She was falling so fast… The buildings around her were starting to become nothing but a blur.

She reached out to grab something to stop herself from falling, but her hand passed right through the building walls and windows.

It was as though something didn't want her to stop falling… wanted her to die.

She looked up at the top of the building from which she had been pushed off. The sunset was just in front of it, and it looked so beautiful to her.

She looked down and saw the street rapidly approaching her. The people who looked like ants from so far above, were now seeming to look more like people, and getting larger- and clearer- by the moment.

She prayed, though she had never prayed before. God, please don't let me die… I'm too young.

She saw a young girl standing by her mother, chatting animatedly. She had no idea that she was about to have a 14-year old Watcher fall right on top of her head.

"Watch out!" she tried to cry, but no words escaped her, and she fell further even still.

She was almost on top of the little girl's head, when she felt a force like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Glass shattered, people screamed…

Then nothing. Blissful, peaceful… nothing.

I'm trying to decide if I want to expand this or not. Do y'all think I should write more, or just keep it like this, just a short little one-shot?