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The sun rose bright and early that day, waking the Spaniard up, emerald eyes peeking out, and he sighed, getting up out of bed. He got dressed, putting on his coat, and finally his hat, then grabbed his most treasured item he owned. His Battle axe, he never left his country without it even if he was only going out to the seas. Quietly he walked down the hallway, and peeked in the guest bedroom, that was currently being occupied by his underling. "Lovi?" he called out softly, and when he got no response in return, he sighed closing the door. He felt bad about leaving, because in a few days, was Lovino's birthday and he was going to miss it. He closed his eyes, breathed in, let out a shuddering breath and then opened his eyes, walking down the stairs, and out the door.

Once hearing the front door close, Lovino jumped up, pulled his boots on he had stashed under the bed, and changed shirts real fast, and then tying a scarf like object around his waist. He rummaged in closet for the very first item he bought for this mission he was starting, and found it. A small dainty hat, which he placed on the bed, and then went and dyed his hair black real fast, knowing it wasn't the best thing to do, also knowing with the sea water, the dye would come out fast, but by that time, he swore he'd be too far away from home for the Spaniard to take him home easily. Once his hair was done, he put the hat on, tucking his fly away curl under it. He dashed out the room, and out of the house. He stopped in the market first, grabbing a small sword to fit him, and smiled, as he was all most at his destination. He made a quick dash for the docks, running right past said Spaniard, who called out for the teen to slow down. "I'm sorry!" Lovino called out, knowing the Spaniard never actually heard him speak Spanish, but had all ways paid attention.

Lovino saw the large ship he was looking for and immediately climbed aboard, carrying boxes with him, so he could blend in. after a few moments of moving boxes, and being ordered around, biting his tongue so he wouldn't get thrown off, the Spaniard climbed aboard, with everyone shouting a loud, "Captain Antonio!" Lovino stood with the others, adding the "Tonio" so no one would know he didn't say the name. Said man looked around, and locked eyes on Lovino. "Who is that?" and he walked, standing before Lovino. "We don't know sir, he just climbed aboard and started helping. No problems so far from him." One of his henchmen called out. He nodded, turning back to Lovino. "What's your name boy?"
"My Name is Ramon. I'm an orphan so I don't know my last name sir." He nodded, then walked away, and stood before the entire crew.
"I'll allow you on the ship for now Ramon, but remember this, I am Captain of this ship, we are Pirates and once you are on you do not get off unless I say otherwise. Do I make myself clear?"
"Sir yes sir!"
"Here, we say 'Aye, Aye Captain!' now, say it."
"Aye, Aye Captain!"
He nodded in approval.

They set sail at around noon, and before hand, Lovino had gotten off the ship, and bought a few more clothings for the journey. When he arrived, Antonio was a little more than angry that he had left the ship without permission, but let it slide, warning him that if it happened again, Antonio would have his head. This turned the younger one on, to hear Antonio bark at him like he was another human being, and so rough, the possible threat of being hit, smacked around, the idea alone excited him and he wanted more of it, but knew he couldn't push his luck too much.

A whole week had passed now, and whenever Lovino looked, the captain was watching him, and every time Lovino put on a show for him. It was this time, that Lovino saw a ship up ahead, and ran to Antonio's room, "Captain! I just spotted a ship ahead of us, coming right for us! What should we do?" Antonio stood, walked out onto the deck, raised his eyeglass to his eyes, and smiled. "Thank you Ramon." Lovino was about to leave, when he felt a hand on his shoulder, "perhaps you should stay. You'll be able to meet new people. It appears it is Francis and Gilbert… and gilbert has two guests… Ramon, I have a little boy at home. His name is Lovino and he has a younger brother, It appears that Lovino's younger brother, Feliciano, and Gilbert's younger brother, Ludwig, are accompanying My friend on their journey's." Lovino nodded, a bit angry that his brother was even out here, and then realized where he, himself was, and his anger diminished some, but soon it was replaced with curiosity. He was hoping that since both Francis and Gilbert were here, he'd make Antonio jealous.

The five men boarded the ship, and made their greetings, Lovino hiding behind Antonio for a bit, until the other three children had ran down the stairs, and began playing on the front deck. Lovino came out, and walked up to gilbert, a blush on his face. "Hey! Who's this cutie?" Gilbert exclaimed. Francis nodded, wanting to know himself. "Oh, He's our newest crew member. His an orphan named Ramon."
"Hello there! Would you like to say something to the awesome me?"
"I like you." Lovino said, just enough for the three older men to hear. All three were dumbfounded, until Francis cleared his throat, and elbowed Gilbert, as Lovino faked a pained pout, a tear falling. "I Have duties to do…" and he took off, leaving the three grown men to themselves.
"C…can someone explain to me what just happened?" Gilbert asked.
"You just broke his heart. Now being his captain, that means he's under my care. I demand that you go speak with him." Gilbert sighed, and went to search for Lovino. He found the young Italian on the floor scrubbing the floor, alone in the 'Mess Hall'.
"Ramon?" Lovino stopped, glad he couldn't see his face, as he had a smile, and then replaced it with a strained smile, as he looked up at Gilbert, showing his eyes for the first time since boarding the ship. Gilbert gasped at Lovino's eyes, and then cleared his throat, "about… above a few moments ago…"
"It's okay. I understand, you don't feel the sameway. You're not the first to say it and you won't be the last. I just wish that…" he hiccupped, hiding his face and fake tears, "rejection would get easier over time… after being rejected by so many before…" He shook his head, "I have duties to do…" and he went back to scrubbing, faking a sob here and there. Gilbert sighed, picked the boy up, forced him to his feet, and placed a kiss on his lips. "It's not that I was rejecting you, it just came as a shock that someone your age would like someone as old as me. It surprised me is all. Nothing to worry about okay?" Lovino nodded, a small smile on his face. "Thank you…" he said, and kissed Gilbert back, and then followed the german back to the deck, where Antonio and Francis were talking about Arthur.

Antonio turned hearing them approach, Lovino's hand in Gilbert's, a small smile plastered to his face that they could see, but as usual, he hid his eyes. Francis raised an eyebrow at Gilbert, who just rolled his eyes, and Antonio shrugged. "Ramon, do you wish to travel with Francis, Gilbert and them, instead of with me?"
"No sir. He has two children to take care of, he does not need a troublemaker such as myself. I will train myself to use the sword better, and become a better man, and when I'm older I wish to travel with him."
Antonio nodded, "Okay then. Let's hurry up then, Arthur will be here shortly then."
"Captain?" Antonio turned to Lovino.
"Permission to play with the children for a little bit?" He thought a moment, then nodded.
"Permission granted. Five minutes, then we have to get back on course."
"Aye, aye Captain!"

Lovino scowled for a moment, he couldn't wait to be alone, so he could wash his mouth out with mouthwash… or alcohol, anything to get that german taste out of his mouth. His expression changed when he approached the kids, which they gladly included him, glad to meet someone new. Five minutes passed, and then they had to leave. Lovino ran to Gilbert. "Gil!" he cried, and jumped into the german's arms, raising eyebrows of the other three children, and he gave a long kiss to the german, then hugged him. "I will come with you eventually, just not right now… when I'm older… I'll travel with you…" Gilbert chuckled, and set Lovino down. "Ram, take it easy, and don't give Antonio a hard time understand?" Lovino nodded a smile on his face. He hugged each child, and looked at Ludwig, and then Matthew, "I hope to see you two the most. Don't worry Feliciano, I'll miss you too, but Ludwig is practically family to me now, and Matthew is like my best friend." The Canadian blushed, glad someone had recognized him.

Lovino turned after they left, and was about to go wash his mouth out, when he felt a hand on his shoulder, only to see Antonio. "I want to see you in my bed chambers." Lovino frowned, but followed him into the room. 'Did I do it? Did I make him jealous? Will he punish me!' he thought, and the last thought excited him.
"Ramon, why do you like gilbert? I thought you liked me?" He took his jacket off, as he locked the door behind him. Lovino's heart was pounding against his chest with fear, but he enjoyed it too, it excited him.
"Captain, he is just… different from others, and handsome. I like his attitude of what I caught a glimpse of it."
"And yet, for the past week, you been displaying yourself to me, whenever you knew I was watching you, you'd put on a show, and now all of a sudden you don't like me, but Gilbert. I think you were trying to make me…"
Antonio was at Lovino now, and got close to his ear, whispering the final word, "Jealous…" Lovino shuddered. God he loved it when Antonio talked like that to him. Antonio latched his mouth to Lovino's neck, and he tried to push the Spaniard off, but it felt too good to put up a good fight. When Antonio pulled away, Lovino had a dark hickey on his neck, after he crumpled to the floor, eyes hazy with lust. He walked out the door, leaving Lovino in a mess, and quickly, while no one was around, he reached in his pants and quickly gave himself release, using the scarf belt to clean up so he wouldn't have to change and wash trousers. He ran out the door, panting, and went right back to his duties.

A few days pass, and they were approaching Arthur's ship, and the cannons were all ready firing. Lovino pulled his sword out, and went straight for Arthur when they're men jumped onto their ship. He sliced, and dodged many men to get to him, but made it and engaged in a quick sword fight, which more or less ended when Lovino ducked, arthur's sword going through his hat, plucking it off, revealing the stray away curl. By this time, his natural hair color was showing half way. Arthur stared dumbfounded. "Lovino! Well isn't this a nice surprise…" Arthur did a few moves, Lovino blocking, and at this point Antonio was watching, eyes wide. "Now you've gone and blown my cover Bastard! I was hoping to spend more time with Antonio, maybe even getting the one thing I've wanted he kept refusing me as Lovino, but as Ramon, I all most had it." Arthur laughed. He was able to make Lovino stumble, and now he had Lovino, arms pinned, and his sword on the ground, working his way back to his ship. "you're prize enough to take from Antonio!"

Antonio dropped down, causing the deck to cave slightly, battle axe in hand, and a very pissed off expression on his face. Lovino shuddered at that look, as Arthur froze, prepared to fight over lovino. "You let him go right now Arthur. He has nothing to do with you or me, so let him go and me and you fight like real men."
"how about you hand everything over to me, and I'll let you and Lovino go at a dock in Spain?"
"then I'm leaving with lovino." Antonio swung his axe, above Lovino's head, so that it would have only hit Arthur, but he moved back just in time and the axe missed it's intended target.
"Watch where your swinging that bastard!" Lovino cried out. Antonio ignored him, choosing to only glare, making the Italian moan slightly, which caused Arthur to look down confused, giving Antonio the chance to attack, and he pushed his axe forward, hitting the Englishman in the face, making him let go of Lovino, who ran behind Antonio, grabbed his sword and started fighting with the other pirates.

Arthur gave up, and hopped onto his own ship and took off with what little men he had left. Antonio turned to Lovino, grabbed his arm and digging his nails into his upper arm, he threw the Italian into his bed chamber, and on the bed. He turned, locking his door, and slammed his fists on either side of the door, seeming to breathing heavily, like he was trying to catch his breath, or calm himself down.
"Explain yourself." He strained out.
"Why should I?" Lovino spat.
"Why? Why he asks… my god please help me… Why?" he turned around fuming, "You could have gotten yourself killed! And then you go, displaying yourself to me, making out with Gilbert, and pretending Feliciano was no longer your brother. Why are you here?" Lovino smirked,
"Maybe I'd rather not say."
"You told Arthur, that I wouldn't give you something as Lovino but as Ramon you all most got it."
"Think about it then bastard, because now that you know who I am, I'm not gonna pretend shit no more! If you need me, I'll be in my bed taking a siesta." Antonio grabbed Lovino's arm, before he could walk past, making the Italian gasp, moaning slightly, and then it hit Antonio What Lovino has wanted for a long time.
"Is that what you've wanted all this time? Is that why you came on this trip and started displaying yourself the day of your birthday?"
"Damn straight! I wasn't going to wait for you to come home, and then try."
"Then do you know how I feel?"
"You're so dense… Everyone in Europe knows how you feel. After all, it was my idiot brother who told me anyway, I just chose to ignore it, even thought I felt the same! GOD You're impossible! I'm out of here." And he stormed to the door, until he was forced against the door, turned around and Antonio attacked Lovino's mouth, who moaned loudly, wrapping arms around Antonio's neck. The Spaniard lifted lovino from the floor, and dropped him onto the bed below him, moving to attack his neck, beginning to unbutton Lovino's shirt.

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