Chapter 2: Enter bedlam

When they hit the ground in they didn't know where, the first person to say anything was Buffy "I feel nauseous in a world like this that is a sign that we need to find somewhere out of the crossfire!"

"I say we split up and find help." Xander said trying to not be scared.

"Are you mad remember what happened last time we split up in a very dangerous situation, the creep got to me, you got humiliated, and while it ended well that was a one in a billion chance." Buffy said questioning Xander's sanity for a minute.

"Buffy is quite right we should find a place to bunker down and barricade until its safe." Giles said thinking about the fact that he wasn't that fast of a runner or that good in combat.

"Do you see that, it looks like a building? Let's check it out it might be a safe spot before things get ugly." Willow said in hopes of them ceasing there bickering and listening.

"I agree with willow I'm getting the wiggins standing out here in what could be a death trap." Buffy said cautiously approaching the building.

As she approached the building her slayer sense dulled down which meant the building was safe. As they walked in on high alert for anything dangerous, it became clear that it was just a house likely abandoned in a panic.

"Hey Buff I found something we can turn into weapons if we need get any nasty surprised approaching the building." Riley said pulling out a drawer revealing a bunch of silver steak knives.

"I found some wooden poles in a storage room we can attach them to." Dawn said putting them on the living room floor.

"Hehe I found a lead pipe that I can bash skulls in with if need be." Faith said a need for violence showing in her eyes."

"Great I am surrounded by violent people and I am about as useful as a snail in a race." Giles mumbled to himself trying not to have a coronary in the situation.

"I need rope anyone found any yet." Willow said trying to attach some knives to the poles.

"Yeah right here." Dawn said tossing it to her. Willow reached to catch it and swiftly tied it to the poles. They waited for what felt like hours, unsure to check and see if it was clear or if they were in any danger at all.

"This is insane it has to be clear by now." Xander said a paranoid look in his eyes grasping his make shift spear. Suddenly the sound of approaching footsteps had them all on red alert, as the door knob turned slowly anticipation building. When the door finally opened a gun appeared in the door frame creeping in slowly.

"Alright woo ze ell is iin ere I ave a gun." A man said with a distinctive French accent in his voice. As Pip Bernadotte looked inside a sound caught his attention, the sound of a lead pipe cutting through the air.

"Aaaaaa I'm under attack, Zeras get over ereā€¦" Pip yelled but before he could finish his sentence the next sound he heard was the pipe being kicked out of Faith's hands by Buffy. Faith was than restrained by everyone else and wrestled to the ground.