Title: River of Magic - Hermione's Song Book 2
Author: Patrick Mallard (DWDuck)
Pairings: The Doctor / Hermione, Jack / surprise

Setting: Set after the first half of series 6 of the new Doctor Who and during Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts. This series deviates from the Whoverse after "A Good Man Goes to War" and does not follow the events set forth in Series 6.5.

Disclaimer: I own none of the rights to either Doctor Who or Harry Potter. I'm just thankful that they were created so the rest of us could enjoy these wonderful universes.

River of Magic

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

Harry Potter felt like the Universe had just rotated 90 degrees and nothing made sense any more. He stepped away from his friends to try to come to grips with everything he had experienced in the last hour. The first shock of the evening had come when Harry had watched Prof. Snape murder Prof. Dumbledore in the Astronomy Tower. Outraged, Harry had attempted to fight Snape, but the older man blocked all of his spells and knocked him to the ground several times, stunning him. Snape had run just prior to a blue police box materializing near the ruins of Hagrid's hut.

If possible, things had become even more disturbing and earth shattering after that. Voldemort had used some type of magical gems to project an image of himself so he could talk with the Doctor, an ancient alien who also happened to be the biological father of Harry's girlfriend, Ginny Weasley. Voldemort had commented on Ginny's eyes and that had sent the Doctor into shock. Harry had been totally unprepared for the Doctor to explain that Voldemort had once been a man who called himself the Valeyard. As it turned out, the Valeyard was a twisted, evil version of the Doctor from the future. Anger flared in the young wizard and he drew his wand. Pointing his wand at the Doctor, Harry screamed, "You killed my parents!"

Dorothy "Ace" McShane stepped between Harry and the Doctor who was nearly catatonic. "No, he didn't, Harry," she said slowly.

Harry motioned over to where Ace had been standing just a moment before. "You were there! You heard him and Voldemort talking! You heard the Doctor admit he was Voldemort!" he yelled.

Ace took in a deep breath before she spoke. "It doesn't work that way, Harry," she told him. "When the Professor and I last fought the Valeyard, the Professor was already rejecting what he represented, and he later managed to erase the Timeline that created the bastard anyway," she tried to explain. "In the end, the Valeyard's TARDIS collapsed from the strain of what he was trying to do and sent him into the void to save us from him. We thought we were finally done with him," she said sadly.

Prof. McGonagall shook her head, trying to understand what they were talking about. "What do you mean he erased a Timeline? How could he do that?" she inquired.

Ace looked down at the Doctor, her heart breaking to see him like that. "When he was my Doctor, he told me about what he had done… the steps he had been willing to take to make sure he never became the Valeyard," she said softly. "The Doctor was worried that the attitude of his sixth self would result in him setting in motion the events that would lead to the Valeyard's creation," she told them. "Instead of letting Time take its course, he made a deal with some higher power- long story; we'll get into that later- and allowed himself to be killed to try and stop those events from ever happening. In a way, he committed suicide," she whispered.

Prof. McGonagall looked over the rim of her glasses at Ace. "He wasn't very successful, he's here right now," she pointed out sarcastically.

Ginny waked over to Prof. McGonagall and took her hand. "My father and I aren't human. When we die, we regenerate into a new body with all of our memories, but with a different personality," she explained. Prof. McGonall closed her eyes as she tried to process this new bit of information. Ginny squeezed her hand and then let go. "We'll explain more later," she promised.

Ginny stepped away to stand next to Harry. "Do you remember what we talked about after I opened my pocket-watch?" she asked Harry. He nodded yes, refusing to speak. "Even though we only had a few short hours together, we formed a deep bond. I know in both of my hearts that my father loves me," she told him. "Do you know what they call my dad on the planet where I was born?" she asked rhetorically. Harry shook his head no, still glaring at the Doctor, his wand out – ready to kill. "They call him 'the Man Who Never Would'," she told him. "From what the people there told me, after Colonel Cobb shot me, Dad picked up his gun and had every opportunity and right to shoot the man who killed his daughter," she said softly. "My father was the last of our kind, alone in the whole of Time and Space until I came along, but Cobb took me away from him. Everyone thought Cobb deserved to die for what he had done, but my father refused to kill him. He thought that even that bastard's life was valuable," she explained. Harry let his eyes wander from the Doctor to Ginny. There was no doubt in his mind what he would have done if he had been in the same situation, holding Ginny's dead body.

Noticing Harry's eyes were losing their hardness, Ginny pressed on. "Harry, have you ever wondered about how you would have turned out if you had decided to become a Slytherin?" she inquired. Harry turned his whole head to look at her. She saw from his horror stricken expression that he had indeed thought about it. "Now imagine that person you could have been was given flesh and blood," she instructed him. The look of horror on his face intensified. "What would you do to stop him?" she asked simply.

Harry lowered his arm and pocketed his wand. "I would do everything I could to stop him," he replied softly, realizing that the Doctor felt the exact same way about Voldemort. Ginny wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and held him tight.

Hermione watched the byplay between Ginny and Harry and when she was sure she wouldn't have to block any of Harry's spells, she returned her attention to the Doctor. His eyes had a vacant look, staring at nothing. She took each of his hands in hers and held them in her lap. Thinking back to what she had learned about her older self, she decided to try something. "Sweetie… I need you," she whispered. She rocked back when his eyes regained focus and a golden shockwave emanated from him, speeding away in all directions.

The Doctor's squeezed Hermione's hands before standing up. "Thank you, Hermione," he told her before turning to look up at the sky. "Nice trick, Valeyard - shocking me like that to knock down my mental barriers so you could go rifling through my memories. If I still had my fez, I would tip my hat to you," he shouted and gave Hermione a brief dirty look that she didn't understand. She had no way of knowing that she would be the one to destroy the odd headpiece in her future. "I hope you enjoyed it, because it's the last time you'll ever be able to trick me like that," he spat. The Doctor raised his sonic screwdriver defiantly into the air. "One more thing – Brickyard, or Moldy Shorts, or whatever you're calling yourself now… as long as I still have life in me, I refuse to become you. You will never – ever be complete!" he vowed. A compressed blast of sonic energy shot out of the sonic screwdriver and knocked an usually large crow out of a tree above them. The crow squawked angrily and then flew off.

The Doctor looked around the small group, his manic energy back. "Right, we need to regroup," he stated.

Harry looked back up at the castle. "We need to do something with Prof. Dumbledore's body," he countered.

Prof. McGonagall placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. "The House elves have already seen to it," she told him. "It seems as though our late Headmaster left some very explicit instructions in place if he should die at the school," she said.

The Doctor paused, sure he was missing something. When he couldn't put his finger on it, he clapped his hands once. "Right, since that is being taken care of, we should do as I recommended and regroup. I suggest we all head back to the Burrow," he told them.

Ron nodded his head in agreement. "Good call, mate," he acknowledged. "I think I might be able to calm down again with some of Mum's cooking," he said.

"Good, then it's decided," the Doctor proclaimed. "Everyone into the TARDIS," he ordered.

They all started to walk towards the TARDIS, but Prof. McGonagall stopped Harry by grabbing his arm. "I'm sorry, Mr. Potter, but you have to return to number 4 Privet Drive," she told him. She knew he was going to protest so she hurried to explain before he could say anything. "The wards placed on the house are still the best chance of protecting you until you turn 17," she reminded him.

Hermione, Ron, Luna, and Ginny rushed to Harry's side. They all tried to hug him at once to comfort him. "We'll come get you on your birthday so you won't have to spend another day there!" Ginny promised.

Ace stepped up to the group of teenagers and placed her hand on Harry's shoulder. "I'll help the Professor pilot the old girl to make sure we get there at right after midnight," she promised.

Harry set his shoulders and took in a deep breath. He knew it would was going to be hell going back to the Dursley's, but at least this time there was a definite light at the end of the tunnel. "Don't be late," he yelled to the Doctor. The Doctor responded with a dismissive wave of his hand.


The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole

Molly jumped when the family clock chimed the return of several family members. She looked up at the clock and saw the hands for Ron and Ginny had suddenly swung from "At School" to "Home". She was relieved to see that the hands meant for Hermione and the Doctor had stopped spinning madly and had settled on "Home" as well. "Arthur, the TARDIS is here," she called to her husband a moment before the rising / falling noises of the TARDIS arriving sounded in the garden. "I swear, if he ruined my vegetable patch again, I'm going to kill that man," she muttered under her breath.

Fred and George came tearing down the stairs, eager to see the Doctor again. They slowed down to a sedate walk when Molly glared at them. The twins let Molly be the first one to the back door. Lucky for the Doctor, he had managed to miss her vegetables this time around. The doors to the blue box opened and Ginny led a very flustered looking Prof. McGonagall out by the hand. Ron, Luna, and Ace were the next out. Molly was deeply disturbed when she saw the perpetual dreamy expression that Luna wore had been replaced with a tear streaked, shocked look. Ron had his arm around her shoulder, doing his best to comfort her. Hermione followed them and looked like she could do with a very strong cuppa. Molly put her arm around Hermione and led her to the kitchen.

Fred and George shouldered past their mother and raced out the back door and ran to the garden where the Doctor was finishing locking the doors to his TARDIS. When he saw the twins, he leaned to the side and looked at where the TARDIS had landed. "Sorry, boys, I seemed to have missed by a few feet," he apologized.

"That's ok..." Fred started to say.

"…You can try to smash the vegetables the next time you visit," George offered, finishing his twin's sentence. The twins each slapped the Doctor on the back and escorted him into their home.

Hermione waited until the Doctor was inside to tell the Weasley clan the bad news about what had happened at Hogwarts. She sat down on a couch and patted the spot next to her, inviting the Doctor to sit. He met her eyes and shook his head no. Instead of sitting, the Doctor began to pace with a manic energy only he could muster. Hermione sighed and took a long sip of her tea. When she felt she couldn't delay things anymore, Hermione put down her cup and cleared her throat. Everyone turned to look at her, except for the Doctor. He just continued to pace.

"Prof. Dumbledore is dead. Snape killed him," Hermione said bluntly.

The Doctor stopped pacing and turned to face Arthur and Molly. "And apparently Voldemort is an evil version of me from an alternate Timeline that I managed to erase quite some time ago," he added. Molly started to say something, but the Doctor held up his hand for her to be silent. "No time for questions now," he told her. "Prof. McGonagall can fill you in on the details later, but right now, I have to think," he explained. He went back to pacing but stopped after a few steps.

"I know that look, Professor," Ace stated. She found it comforting that even four lifetimes later, the Doctor still retained some of his old mannerisms. "That's your 'I've come up with something brilliant' look," she commented. The smile he gave her was contagious.

"Of course you recognize my brilliant look. It's the one I wear most of the time," the Doctor replied.

Hermione saw her boyfriend's smile and it did more to reassure her than all the tea in Great Britain. "All right, Doctor, what's your brilliant idea?" she asked him.

The Doctor smiled even more and pointed at Hermione. "I'm glad you asked. It always helps to have an attentive audience," he responded. He put his arm down and looked at all of the faces of the people assembled in the living room. "Now that we know what and who we are dealing with, I think it's high time to call in some back up," he proclaimed.

"Who…" George said.

"…are you going to get to help us?" Fred asked.

The Doctor crooked his finger and beckoned with it. "Why don't you two come along and find out?" he offered.

"Wicked!" the twins exclaimed in unison.

The Doctor pointed at Ace. "You told Harry you would help me fly 'the old girl' so why don't you show the twins around," he ordered and tossed her the TARDIS key.

Hermione stood up from the couch as Ace led Fred and George out the back door. "What about me?" she wondered.

The Doctor looked confused. "I need to travel to the past and the future. Knowing how the Universe operates, I'll probably get into trouble and have to deal with all sorts of danger while I'm there," he told her. "I just naturally assumed you would come along. You never could resist an evening of mayhem," he said with a smile.

Hermione thought about how her life had changed since she had first come to Hogwarts. She had started out as someone who clung to rules and schedules. Over the years she had matured and found herself enjoying the role of the first female Marauder. "You know me so well," she joked and started off towards the TARDIS.

The Doctor watched her go, his face suddenly serious. "Yes, yes I do," he whispered.

Molly stomped her foot as she strode into the center of the living room to stand in front of the Doctor. "You just got here!" she reminded him.

The look the Doctor gave her reminded her very much of the twins. "And now I'm leaving again. It's something you're going to have to get used to now that I'm an honorary member of your family," he told her. He snapped his fingers as he remembered something. "When is Harry's birthday?" he inquired.

Molly was stunned by the sudden change of subject. "Ah… it's July 31st. Why?" she replied.

The Doctor was already out the back door as she spoke. "We'll be back on July 31st then," he promised.

Hermione watched with a smile as the twins tried to take in everything about the control room at once. She found herself running interference as they tried touching various controls. Ace had already slapped George's hand once and Fred's twice. The Doctor ran up the catwalk and started to adjust the controls. Without looking up he pointed at George who was about to flip a particularly interesting looking switch. "Don't touch anything, George!" he commanded.

George smirked and decided to pull the old gag he hand brother had perfected. "I'm Fred, Doctor, he's George,' he said, pointing to his twin.

The Doctor spared a look at George. "No, you're George and that's Fred… who will end up staying here if he touches that bell," he warned.

Fred pulled his hand back from the shiny bell. "Not even our own mother can tell us apart," he stated. "You've only met us twice. How do you manage it?" he wondered.

The Doctor looked from Fred to George and back again. "You have different Timelines, of course," he said as if that explained everything. He dashed around the six control panels making adjustments. When he was satisfied he had things the way he wanted, he threw the lever that sent the TARDIS into the vortex. As the TARDIS dematerialized everyone in the control room was thrown off balance as it tilted to the side. The Doctor clung to a handrail he had attached under the life support panel for just such an occasion. "Sorry… Sorry, that happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about," he apologized and spun a green knob that looked like a faucet handle.


London, 1884

Lady Vastra let a small, white mouse run from one of her green scaled hands to the other. She waited until her maid / lover was looking the other way before her tongue shot out, striking the mouse, paralyzing it with her venom. She could have eaten the mouse without paralyzing it, but she had always thought the venom added a nice flavor to the meat. She picked up the mouse by the tail and dropped it in her mouth, swallowing it whole. When she had finished swallowing, she called out to the other woman. "That's the last one, dear, you can look now," she stated warmly. Jenny turned to face her reptilian lover and managed a weak smile. "I will never figure out why you have no problem chopping a man into little bits and yet the sight of me eating makes you squeamish," Vastra sighed.

Jenny chuckled despite herself. "Mice are cute, men… not so much so," she replied. Jenny went back to dusting and her smile vanished.

Vastra stood from her overstuffed chair and put a gentle hand on Jenny's shoulder. "What's wrong, my love? Have I gone and said something insensitive again?" she inquired. From the onset of their love affair, Vastra had warned Jenny that at times her prejudices as a Silurian might pop up and have her say or do something that might offend her warm blooded lover.

Jenny reached up and covered Vastra's hand with her own. "No… no, nothing like that," she assured her. "I'm just wondering if the Doctor ever managed to find the Pond girl," she explained.

Vastra was about to say something about the Doctor never giving up when the door to their study opened suddenly. The Doctor poked his head into the room. "Yes, I did. Thank you for caring about her," he said to Jenny.

Vastra let her arm go back to her side. "That's wonderful, Doctor," she told him. "I take it things aren't going as smoothly as you would like?" she inquired.

"What makes you say that?" the Doctor asked.

Jenny looked at Vastra and then at the Doctor, her mood lightening tremendously. "When you stop by, it's rarely for tea, Doctor," she pointed out.

"Riiight… sorry about that" the Doctor responded, running his hand through his hair. The doorbell rang, surprising the Doctor. He looked at the clock on the mantel and saw it was very late. "Who could that be at this hour?" he wondered aloud.

Vastra let out a weary sigh and Jenny rolled her eyes. "I'll go let him in," she told her employer. Vastra nodded once and took up a formal posture next to the fireplace. She motioned for the Doctor to stand with her. He agreed and walked across the room to stand next to her.

Jenny opened the door to the hall and a lean, ferret-like man in a dark brown suit walked into the study. "Inspector LeStrade, Scotland Yard to see you, Lady Vastra," Jenny announced.

LeStrade looked from Vastra to the Doctor, not sure what to say. Vastra nodded her head towards the Doctor. "I trust this man with not only my life, but Jenny's as well," she told him. "Anything you wish to say to me you can say in front of him," she assured the inspector.

LeStrade winced at the mere mention of Vastra's lesbian relationship. "There has been a strange string of murders that I need your help with," he started to explain.

The Doctor walked across the room to a simple oak desk in the corner. "Sorry, Inspector, but the Lady Vastra will be busy for a while and won't be able to help you," he said, interrupting LeStrade. The Doctor found a pen and dipped it in the ink well sitting on the corner of the desk. He jotted down an address and blew on the paper to dry the ink. Once he was certain it was dry, he folded the paper and handed it to LeStrade. "Go speak with the man at this location. I'm sure he will be able to help you," the Doctor assured him. "Tell him 'the Doctor' sent you," he suggested.

LeStrade looked blankly at the paper in his hand while Jenny ushered him out the room. He had never been dismissed like that since he had been promoted. He unfolded the paper and read the address. "Baker Street?" he muttered while hailing a cab.

Back in the study, Vastra was still laughing at the look on LeStrade's face when he left. "Weren't you being a bit presumptuous?" she asked the Doctor.

The Doctor met Vastra's eyes and she reveled in the fierce energy she saw there. "I'm fighting an evil version of myself bent on taking over the world," he told her simply.

Vastra looked over at Jenny who had returned from showing LeStrade out. "Pack our things again, and make sure you bring an extra set of swords," she instructed her maid.