Ficawesome Gift Exchange- 3some

Title: Best Served Cold

Written for: Butterflybetty

Written By: celesticbliss

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: Ad in the paper/ Day at the zoo

Many thanks to Tiffany for hosting again, and to Tammy for being such a kick ass beta!

Butterflybetty- I know I took your prompts and turned them a little crazy and demented here, I hope you like this! This is what happens when a crazy plot bunny attacks the same time FAGE prompts come out=!

Chapter One

There's a song that's inside of my soul

It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again

I'm awake in the infinite cold

But You sing to me over and over and over again

(Mandy Moore)

My name is Bella Cameron and I want to kill my husband.

No, really. I want him on the floor, without a pulse, without the ability to stand up, the urge to rear back, and the strength to throw his fist into my face.

I first had the thought the first time he hit me. The copper flavored blood flooded my mouth from the laceration on my bottom lip. I sucked it from the wound until it stopped bleeding, refusing to let him see me bleed. He didn't deserve any more satisfaction from my pain.

Sure, I suppose I could divorce him. But I'm three years into this hell and I want my revenge. I don't want to leave him and hope he learns his lesson. I want the pig slaughtered and unable to lay a finger on another human being again.

I loved him at one point, I think. It's becoming harder and harder for me to remember such an obscure feeling that's been beaten out of me. From what I recall, love is infatuation. It's needing another human being more than you need food, water,and the very air we need for life. It's being unable to imagine your life without them in it and refusing to try.

I fantasize about my life without him every moment of every day.

I live my life now tiptoeing around him, pretending to return affection on the days he deems me worthy of showing it to. I keep him as happy as I can so I can keep the scars at a minimum.

It must sound like I'm some sort of martyr. Taking everything he does with a grain of salt, providing myself excuses day after day and blaming myself.

Don't worry, I know he's the scum of the earth and no woman deserves him. I will be his last, if it's the last thing I do.

No man has ever gotten the death penalty for splitting his wife's lip, taking other women in her bed, or calling his wife a bitch, a slut, a dirty cunt who's lucky to have him. Well, not the penalty under the court's ruling anyway.

This is what has led me here. Sitting with my one and only confidant, scouring the only place we could think of to hire a hit man. Trust me, I want to end the bastard's life myself, but if I have any hope of living my life once he's gone...






"Refill, ladies?" The bored looking waitress asked, popping her gum with a hand on her hip.

I nodded and pushed my glass toward her, then turned back to my laptop not giving her attitude a second thought.

Rosalie wasn't so eager to let it go.

"Yeah, sweetheart. I'd like a refill and that gum from your mouth." Her smile was bright enough to blind the truckers passing by on the highway three miles away.

Rose held her hand up to the girls mouth, cupped and waiting.

She nodded, and smiled bigger.

"Go on now, spit it out!" Rose said, keeping up the mommy act. I had to hold my hand in front of my face to keep my laughter in.

The speechless server let the fluorescent green candy fall out of her open mouth, her eyebrows knitted into a look of pure confusion.

"Good girl! Now, if you pop your gum at me again while you're serving me, I'll personally embed it into that rat's nest you call a hairstyle. Don't worry, I'll leave enough on your tip to compensate for this." She said, lifting her hand to bring the girl's attention back to the gum.

She nodded, took our glasses and walked back into the kitchen.

I finally let my laugh escape when Rosalie stuck the gum under the table and saturated her hands in sanitizer.

"You do realize she's going to spit into our drinks now, don't you?" I asked, knowing she full well knew the answer.

"Of course she will. I don't plan on bringing that cup near my mouth. Find anything on there?" She asked nodding toward my open computer.

I shook my head and closed it.

"Nothing. But I don't know what the hell I'm even looking for anyway; it's not like they have a hitman section on Craigslist," I said whispering the hitman bit, looking around for wandering eyes. "Whose idea was it to look on here anyway? Shouldn't I be going down dark alley ways at night? Biker bars or something?"

Rosalie laughed and threw some cash onto the table. "Come on Bella, let's go talk to Emmett. He's the one that suggested online and maybe he'll know of an easier way to search."

With one last wave to our waitress, we walked out of the diner and got into Rose's car.

Emmett was her husband, and best friend. I went to both of them after the second year of my own marriage, bloody and broken. I had to beg Emmett not to kill James that night.




"Thank you" I murmured to Rosalie and took the icepack into my own hand and gingerly pressed it against my throbbing cheek.

I jumped at the sound of Emmett yelling again.

"What do you mean you're not going to call the cops! Are you out of your mind, Bella? Please tell me you're not becoming one of those women who still thinks their husband loves them or some shit!"

I cringed at the memory, wondering if I've been making a mistake all along. Should I stop before I'm in too deep and call the cops? I already knew the answer before I finished the thought. If he went to jail, he'd only come back out and after me. If he couldn't find me then I hate to think of the girl he would find.

When I let Em and Rose in on what I was thinking, they both stopped speaking to me for days. I waited in my house for the police to come and arrest me for conspiring to murder. Instead, Rose and Em showed up with a plan. They hated James as much as I did, and though unconventional and dark, they jumped on board.

Emmett was the one who suggested we hire a third party. It needed to be an accident to the public eye, but in James' final breaths, I wanted him to know exactly why.

Emmett also suggested that we look online because, as he said it himself, you can find anything online.

Either you can't find everything online or, Rose and I aren't so good at looking.






"Here, look at this," Emmett said, handing me a single page from the city newspaper, "I'd bet my right ball that this guy does hits. Look at the words he used."

I looked down at the ad circled in black and immediately agreed.

Cullen & Hale

Freelance work/Anything goes

Being discreet is our specialty

Call for meeting

Will discuss prices in person only.

(360) 555-2359

"How'd you find this, Em?" I asked and handed the paper to Rosalie, "It's perfect!"

Emmett sat back in his chair, looking quite satisfied with himself.

"I found several that I think could work, but this was the most promising. I got this paper from a town named Forks when I was that way for work."

Rosalie put the paper down and grabbed her cell. "So, what are we waiting for?" she asked, handing me the cell.

"Call him up and see if he'll come to Seattle. If not, then we'll drive there. What's our person of interest up to, anyway?"

I glanced at the clock and grimaced, realizing my time was almost up for the day.

"He'll be home in an hour. I should get going soon. But I think he might be out of town this weekend? I'll see if Cullen & Hale are available then?"

Rosalie and Emmett both nodded in agreement.

"Alright, here goes nothing." I dialed in the number and held my breath.