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Chapter 13

Damn those stupid wolves!If Jacob hadn't been with us, Alice would have been able to help us avoid what we were about to face.

"Good gracious girl!" Jessica's annoying voice was nothing compared to her envious thoughts catering towards Bella's new physique. "Did you get work done, you look fantastic!" She pulled Bella in for a hug. Bella held her breath and cautiously hugged her lightly back.

"Erm, actually no. I got sick on our honeymoon. Lost a lot of blood, and lost a little pigment in my skin. I guess it does make me look a little different…"

"And you're freezing! Let's all get inside. We absolutely have to all catch up! You're not going to believe this. Mike, Angela, and Ben are all inside! We decided to all get together before Ben heads to school again next week. Sorry we didn't call you. We didn't have your number and, well. Yeah…"

"Actually we just ate on the drive up. We were just stopping in to get some food for our friends." I interrupted.

"Well come inside anyways. The others would love to see you!" There's no way she didn't have work done. Since when did Bella turn so high maintenance? It looks like she spent hours in the bathroom getting ready today. And there's no way she didn't have a boob job. Those things are way too perky to be real. That Edward is still a fine piece of ass. Wonder if their marriage is rocky yet. No baby yet? Huh, guess she wasn't knocked up at the wedding.

"Maybe we should let you all catch up, we don't want to intrude…"Bella was fishing for any kind of escape. This was already dangerous enough as it is.

"Edward!" Alice came running up the sidewalk coming to our aide.

"Oh. Em. Gee. Alice Cullen! You haven't changed a bit! Okay I insist. The gang would love to see you all. Bring in your friends, wherever they are. We'll pull up a couple seats."

"Well my siblings are kind of waiting for us, really Jessica, maybe another time?"

"Alice, you're coming. And tell your brother to come in and sit!"

A moment later, Jessica had my wrist in her hand and was trailing me in like a child. I held on to Bella for assistance who was holding my right hand and followed me inside. It's a good thing Jessica grabbed my wrist over my coat or she'd be trying to think up reasons why my whole family had incredibly bad circulation.

"Guys, you'll never guess who I just ran into!" Jessica chimed as we rounded the corner to a table with our old high school buddies.

"Bella?" Angela asked.

"Hey Angela," Bella responded. "How have you been?"

Angela was always more quiet than anyone else, but incredibly more intelligent as well. Something told me it was going to take extra convincing to put her at ease.

Mike was gawking open mouthed at my wife, unable to pull together full sentences. It looked like he was unsuccessfully growing a beard where baby peach fuzz blossomed under his chin. A human would barely be able to make out the little blond hairs sprouting on his face. Unfortunately, I was forced to listen and look at his mind of inappropriate images of him and Bella. He didn't have much of an imagination since they hadn't changed much from high school. Still, it was not something I got used to or liked.

"Hey love? I'm going to go grab Ness and Jake." I left a kiss on Bella's cheek and pulled a chair out for her to sit in.

Leaving me to the wolves Cullen? You better be back in less than a minute. Okay, so she was freaking out a little bit. Her worried expression told more than her thoughts. She knew we were in trouble.

The burger joint had two rooms. Both fairly small, but all were booths. I listened for my daughter's thoughts and found them in a few seconds.

"Jake, Ness?" I said approaching their table. "We've got a problem. We've just run into the whole lot of your mother's high school friends. They want us to join for dinner. They want you to come too…and I think it's best we stick to the sister story Ness. Our faces are too identical. And well, Jake they already know you. Have you two ordered already?"

"No, just our drinks. We'll come with you though."

Renesmee and Jake straggled behind me to the large, round corner booth that now had a bunch of chairs and another square table pushed up against it.

"Everyone, I think you all remember Jacob." Jake awkwardly waved to the small crowd and then placed his hand around Renesmee's waist. "And this is my little sister. We were separated as toddlers in foster care and we recently found her a few years ago."

Jessica was throwing daggers at my daughter. Probably because Mike was now going back and forth between my daughter and my wife, trying to decide who he'd like to sleep with more.

"So you just magically found your sister like two years ago? Guess I can see the resemblance, she looks just like you Edward!" Angela was eyeing my immediate little family a little too much. She unfortunately noticed the resemblance with Bella as well.

"So, Jake, you're dating Eddie's little sister now eh?" Mike's thoughts were heading in a dangerous direction. "Do you just have a habit of getting under his skin by trying to take his girlfriend and sister?"

"Actually I have his blessing this time." Jake replied. "At least as far as I know, right Edward?"

I smirked back to him. "Just don't cross any lines Jake. I'll kick your ass if you hurt her."

Daddy stop embarrassing me.

I patted Ness on the shoulder to reassure her.

"Good evening, is everyone ready to order?" A young waitress probably in her late teens greeted us. She was slender, dark hair pulled up and a petite face. She held a notepad and a pencil that had been chewed on the ends."

She started with Jessica and made her way around the booth to Jake and Ness who ordered enough food for four grown men between them, then made her way to me. Her eyes popped out of their sockets making eye contact and I noticed Bella strategically placing her head on my shoulder to claim me as her own. It was her way of saying 'back off.'

"And what would you like?" She asked me with a smile completely disregarding Bella.

"Actually, I'm good. We were just meeting with some friends."

You know, I've never seen them eat. They always just stared at their lunch trays in the cafeteria. Angela thought.

"Actually I changed my mind." Bella looked at me curiously with her eyebrows raised. "Could I get a large order of cheese fries? Bella, Alice, want to share them with me?" Both girls scared incredulously at me with fire behind their eyes. Renesmee even left out a small giggle.

"Okay, I'll be back in a few with your order."

"Hey Bella did you get contacts?" Angela asked.

"Huh?" Oh crap.

"Your eyes are different. They actually look like Edward's now. How weird."

Help me. Bella and I had never anticipated running into these people ever again. We weren't ready for this type of confrontation. I wasn't exactly prepared either. It was probably safest to stick with the first story we had already fed to Jessica.

"Bella got really sick on our honeymoon. We went to Brazil and she caught a local bug. It got pretty bad. She was at the CDC in Atlanta for a little bit and then a rehabilitation place for a few months after that. Her brown eyes turned a little more gold after she lost some melanin and her skin lost a lot of pigment. She's totally healthy now, but it was the scariest time of my life." I took Bella's hand and squeezed it.

"Oh how awful! Bella how come you didn't tell us! We would have sent a card, or flowers or something." Angela replied. She still wasn't totally convinced, but it would hold her over till now.

Looks like it did her good. She looks like a freaking model! Of course Mike would only be concerned about her looks.

"I'm sorry, what are all of your names?" Renesmee asked, trying to take some attention off of our family.

"I'm Mike, and I'm single." He stood up to shake her hand. Renesmee took it politely and smiled. Jessica didn't seem too thrilled. Neither did Jacob.

"I'm Angela, and this is Ben and Jessica. We knew your brother in high school. You know, you guys haven't changed one bit? I'm sorry hun, what did you say your name was again? Ness?"

"Renesmee. These guys usually just call me Ness or Nessie."

Renee and Esme are Bella and Edward's mother's names. Coincidence? This is weird. Something's off.

Angela was getting a little too smart for us. I pulled out my phone to find a message from Rose.

Where did you guys all disappear too? I have been waiting at the shops on main for nearly half an hour! Alice just disappeared… –R

I replied quickly.

Ran into Mike, Ben, Angela, and Jessica at the Burger Joint on 1st Ave. SAVE US PLEASE!- E

My phone beeped back.

Be there in 5. –R

Our server was now bringing a large tray towards our table with our food. Great, couldn't wait for this…

"One mushroom burger for you, jalapeño burger for you, the special for you, veggie burger over here, the triple combo for you, and the double bacon cheese for you. And here is your large order of cheese fries. You sure you don't want anything else?"

"We're good, thanks." Bella replied for me.

"Damn girl, you got a good appetite!" Mike said eyeing my daughter and her double cheeseburger dripping from her mouth.

"Yeah, I'm not one of those girls who enjoys eating a few pieces of lettuce for a meal."

"Respect!" Mike said, holding up his fist for a pound.

Is this guy for real? Renesmee asked through her thoughts while reciprocating his fist bump. I just rolled my eyes. Hopefully that would be enough of a response for now.

"That's a lot of fries," Bella said. She almost looked sick looking at them. I couldn't agree more, they smelled foul. Maybe I should have ordered something with meat. Nah, even if I ordered the chicken, it would come so dry that they'd taste disgusting either way.

I took a large, exceptionally greasy fry with rubbery cheese from the tray, and put it into my mouth. Ugh, how did these people eat this crap? The oil made it slide down my throat with ease, but I could feel the weight of its nastiness sitting at the base of my stomach. I looked at the rest of the full tray with regret. Why did I get the large size?

I looked up to find everyone staring at me. My own family almost laughing at me eating human food, and the rest of them quite amazed that they had actually seen me eat anything at all.

"They're good. Have some." I said pushing the tray towards Bella and Alice. They took a fry into their fingers reluctantly, lifted it to their mouths, and pretended to chew as they swallowed it whole. I patted Bella on the back. She'd only been subjected to eating human food three times since her rebirth. All of them had been quite a traumatic aftermath.

Everyone dug into their own food and eventually lost interest of my and Bella picking at our fries. Alice had already said she had enough because she was "watching her figure." Cop out. What a pansy.

Rosalie appeared at the door and made eye contact with me. She headed our direction and pulled up a seat.

"Cheese fries Eddie? Really?" She asked with a smirk.

"Want a couple?" I was almost begging.

"I'm good. Hey guys, how are all of you doing? Long time no see!"

Rosalie never interacted with the humans at school. It was always Alice involving herself and Jasper into their teenage drama. Rose was never nice to any of them so it was no surprise everyone was baffled at her warm welcome.

"Rosalie! Wow you look great! How have you been?" Jessica bared through her smile. She hated not being the center of attention. The only reason she pulled us into dinner was so she would have something to gossip about when we left.

"Never better. Just trying to get these yahoos to hurry so we can catch up on our shopping."

"Where are all of you guys living now? Are you close? Edward, you and Bella went to Dartmouth right? Have you graduated?" Ben asked.

"We went for a few years, but we're taking a break. We'll probably register again in a year or so." Bella answered.

"What about you Rosalie? Are you and Emmett still together? What about Jasper?" Mike eagerly asked. The poor sap was desperate. Too bad he didn't notice Jessica flinging him several shots of cleavage throughout the evening.

"Jazz and Em are still around. They're just back at Charlie's house watching some ball game. They didn't care to come."

"Did you guys get married?" Jessica asked looking at their left hands.

None of the girls were wearing their rings. It was just easier because of the high school ruse we were trying to live.

"Yep! All the Cullen's are married off, well, with the exception of one." Rose said nodding off to my daughter.

"Not for a couple of years!" I almost yelled. Jacob gulped.

Everyone laughed.

"Awe I'm sorry you have him for an older brother honey. He must be overbearing." Mike said.

The "honey" didn't go over well with Jacob. He nearly growled.

"Actually I'm grateful to have him at all." She replied. "I couldn't ask for any better." She leaned over to me and gave me a small hug.

Best daddy ever. That right there made my night. I loved my little girl.

Jacob was kind enough to sneak away fries from my plate while everyone was distracted so that the tray was almost empty. Unfortunately, I still had a small pile of them weighing down in my stomach. I knew Bella was feeling it too. I'd probably never hear the end of it from Alice.

"What about all of you? What have you been up to?" Bella asked.

"Well I'm a nurse at Forks Hospital right now, and Ben is still trying to finish his masters at Washington State. It's hard being apart, but we both make trips to see each other on the weekends." Angela replied.

"I actually live in California right now working for a PR company. I'm just the receptionist now, but at least I have my foot in the door!" Jessica said.

"I'm taking over my parent's shop, so I'm living back in town," said Mike.

Before any more questions were asked of my family, I decided we better bail.

"Do we just pay the check up front?" I interrupted.

"Yeah you just take the ticket to the register up there," Mike pointed.

"Dinner's on me" I said pulling out my card. "I insist." Rather, dinner was just sitting inside me.

"Oh thank you Edward, what a gentleman! Bella you're so lucky." Jessica whined.

I stood up and walked over to the register where our waitress came to meet me at the counter.

"Ready to check out?" she asked.

"Yes, put the whole tab on this please." I answered handing her my card.

She swiped it through the machine and waited for my receipt to come out for me to sign.

"So you and that girl," she asked nodding her head at Bella. "Are you a thing, or are you single? Cause I have Wednesday off next week and was wondering…"

"Actually she's my wife." I replied holding up my ring finger. I fortunately rarely left the house without my ring unless we were going to school. Then I just switched it to the right hand.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I'm so embarrassed. Umm, could you just sign here please?" she asked handing me the piece of paper trying to stray any attention from her.

"No problem, don't sweat it." I wrote in the tip and headed back to the table to collect my family.

"Well everyone, it was good to see you. We actually have some errands to run before heading back to Forks. Have a great night!"

"Wait! How long are you in town for? Bella we must do a girls night!" Jessica insisted.

"I'm not sure, I'll have to check with my family."

"Monday night if you can. Please?"

"I'll think about it."

"Yay! Well it was good to see you all. Renesmee, it was so nice to meet you!" The girl couldn't be more fake.

"You too. Have a good night."

Rose and Alice waved goodbye and we all stepped outside into the fresh air.

"Well that was interesting." Jake said.

"I'm going to be sick." Bella clutched her stomach and started running down the sidewalk towards a small clump of trees.

"Right behind you!" Alice yelled. We both ran after her and when we were safely enough inside the foliage, we started hacking up the oiled potatoes like a bunch of cats coughing up hairballs. When we were done, Alice gave me a menacing stare.

"What the crap Edward? Why the fries?"

"Angela was really thrown for a loop with Bella. She noticed we never ate. She's starting to be suspicious. I thought the fries would throw her off."

"Did it work?" Bella asked.

"I'm not sure, she's still being a little too nosey."

"Well I'm ready for shopping. Let's go!"

Alice grabbed Bella's hand, pulling her along the sidewalk the others.

The next few hours were fairly uneventful compared to earlier in the evening. Jacob and I collected a few books and artifacts for his class and when we met back up with the girls later on, they donned about eight shopping bags each. I raised an eyebrow at Bella who just said "Alice." It was good enough explanation as any.

We got back home, dropping our packages at the door and just walked into the living room to slump onto the couches. Bella laid her head on my lap and Renesmee lounged out on the overstuffed chair while Jake went straight to the kitchen.

"So that Mike guy is creepy," Renesmee said.

Bella and I both chuckled. "You should have seen him in high school when he kept hitting on your mother. I fully admit to eavesdropping when he asked her to a girl's choice dance."

"Really? What happened?"

"I made an excuse, didn't go to the dance at all. In fact, the day of the dance was the first date I had with your father."

"I'm surprised you didn't stand me up," I replied.

The next few minutes, we shared the story of our first date, our first kiss, and the first time I had taken Bella to our meadow.

"Awe Mom, you were all twitterpated for Dad. That's cute."

"I was already in love with your mother at the time. I would sneak into her room at night to watch her sleep."

"Eww, creepy Dad. You need to stop being such a stalker."

I laughed. "Yeah, kinda creepy. Your mother never kicked me to the curb for it though."

"That's cause Mom is the best."

"I fully agree." I bent over to kiss my wife.

"So, girls night on Monday. You going to go?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. Is it a bad idea?"

"I think Angela is getting a little too involved with us. Maybe it'll be good to throw her a red herring?"

"Okay, I'll go. Do you mind?"

"Just as long as you don't take more than a few hours. This is supposed to be our weekend remember?"

"Trust me, I'd much rather lock ourselves into our bedroom until Wednesday."

"Eww gross. Still here guys!" Renesmee called out.

"Sorry sweetie." I said apologetically.

"Renesmee it's almost midnight. You need to get to bed."

"No arguments there. Can Jake sleep on the couch? He doesn't want to wake Billy."

"Sure. Since he's staying, If you're okay with it, we'll go out for a run." I explained.

"Go ahead lovebirds, I'll watch over Nessie." Jacob appeared with a large sandwich in hand.

Bella looked up at me. "Want to go now?"

I nodded. We walked over to our daughter, each gave her a kiss on the head, and went back to the door.

"Remember to brush your teeth Renesmee!" Bella called as we were already out the door.

"Get to bed kids!" I yelled back.

Bella and I must have been thinking the same thing because we both ran straight for our meadow. I was once again faster than my wife since her newborn phase faded out. She still kept up with me better than any of my other family though. When I reached the meadow, I turned quickly to catch Bella in a kiss as she ran headfirst into me. The motion knocked me backward and we were rolling in a bed of late summer wildflowers along the forest floor. They weren't as beautiful as the lavender blossoms in the early spring, but the deep red and blue flowers saturated the ground delicately, reflecting an unusual color in the midnight light.

"I'm so sorry about the food earlier." I said in between kisses. I softly brought Bella's t-shirt over her head, aware we had not brought a spare set of clothes with us tonight.

"It's alright. Let's not talk about it." She brought up my long-sleeved tee over my head without breaking skin contact. She leaned over me as I unclasped her bra and she whipped me around underneath her unbuttoning my pants, bringing them to my ankles. I kicked them off not sure where they landed.

"I love you Mrs. Cullen." I whispered. I had never relished my immortality until I was told I got to keep Bella and Renesmee with me forever. Now I wouldn't be satisfied with anything less. We never got enough of each other.

"Even when you make me eat sluggy, nasty food Mr. Cullen, I love you too."

I brought her pants to her ankles and pushed them off with my toes. "Sluggy?"

"Sluggy." She replied again with a smirk and a kiss.

I put both of my hands through her hair, bringing her closer to me. I never felt more alive than when I made love to my beloved wife.

"What on earth did I do to deserve you?" She asked me through ragged breaths sitting on top of me. I pulled her in tighter.

"I'm the one that's blessed. It took me nearly a hundred years for you to find me baby." I turned her over on her back with my hands relishing every square inch of her body.

"Thanks for waiting."

"I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat." I replied. It's true. I would have waited a thousand years to find her. Although I'm glad I didn't have to wait that long.

Hours later when we could see the sky starting to lighten, we just lay on our backs, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes.

"So what are we going to do about Angela? What all was she thinking?" Bella asked me.

"Well, a bunch of things. I don't really think she believes your sickness story. She sees the resemblance between you and Renesmee, your eyes, the way we don't eat, your cold skin. Basically everything you put together when you met me without her knowing the tales of the 'cold ones.' She was very surprised when I ordered fries though. I think she intends to ambush you with questions when you get together on Monday."

"Well what am I supposed to tell her? I can't really say we're enrolled as high school students can I?"

"Ha, no probably not. Just tell her we're living near Dartmouth's campus. We do have a house there after all; even though you've never seen it. Maybe we should go there for vacation sometime…anyways, I guess both of us should probably have a job yeah?"

"That's what I was thinking. Something where she can't look up our names. A retail store maybe? I could work at a bookstore. That's convincing right?"

"Yeah that would work. I could just be a T.A. or something at the college."

"What about Carlisle? Or Alice, Jasper, Rose, and Emmett? What's their excuse for being in Forks this weekend?"

"Just a family reunion? I have no idea. I think the biggest problem is going to be explaining Ness and Jake to them. Last time they saw Jacob, he was still pining over you. That's got to be a little weird."

"What if Jake moved out east too and Ness was enrolled in school out there?"

"Not too convincing, but if the subject come up you could use that excuse."

"I want Renesmee to come with me to girl's night. We'll keep each other in check."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes, everyone loves her. She's good at conversation, and better at girl talk than me."

"Okay we'll talk to her about it tomorrow."

We arrived back at the cottage, opened the door to find Jake snoring on the rug in wolf form, and Ness asleep on the couch with a book open on her lap. There were burning embers in the fireplace from the logs they must have lit after we left.

"I'll get her," I said to Bella. "Go get dressed; I'll carry her into her bed."


I leaned over to pick up my daughter as she gently stirred. Her head nestled onto my arm as I carried her to her own bed. It's weird that just five short years ago, this room was decorated with all ruffles and teddy bears. It now resembled a typical teen's room with posters of bands and pictures aligning her mirror on her vanity. I set her down between the sheets and pulled the covers over her. I brushed the hair from her face and headed back to our room. Jake would be fine where he was. He actually snored less as a dog than a person so I wasn't complaining.

The next few days went by quickly. It was already Monday evening and Renesmee and Bella were preparing to meet at Angela's house. Jessica would be picking them up from there to go out to a movie. Jake and I were dropping them off, and I was, as my daughter so lightly put it, stalking them.

"Love you babe." Bella leaned in giving me a kiss.

"Love you babe." Renesmee said to Jake, kissing him on the cheek mimicking us. It should have made me angry, but I just laughed. They headed into the house and I pulled around the corner listening in.

I heard Angela welcoming them inside and offering to take their coats. They sat on the couch so I just listened for the dialogue through Renesmee's mind. I could hear her best.

"Would you two like something to drink? I was a little thirsty and about to grab something" Angela asked.

"I'm fine," Bella responded. "Thanks though."

"I'll have whatever you're having Angela, thanks." Ness replied.

"Sure, I'll be back in a few."

The next few seconds went so quickly, I was already in the house by the time Renesmee was screaming hysterically "Mom! Don't!"

But it was too late. Angela had outed us. The cup she had brought in to serve Renesmee had been filled with heated human blood. Bella held the empty glass in her hands with a spot of redness at the corner of her mouth. Angela just stood in the corner of the room holding an empty blood bag before whispering, "I knew it."

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