William woke first. He didn't know what happened. All he knew was that his head hurt like hell, and he didn't know where the hell he was. He looked around. It was dark and cold. He ran his hand through his hair. He dug around in his pockets for his phone. Once he found it, he quickly unlocked it, shining dim light around the room. He shined the light over himself. He was covered in blood, and his legs were numb. He was in a room. Wires hung down and sparked everyone in a while. Some of the wall was busted

Something moved in the darkness. William instantly flashed the light towards the movement. It went eerily quiet for a long minute. Suddenly he was thrown across the room, soaring through the sparking wires. He hit the wall with enough force to bust what little wall there was left. He groaned and rolled on to his hands and knees. He looked around nervously, breathing hard.

"Spears!" a deep voice called out.

That voice is oddly familiar, William thought. What the hell is going on?

"What the hell is going on," the voice said, "is that you're in hell, or at least you're gonna wish you were."

William looked around for the owner of the voice; he couldn't find the owner. The lights flickered on and off several times, catching a glimpse of a person in front of him. He could distinctly see forest green eyes glow bright pink and blonde hair, accompanying a insanely muscular body. William gasped as he realized the being in front of him was his employee, Eric Slingby. The numbness in his leg finally leaving, he stood, wobbling a bit.

"Mr. Slingby, what is the meaning of this?" William asked, authority ringing in his voice out of habit.

The lights went off for two minutes, and William stood there in the darkness, still waiting for a reply.

Fool! Eric thought angrily. You should change that tone of yours!

William could just make out a shape, a shape just about as tall as he was, but…something was off. The thing in front of him was on all fours and a dripping followed by a lapping noise was heard. When the lights flickered on, William found his personal space being invaded. He stared directly into his employee's glowing pink eyes. Fear bubbled inside of his body when he was lifted off the ground by his throat. Eric slammed his boss to the crumbling floor.

"Why the hell did you do it!" Eric demanded. "You got me kicked out of my own house, got me yelled at, cussed out, and hated by him! Why the hell did you do it!" he demanded again.

He left no time for William to answer before he slammed his knee between William's legs. He cried out as Eric's knee grinded against his anatomy. He ripped the perfect white dress shirt off the stiff body he was in control over. His hands roamed down to his pants, yanking his pants and undergarments down.

He slammed William's head against the hard, cracking concrete. He'd have to do this somewhere else. Somewhere that wasn't completely destroyed yet. Somewhere a bit more homey…for now. He dragged William's unconscious body by his leg and gathered his other captives.

Change in plans with the whole sex thing. Just violence and language. Sorry.