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Title: Knockin' Boots

Written for: Sunsetwing

Written By: Mrs. Robward

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: I am giving full carte blanche as long as there's some romance involved. I read a ton of fic and am really happy with anything.

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**So for this story think Coyote Ugly with dancing instead of singing.

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I still own ALL mistakes!

Knockin' Boots

Chapter 1

She stands—small and intimidated—on the outside of the locked, wooden, double doors. The crowd on the streets is minimal. A new city, the possibility of a new job, a need for new friends—a new life.

A neon sign hangs high over her head, it reads 'Breaking Dawn Saloon' but the light is off and dull in the early afternoon light. She repeats the name a few times in her head.

She knocks and waits, rocking on her heels. She adjusts the strap of her duffel bag on her shoulder and takes a deep breath of the crisp air.

A shiver races down her spine. Maybe it's dread, or nerves, or hope, or maybe it's all three. She needs it to be hope. Her options have run out. This is it. Before she even auditions, tries it, sees it... she wants it.

No matter what.

"Hello, I'm Bella, Bella Swan. I'm here for the audition."

Petite and cute swings the door open wider. "Yes, Bella, I remember! I'm Alice Whitlock, the choreographer. We spoke on the phone. Nice to meet you. Come on in."

She follows Alice through the empty club and around the bare bar. Chairs turned and stacked on tables, clean mugs line the counter tops, and an empty dance floor just waits to be filled and crowded.

Her nerves succumb to excitement. It's almost time to prove and show, and try with all she has.

A spiral staircase leads to a loft with another large dance space, high mirrors, and closed doors.

Alice shows her the bathroom, tells her to get ready, and asks for her music.

She changes her clothes, dressing in only a cropped tank top and her boy shorts. Her feet stay shoeless, sockless. Her toes numb against the cold hardwood floor.

She waits alone in the open space. She stretches and bends preparing herself. Her dance moves play in her mind like a movie. She's done this before, practiced for hours, dreamed about it again and again. Her muscles are programmed and ready.

Alice steps out of one of the closed doors with a man at her side. He's tall, so much more than Alice.

She can't see him very well. He's standing in the shadow at the edge of the room. She can feel his eyes, his stare. It warms her body in a way because she knows he's already fixated on her, watching her, and she hasn't even started dancing yet. She's sure he's going to like this.

This is what she was born to do, despite everything else.

He's already impressed. He hasn't been able to take his eyes off her since she rounded the top of the steps. The two way glass of his office hiding him yet indulging him at the same time.

Alice tells him to come on, that it's time to see what she's got.

He can hardly wait.

This is isn't like him, he's usually immune to the likes of her. The way her long hair flows down her back, the curves of her body, the way her confidence oozes from her pores. He knows that if he ever had half the chance he'd touch her, map her. He'd touch her everywhere and he's sure she'd feel just as perfect as she looks.

He chooses to stay hidden in the camouflage of the shadows, to keep his expressions concealed and secret. He feels like his control is slowly slipping again. It's a feeling he doesn't like.

"All right, Bella, we're ready when you are. Just nod your head to give the cue for your music to start," Alice commands and then joins him to watch her from the corner of the room.

Alice gets this feeling that this girl is different; maybe she's the one they've been looking for. The one to help them finally win nationals and promote the club even more.

Alice looks over at him, sly and eager, and refrains from clapping her hands in excitement. Alice can tell, this is going to be good. He doesn't even have to say a word. Alice can tell his interest is piqued and that just makes this all even better.

Under the spotlight, she nods with a smile of confidence and a side of let's-do-this. She begins to move, slow at first, then with each beat, each chord, her body slides, glides, and twirls. His breathing begins to speed. Her dancing matches his pulse, racy and quick—a building of spirit and life, a peak of flesh and lust, a crash of intensity and want.

She's a vision and a master. Her dancing is flawless. It arouses him like none he's ever seen. The things her moves evoke in him. He can't believe that she's not already a professional, being paid to be so perfect. She never stutters, never trips, never off beat, her balance impeccable. Her lines are beautiful. Her silhouette and shape as she slinks across the floor is hypnotizing.

Simply, the best.

He can't look away. Shit, he's even afraid to blink, worried he'll miss something.

His mouth is dry and the room is hot, hotter, hottest. His body longs for her and he doesn't even know her. In all his thirty-four years, he's never known a girl that can dance like this and shake his world to the very core in mere minutes.

Hiring her will be the best of both worlds. Heaven and hell. Paradise and torture. A blessing and a sin.

He knows his own strength and he knows he's not that strong.

To keep away, to stay away from her, that would take all the will he's not even sure he has. It's a chance he's willing to take.

For the business of course.

She finishes strong and tight. Her face flushed and her body covered in a sheen of both energy and heat. She throws her hair back and tries to get her breathing back under control. Her chest is heaving to match her endurance and her feet cross the other. She's panting, smiling, and suddenly, seems shy and coy.

As if she doesn't know how breathtaking she is.

He can barely catch his own breath just from watching her. He never wants her to stop dancing. He knows her abilities are so above this club and what they need; but, she did come to try out so she must want this job.

He's a greedy, lonely, simple man and he wants her here. He wants to watch, he needs to watch her.

"Do we even need to interview her?" Alice asks under her breath about the dancer after she disappears in the bathroom to clean up and they're left alone.

He hasn't moved, afraid this is too good to be true. "Edward?" Alice jabs him with her elbow. He knows he needs to speak, but his head is cloudy with lust and want and desire and need. All dormant emotions he wasn't even sure still existed within him, until seconds ago, until her.

All it took was a brown-eyed beauty to awaken his soul and remind him that his life is lacking—that he doesn't have it all.

Not yet, anyway.

"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."

- Martha Graham