Title: One Hundred Coffees
Author: youngerdrgrey
Pairing: Castle/Beckett
Summary: The story of each and every one of those one hundred coffees that Kate owes Rick. Castle/Beckett.
Rating: T
Warnings/Spoilers: the summary is as spoiler-y as it gets at this point. I will add things in for future episodes as they air though.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights for the characters and the world go to their owners. I, in no way, believe – or would lead others to believe – that I own Castle. Though, I would have no objections to having some time with this cast.

Author's Note: I couldn't resist writing this. The style for this fic is similar to the way people write "Five Times..." fics. Some of them will be complete scenes. Some will just be a few lines. I'll do five a chapter unless one winds up being really long. I'll try to post a chapter a week. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

one to five


Kate leaves her therapist's office with the words still circling her mind. I think I am. She's ready. She's going to try. She gets halfway home when she spots a coffee shop. It's not one she frequents, but it should have what she needs. She's in and out in ten minutes. She doesn't stop to think it over or question herself until she's in the elevator, riding her way up to the loft. Before she can fully talk herself out of it, the elevator doors open. Castle's on the other side with his hand poised in the air to push the button. They stare at each other for a moment before Kate sticks her hand between the doors.

"Going down?"

He regards her for a moment and nods. He is. He steps in. Presses the button for the lobby. Watches the doors close. Kate fights her smile the entire way down. It's so ridiculous that this happened. Where is Castle even going? Probably out to run errands or something, and she's here with a fecking cup of coffee. Well, if she has it.

The doors open. Castle goes to step out of the elevator and Kate matches his steps. They walk to the door for the front of the building where the doorman gives Kate a questioning look. She ignores him and turns to face Castle directly. He turns to her. Her smile finally breaks through as she holds the cup out to him. He glances at it and plucks it gently from her hand. He turns it around so that as he takes the first sip she can read her own handwriting on the sleeve.

# 1.


She waits this time until the next day they go to the precinct. He arrives to find a cup of coffee, still steaming, right next to his chair. He places down the coffee he got her onto her desk. She glances up from her paperwork to the cup. The sleeve on hers reads: # Infinity. She grins and points to the coffee that's for him. He finds her note and his eyes shoot back up to hers.

"How?" he asks.

Kate smirks. "I know a guy."

"Bobby told you what I wrote," Castle says. Kate merely returns to her paperwork. Castle watches her, waits for her to crack. She doesn't. He grabs his cup.

As he drinks, Kate mumbles victoriously, "And beyond."


She drops it off at the front desk of a hotel crime scene on her way out to chat with the victim's family. When Castle arrives nearly ten minutes after she's gone, he finds CSU and the message Snooze you lose. Drink up and catch up, Castle. Somehow, he manages to beat her to the sister's house.


Alexis gets another college letter. He calls her at eleven at night and tells her that he can't open it. Alexis wants him to, but what if it's a no?

Kate replies, "What if it's a yes?"

He says nothing. She gets there, still in her NYPD sweatshirt and yoga pants, nearly thirty minutes later. While she fixes drinks, he calls Alexis back down to the kitchen. They set the envelope in the center of the table and stare at it. For a while. Maybe it will open itself if they will it hard enough. Maybe it will catch on fire and then they'll never have to know. Maybe -

Alexis grabs the envelope and slices it open with a Shakespearean letter opener. She unfolds the paper, scans it, and sighs. Kate's face tenses while Rick's falls practically into his coffee.

"Kate was right," Alexis says softly. Kate's grip on the mug tightens. Right about what exactly? Please tell her it's what she thinks she's right about.

Rick hesitantly asks, "It's a yes?"

Alexis breaks into a large grin. "It's a yes! I'm going to college!"

Rick jumps up from the table in excitement. He topples over his cup in the process, but Kate's too busy watching him attack Alexis to notice or care. He spins the teenager around the room, chanting the name of the school at varying levels of intensity. As the author stops spinning, he meets Kate's gaze. The meaning in the look is much like the words on the mug she chose for him: Thank you.


They've been at the precinct for nearly twenty-four hours at this point. Exhaustion has made Kate more than a little friendly. In the break room, she leans into his shoulder while her cup brews. Every now and then, she feels his arm twitch. She knows why it does. He wants to put it around her. He loves her and he wants to be all macho and comforting. It's sweet. So she makes him an offer once she's got her cup in hand.

"You can put your arm around me, or you can take my expresso."

He debates. Slowly, his arm slides away and reaches around her. A grin starts forming on Kate's face. This is also sweet, in a them sort of way. She goes to say something about it, but then the hand on that traveling arm encloses around her cup. He pulls it from her grasp and back around that same shoulder. He takes a sip and nods to himself.

"That's delicious. I'm so glad we have a machine here. Let's go catch some bad guys, shall we?"

He walks back to the board with a smirk on his face. She watches him go. Watches him chuckle at his victory. Watches him get cozy against her desk. Watches his eyebrows furrow as he reads the addition she had Ryan put on the board.

#5 - Really, Castle? That's your choice?

He glances back at her in surprise. She rolls her eyes. He's so predictable. Men like Rick take the road that ultimately ticks people off enough until they cave in. It's just their strate-oh. Oh! Kate rushes back to the board excitedly.

"I know who the killer is!"

So should I continue?