Knockin' Boots

Chapter 12

She dances on through the song with Alice and her friends, but her mind is elsewhere. Her eyes keep a watch out for him. She doesn't see him return.

It sucks the fun right out of her.

She gradually backs away from the crowd, heading toward the door he exited.

She glances around the back room, he's not there.

She slowly takes the stairs toward the practice space. She says his name aloud.

He doesn't answer.

She continues up the steps, to his place. Her hand gripping the rail, tight and unsure.

She stops when his door comes into view. His door is cracked open and even through the thumping from downstairs she can hear music inside his loft. Soft, lighter music.

Her heart feels as though it's about to escape her chest. She wipes off her damp palms on the back pockets of her skirt. She wavers. What if he doesn't want her here?

She steps forward, pushing on his door. She looks around the open space. She still doesn't see him. She turns toward the bathroom, the only room left for him to hide. She knocks on the door and says his name.


She turns back around and sees his cowboy boots now lying in his floor. So he's at least been here.

She unhurriedly walks around his apartment. She sees no other evidence of him, so with a splintered heart, she turns to leave.

She reaches the door, still open from her entrance.

"Bella?" He asks.

She spins to face him, surprised and startled. She clutches her chest, "You scared me. I didn't think you was here."

He sits down a bottle of wine on his kitchen counter. "I went up on the roof for a minute."

He rests his backside on the counter and his feet cross. She looks down, admiring his bare feet, thankful they appear clean and neat. She looks back up his body, just now realizing his shirt is unbuttoned and has fallen open. His chiseled abs and hard chest on full display. She blinks and forces herself to stop ogling him, suddenly feeling like she's intruding.

"I'm sorry. I should go." She spins to leave, but he calls out her name again.

"Please don't go." He says after she turns back to look at him. "Stay."

She stand there, uneasy on her feet, trying to read the emotions on his face that's almost hid by his cowboy hat. She crosses her arms and waits.

She did it, she came to him. He knows the ball is in his court. She came looking for him, and she found him.

So now what? He watches as she stands there wobbling in his apartment, still beautiful, still gorgeous.

He opens his mouth to say something, to explain, but the words don't come.

But the pull is there, the magnetism drawing her to him and him to her, it fills the room around them.

He gives.

"Come here," he says with a low, rough voice.

She thinks she should say something, ask him a question, demand an answer, but she doesn't, she just goes.

She stops and stands in front of him, waiting, wanting.

He holds back, he feels so much, he needs to take it easy. Falling fast can hurt.

He reaches out to her, his hands gentle on her hips.

She looks up at him, she's trying to calm her breathing. He's touching her. His eyes taking her in, his hands holding onto her like she's so fragile.

"Dance with me." He pulls her closer, his body flush to hers.

She nods and then melts into him.

Her hands slide around his neck.

His arms circle her back and he lifts her feet off the floor. He holds her tight and strong.

They sway and swirl to the music from his speakers. It's barely audible, but it's enough, and right now, the music is irrelevant.

Her hand moves up in to his hair causing his hat to fall to the floor.

They don't stop dancing.

His head bends down and his lips find the junction of her neck and her shoulder, right inside her open collar. He nips and kisses so gently.

They still don't stop dancing.

Her fingernails scrape through his hair, holding his lips to her skin.

He sits her back on the floor. His hands come up to cup her cheeks. "Do you want me to stop?" His thumbs sweeping across her cheeks as he asks. He's stopped thinking, only acting on feelings now.

It's been a long time coming.

She quickly shakes her head, she doesn't want him to ever stop touching her, holding her. She's willing to beg if she has to.

His mouth breaks out in a crooked grin right before he covers her mouth with his own. His lips are satin against hers. His tongue sneaks out to taste her bottom lip, she greedily sucks his into her mouth, earning a moan from him.

She's consumed by him, he's drowning in her. His hands frame her face and demand she stay right where she is, as if there was anywhere else she'd rather be.

Her hands dive into his open shirt, she maps the outline of his abs, loving the goosebumps she feels cover his skin from her touch.

She feels all over the bare skin of his sides, his back, the soft skin of his waist. She can't get enough.

Their kiss escalates from smooth and creamy to frantic and hungry. His hands find her waist again and hoist her up onto the counter top.

Her legs spread open and she tugs on his open shirt to pull him between them.

He leaves a hot wet trail down her neck causing her to shiver.

"If you don't want me to go any further, say it now." His voice is husky and his breathing is heavy.

"Oh please don't stop," she says with a breathy moan.

Her hands slide down and find his belt buckle, gripping and tugging to unbuckle it.

His forehead falls against hers, "We don't have to do this Bella. We can stop. Go slow."

"No, I want to." She shakes her head.

She sighs when she finally feels his hands on her thighs creeping up underneath her skirt, pushing it up as he goes. She knows this is too fast for them and going slow would be the smart decision, but sometimes smart is boring and dull.

Plus, she wants him and she doubts she would ever regret this.

His pants fall open once the buckle is open and she pushes the zipper down.

He tugs on her panties, she lifts her ass and he quickly pulls them off.

He slides her to the edge of the counter while her hands bury into the front of his jeans to grip his hard cock.

She pumps him with one hand and tries to push down his jeans with the other. They only go halfway down his ass, but it's enough.

He hands her the condom that he'd fished out of his wallet minutes earlier. She slides it on and guides him toward her.

Her legs wrap around the back of this thighs, pulling him even closer.

He squeezes her thighs, "Are you sure? I don't want to mess this up with you Bella. This is more than just a fuck for me. I want to try for more with you."

She feels tears of joy sting the back of her throat. "I am so sure, Edward. I want to try with you too." She leans forward and sucks his bottom lip in her mouth, showing him how much she really does want it.

He kisses her back and the fever between them builds again.

"But right now, I wouldn't mind you fucking me Edward." Her hands knead his naked ass.

"Fuck... yes, my pleasure." He grips his cock and slowly pushes into her slickness. Her heat encasing him, her walls squeezing him. "Shit..." He groans as he tries to set his pace.

"Faster," she says in a loud whisper. Her hands scratching at his back, her legs encouraging him to go deeper.

His hands start to tighten on her thighs, she may have bruises tomorrow. He trails one hand down her leg, stopping to trace her scar. He moves down her calf to her heel to grab her onto the back of her boot, holstering her leg up a little higher.

The shift causes him to hit directly on her clit and within a few more stokes, she's stiffening and screaming his name.

Her orgasm pushes him over the edge and he loses it, his head falling to rest on her shoulder to balance himself as he pumps sporadically a few more times. He quickly reaches out to grasp the counter, afraid his legs might give out on him.

They crawl into his bed together with their clothes still half on like they were minutes ago. Both too tired at the moment to strip.

He pulls the covers up over her and grabs her hand to hold. He brings it to his lips, covering her skin with kisses.

"I'm sorry," he confess into the darkness. "I'm sorry I avoided you, pushed you away. I'm sorry I tried to deny us of this."

She huffs and rolls over to face him. "Edward, I forgive you, just don't do it again. I mean, we have to that again, really, really soon. Just don't shut me out, because I'm pretty sure I belong here. You know?"

He nods but she can't see him in the dark, "Yeah, I do know. I think you belong here too, with me."

"I do know a way you can make it up to me, well... another way." she giggles.

He groans and moves closer to her, his other hand reaching out to find something to hold on to. His hand curls around her leg and she scoots and throws it over his hip. "What is that?" he questions.

She wishes she could see the look on his face when she asks him, "Dance with me again?"

The End

"Let us read and let us dance -two amusements that will never do any harm to the world."

- Voltaire

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