. Dark cold eyes that usually reflects none of her feelings, they were spoils of war as Annabeth has described them. Eyes are windows to soul and if you can see the hurt and pain, things they had seen- death and war, they usually held no warmth in their eyes and Annabeth call those eyes 'spoils of war' because they reflected what you have been through- which is war. Her skin tones vividly vibrant, pale and olive, whereas Piper was cocoa rich.

"Piper, nice to see you here," Reyna's tone was polite, they never were friends neither were they enemies and Piper looked up, flashing them a forced smile when Jason's blue eyes pierce her. She nearly flinched at the memory of those blue eyes and now they were real, belongs to a man who was standing right in front of her.

And of course Baby Regina, her hair dark like Reyna's and eyes like Jason's, she bear a very familiar resemblance to Jason's immortal sister Thalia. Her features hawkish and Mediterranean like hers, "Nice to see you too," Piper said in a tone that could've been use for visiting a close friend on their deathbed.

Sometimes it last in love (hence Jason and Reyna) and sometimes it just hurts instead.