An Omake for the Emiya Clan-Universe,

featuring the summon of Counter Guardian EMIYA into a Battlefield he is not ready for.

The Prolog is from Haru's perspective.

*Story Start*

"Upon your summoning I come, I ask of thee, are you my Master?"

I knew the ritual worked perfect, as a red clad knight appeared, sunburned skin, Hawk-like eyes filled with experience and intelligence, snow-white hair and an aura of power beyond human. He even followed the formal part of the ritual, excellent.

"Yes. I, Haru Emiya, have summoned you, guardian of balance."

"…Emiya?" He knows my family name, should make things easier. "Eh, I hate to break protocol, but what year is it?"

That was unexpected. "20XX, why do you ask?"

"Has to be a coincidence." He mumbled, regaining his cool as he studied by face. Then the red Knight spoke louder.

"I have some strong memories connected to a man bearing the Emiya-name, but that's not relevant here."

"From the Grail war in Fuyuki?" my simple question hit deep.

"…yes. Why?"

"Haru! Where are youuu?" in hindsight, I should have preformed the summing in a secret location or at least someplace with a door and working lock. But I used a small yard with a concrete floor and prefect access for anyone. Like say these two of my sisters.

"Fuuko and Riko. Two of my younger sisters." I informed the Knight.

"Here you are, it's your turn to take Primy for walk." Did I mention their bad habit of loving to remind me of unpleasant jobs?

"Well as of today that's his job." I pointed at my summon.

"Beg your pardon? You have summoned a Heroic Spirit to take of a dog?"

"I have summoned a Counter Guardian to take care of my family's faithful pet, Primal Murder." This shattered his control of his facial muscles. "Also your services are granted from a deal with Alaya itself. This includes the power to resummon/revive you as many times I want. In exchange I keep Primy at the short leash."

"S-since it normally takes seven to restrain that beast, it sounds like a bargain." Got to admit, he takes it far better than expected.

"Hey, Onii-chan! You can't just ditch your chores!" Riko could see her beloved show, me being dragged through dirt, plants and unmentionable stuff by a titanic wolf, slipping away.

"And to force it onto such a handsome fellow." And Fuuko just had to flirt. "And tossing him in without any preparation, how cold of you. Here dear Guardian, let Fuuko-chan show you around, Haru can play with Primy on his own."

Wait, she ditched watching me in dirt for a guy? I don't know if I should be happy or worried.

"Me too! I want to give the red Nii-san a tour. Bye Haru."

"Hey wait!"

But they were already gone, my sisters dragged the red knight, who wasn't offering any resistance, towards our home's main building. I wonder what kind charisma the knight had, for attracting two young girls in such a short time. But knowing my family, he would regret not resisting.