This is rated M for violents, Language, and Sex. Read at your own risk~


Alan lay still on the couch, asleep, Breaking Dawn in hand. Eric gently pried the book from Alan's hand. He'd stopped on page 742, chapter 39. The last chapter. He couldn't believe Alan got this far in a book he just bought a few hours ago. Eric looked over the petite body in front of him, from the brunette hair tipped with a fiery orange, something Eric had gotten in trouble from doing while he was asleep, to his bare feet propped on the arm of the couch. He leaned down and kissed the brunette hair tipped with fiery orange. He stood strait, placing Alan's bookmark in the book. He draped a Florida State Seminoles blanket over Alan's thin body. He tucked the cover under Alan before heading to the bathroom to take a shower.


How the hell was he talked into this? Alan Humphries did nothing but help lift some overtime off his shoulders by actually doing his work and others' work (preferably Eric Slingby.) William T. Spears watch through the window, careful not to be seen. He couldn't believe that he was going to break into his employee's home. He sighed. If it weren't for the fact that he and Ronald had a fight then later on made up, William saying, "I'll do anything", he wouldn't be doing this; he'd be at home drinking coffee. His fingers laced through Ronald's, he couldn't do nothing about it..

He watched Eric cover Alan with a blanket and walked off, walking into the bathroom door and shutting it. He listened closely and heard the faint sounds of a shower being turned on.

"Coast is clear. Mr. Slingby is in the shower," William said in his coldest voice, scaring himself a bit.

He let Ronald pull him, Grell pushing him lightly, careful not to piss him off any more than he already is. They reached the front door, Ronald turning it gently and pushing the door open into the dark living room. The sound of the shower running was more noticeable as the entered one by one by one. The gathered around the couch. Grell sat by Alan's head, sitting him up gently.

"Lets get to work," he murmured softly.

Within fifteen minutes they had the sleeping Alan in a dress complete with pantyhose and make-up. The shower turned off and a few seconds later the bathroom door opened, a hint of light creeping into the dark room. Ronald, William, and Grell froze. They retreated backwards quietly out the door unnoticed… so they thought.

Eric smirked in the darkness, talking to no one in particular, "My eyesight may be bad, but not that bad, bastards. His eyes flashed pink, staring at the window, watching the three make a 'great escape.' He flipped on the light, his eyes turning back to his Shinigami eye colour- forest green.

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