I thought that I would never let myself fully enjoy for letting my wife join me in immortality. Truth be told, I had wanted it. More than anything. From the moment she whispered my name in her sleep those first few days I had met her, she had captured me. I would never be anywhere without her. I had selfishly wished that she would become what I was, just so I could steal her away from the heavens. I couldn't let her go. I am the most selfish creature that ever walked this earth.

We've recently moved to Enumclaw, Washington. It was only a few hours' drive to forks, but far enough that the locals wouldn't be familiar with the Cullen name. We were close to the Mt. Rainier forest, so the wildlife was in abundance, and we could hunt at our hearts desire.

However, it has been 5 years of blissful marriage with my Bella. I cannot help myself but to relish every second of my being with her. She has made me whole. She has made me a father. I thought these things this morning as the beautiful chaos weaves throughout the house as four frantic female vampires attempted to prepare my daughter for her junior year of high school.

"Nessie! You positively cannot go to your first day of school without a new outfit! Just look at you!" Alice squealed in a fit of hysterics running after her with an armful of scarves and shoes. "You aren't even wearing any accessories! Your ears are bare, and you're wearing converse? What happened to the Gucci heels I bought you last week?"

"Oh Come on Alice," groaned Renesmee. "Mom isn't going to school as your Barbie doll, so why should I? A t-shirt and jeans is totally fine."

"The only reason Bella isn't wearing her fabulous, new Oscar de LaRenta dress is because she threatened to go hunting in it after school. But you're not as fast as me, and if you ruined this new leather jacket I just got you, you'd break my heart! I only have it in your best interests! Think of how much the boys at school will like it!"

"Ugh, fine. Just this one time, and only because it's the first day of school. And no heels! Also, I choose my own wardrobe the rest of the school year, got it? Otherwise I'll take your Porsche on a drive through the bushes!" Renesmee grabbed the beige leather jacket on the couch and a teal scarf from Alice's hands with a smug face. I was immediately immersed in a vision of a yellow Porsche muddied and scratched through the Mt. Rainer forest.

"We'll see Nessie. I don't think your dad would like it if you ruined his present to me…" She skipped away cheerfully over her victory of the latest battle.

That was just like Alice. To reel me into fashion drama to get what she wanted. In all honestly, Renesmee had inherited her mother's lack of fashion interest from her mother. I didn't care what the two loves in my life wore, just as long as they were happy.

"Ness, that scarf is perfect and you look beautiful!" Rosalie's response was genuine. She adored her the way that every other member of my family did, but then again, who didn't love Renesmee? Maybe she'll fall in love with a gorgeous hipster boy, and forget about the dog down the street.

In the five years that Rose had spent with Jacob, her resentment towards him had not changed. I loved Jacob as a brother, but to think of him putting his hands on my innocent five-year old daughter was another thing. I also wasn't too keen on any 'hipster boy' touching her either. Maybe I ought to put her in an all-girls school.

"Put some of this on before Alice attacks you with her makeup bag." She tossed a vat of lip gloss to Renesmee, and she rolled her eyes while reluctantly put it on. Why did my daughter have to grow up so fast?

"Renesmee! You left your backpack upstairs and you left your window open! The rain is soaking the carpet!" Bella flew down the stairs holding Renesmee's bag, fitting it onto her back.

Seriously people. I'm not a child anymore, I'm nearly sixteen years old! Renesmee's thoughts had changed from innocent adoration as a child into a grown woman. She was no longer the baby we thought she was.

"You are five years old Renesmee," I replied. "You're capability to grow faster than other people does not mean that we aren't still your parents."

"Sorry dad," Renesmee hung her head in response. "Aren't you guys getting ready too?"

"I'm ready, and I'm not giving into Alice today. I'm already nervous as it is and I want to be comfortable." Bella reached for my hand in nervousness. This was her first day back in school since she was a mortal. Although her incredible self-control was highly intact, facing the day with hundreds of warm-blooded humans was not any vampire's idea of a good time.

"Don't worry love. We have all the same classes, and I'll be right alongside you if you need any help. Alice didn't foresee any problems, and I know you'll do great!" I squeezed her hand in confirmation and lowered down to kiss her forehead. Electricity sparked my lips into the inner core of my body. Had our daughter not been in our presence, I would have whisked Bella into my arms in a more passionate kiss. Bella had less self-control than I did.

In a split second, my head was in her hands and her mouth was on my own. The fire building inside me was let loose and I could no longer control any desire to stop. I could feel my venom surging through my veins. Her mouth reached over to my ear and her sweet breath exhaled on the side of my cheek. The intoxicating scent took me over the edge and I pinned this angel to the nearest wall. The thin sheet rock cracked in response and our breathing sped. Her wrists were held in my hands as prisoner, yet she made no attempt to escape. One thought surged through my brain. More. It was all I could think of. I would never let this beautiful creature escape my grasp. Never in a million years.

"STOP STOP STOP YOU TWO GROSS ME OUT!" Renesmee had been standing there the whole time. It hadn't been more than three seconds since we were having a conversation with our daughter. "Sheesh Dad, can't you get a grip? Just cause I look the same age as you does NOT make it ok to take advantage of mom in front of me. The last thing I want to see is a reenactment on how I was created!"

Bella and I looked at each other, and finally with trembling lips we burst out into laughter. If only she knew how wrong she was! The epitome of Bella's existence as she put it was our time on Isle Esme where our daughter was conceived. But in three seconds, we were able to prove to ourselves on how different our physical level was. The island was one of the best parts of my life, but every time I held my wife, I was so sure that I would break her. Worried that in an instant she would vanish into smoke if I held her too close. Now she was mine forever.

I chuckled before momentarily letting go of my wife's hand. "I'll just go grab our jackets."

In the blink of an eye, I was back down the stairs with jackets in hand. "Okay let's go."

"Wait wait wait wait!" Esme hurried into the entrance, steering the rest of our family near the door. "Humor me kids. I want a picture. Our whole family is together." Ordering ourselves in an organized fashion, we posed for Esme and I couldn't help but think of our family's picture as an ad for a Back to School photoshoot.

Carlisle walked behind her while gently placing his hands on my mother's shoulders as she clicked several pictures. They never ceased to amaze me with their undying love.

"You all look wonderful. Make me proud. And Emmett, don't let me receive any phone calls from school today for any of those pranks you've been planning with Renesmee." Carlisle was the embodiment of a perfect father figure. Anything he said, goes.

"Fine," Emmett replied. But he didn't say anything about not pulling any pranks tomorrow. I'd have to tip Carlisle off on Emmett's thoughts of switching the bathroom signs throughout the school.

"Oh this is going to be so great!" Alice chimed in. "We're seriously going to be the best looking group this school has ever seen."

"You're welcome," Rosalie boasted. She had chosen to wear the shortest pair of shorts dress code would allow. Her legs extended a mile in front of her and she headed out towards the garage.

"Oh great, I can't wait for more attention," Bella snorted.

"Welp, this is going to be an interesting day." Renesmee said. Her long, bronze hair hung wavy over her shoulders, her deep-brown eyes danced with excitement, and she flung towards me in a warm embrace. As she gently raised her palm to my cheek, I could not only hear her thoughts, but was taken to a memory from her first year of life. Toddler Renesmee sat on my lap while I read to her. As she yawned before going to sleep she whispered into my ear "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too sweetheart. Make me proud today."

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever created. Well, with one exception. Here's to another great day in paradise.

Out in our driveway, my new Volvo glistened in the rain. I couldn't help but remember the last time my original had seen the light of day. Of course I couldn't be mad at her. Just one month ago, I had let Renesmee get behind the wheel of my souped up sedan. She had insisted that since she was basically the age of a sixteen year old, she should be allowed to drive whenever she wanted. In all truthfulness, Nessie was a good driver. However, she was still half human, and her craving for speed not as well in control compared to me. Just two miles down the road from our Forks house, my mangled Volvo had found refuge wound up in a large Spruce. It wasn't until that day that I realized how protective everyone was of my naïve daughter.

Two days later I had begun to fill the remorse for the loss of my car. Its cash value hardly worried me, but Bella and I had so many memories in it. It was the first place I fully endured and tormented myself with her excruciating, wonderful scent. The first time we listened to Clair de Lune was in that car. It was that car that she ran towards every morning in the Fork High parking lot to welcome me with a kiss.