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"Normal Talking"


"Demon Talking"

"Demon Thinking"

*Scene Change*

Chapter 2

"You're pathetic!"

"You are worthless!"

"You should kill yourself!"

Naruto cowers from the mob of villagers shouting at him. "Stop it. It's not my fault."

Mito sneers. "You won't amount to anything."

Minato glares at Naruto. "You are the son I wish I never had."

As Naruto listens to the people yelling at him, the crowd parts to allow a woman to step forward.

Naruto looks up at her. "Help me, Mom. Please."

Kushina scoffs. "Why would I want to help you? Why did I have to give birth to a son like you? I hate the fact that you exist, Naruto! It would be better for everyone if you were to die!"

Naruto looks at her in disbelief and sadness as the chanting crowd closes in on him.

*Scene Change*

Revan quickly sits up in bed, panting. He puts a hand to his face. "I haven't had that nightmare in years."

This was a recurring nightmare in his childhood. A nightmare in which Kushina turns against him. The thought of his mother hating him filled him with fear every time.

'Maybe, that's why I never wanted to come back. Maybe I was afraid to see Mom look at me with hatred.'

Revan shakes his head and looks over at the clock. He's only been sleeping for a few hours. He gets up out of bed, puts his mask back on, and leaves the room, deciding to clear his head, but stops just outside the room. He looks over at his old room. He can sense sadness from the room. He recognizes some of it being an echo of his own, but the rest comes from someone else. He also notices that the door is open, even though it was closed before he went to sleep.

A few minutes ago...

Kushina sighs to herself. Ever since her guest, Revan, accidentally brought up the most painful subject in the Uzumaki household, she found it hard to focus on anything else. "Naruto, where are you? I worry about you every day."

She heads towards her bedroom, deciding to rest. She notices one of the guest room doors is closed. "So, this is the room Revan picked." She walks over to the door and knocks on it. "Are you settling in okay, Revan?" There is no response. "He must be asleep." She turns to head on towards her bedroom, when her gaze falls on Naruto's room. "Naruto."

She walks over to room and steps inside. The room has looked the same for years, everything is still where it is. Kushina made sure that the room was never changed, clinging to the hope that Naruto would come home someday. Now, that hope has mostly faded away. She walks over to the bed, where Naruto's favorite stuffed animal lay. She picks it up, holding it in her hands. "Naruto." The tears start pouring out of her eyes. "My baby. My precious baby boy. Please come home. I want to see you again." She thinks back to when Minato told her that he was unable to bring Naruto home, including what Minato told her happened after she confronted him.

*Scene Change*

Naruto had been missing for a couple of days now. Kushina was pacing back and forth in the kitchen. She had been the one to notice that Naruto had disappeared. Her search team had come up with nothing and had been ordered to return, despite Kushina's protests. Now, she was waiting for Minato's team to come back, hopefully with Naruto. She heard the door open and rushed out of the kitchen. Standing in the doorway was Minato, all alone.

"Where is he, Minato? Where is my son?"

Minato looked up at Kushina and shook his head. "We tracked him to a clearing. There were some strange indents in the ground, like something had been there. However, there was nothing, and Naruto's scent disappeared at that clearing. He was most likely taken by whatever was there. Our main suspect is that robed stranger who arrived in Konoha a week ago, but left on the same day Naruto disappeared."

Kushina's eyes widened in horror. "No!"

"I'm sorry, Kushina. Naruto is gone and I have no idea where he is."

Kushina stumbled backwards, her back hitting the wall. Her hands rose to her face and muffled the wail that came out of her mouth, as the tears dripped down her face.

Minato moved forward to comfort her. "Kushina-"

He was shocked when she slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me, Minato!"


"Don't say a word! You take me for a fool! It's you and this damn village's fault that Naruto's gone!"

Minato was confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, that's right! You don't care about your own son, so you don't know what I'm talking about! About how this village looks at him, insulting him because he can't use chakra! He told me everything! The villagers look at him as a mockery of you! The sad thing is that they were obviously right about you being ashamed of having Naruto as your son!"

"That's not true!"

"Really? When was the last time you spent any time with Naruto? When was the last time you were an actual father to him? I tried so many times to get you two to spend time with each other, but you always found some way to escape! I can't look at you Minato! I can't even be in the same room as you!"

Kushina turned and bolted down the hallway. Minato ran after her. "Kushina!"

"Go away!" She ran into one of the bedrooms and slammed the door behind her, locking it. She turned to realize she had run into Naruto's room. She walked over to the bed and collapsed on it, crying out for her lost child.

Minato stood outside the room,listening to Kushina's wails. They tore at his heart. He walked away from the door towards the master bedroom. "It couldn't be my fault, could it? Wasn't I a good father to Naruto?" He sat down on his bed, thinking about what Kushina said to him. "When was the last time I was an actual father to Naruto?" He went over every memory of Naruto in his head, and soon came to a horrifying realization. There weren't that many memories. They were overshadowed by the many memories of Minato with his daughter. "She's right. What have I done? I'm sorry, Naruto. I'm sorry, my son" He started crying, hating himself for his failure of being a father.

"Dad? What's going on around here? Mom's locked herself in Naruto's room and both you and her are crying!"

Minato looked up to see Mito standing in the doorway with a look of curiosity on her face. "Mito, your brother is gone. Naruto left the village. We tried to find him, but failed."

He expected Mito to burst into tears as well, but she just scoffs. "Oh, please. He's probably hiding somewhere. He'll only be out there for not even a whole day before he comes running back."

Minato looked at his daughter in shock. This was a side of her he had never seen before. In the corner of his eye, he noticed the empty case that had contained one of Kushina's necklaces and a bad feeling came over him. "Mito. Do you know what that is?" he asked, pointing to the case.

"Isn't that the case of that necklace that Naruto stole yesterday?"

Minato's eyes widened. He stood up. "Why are you lying to me, Mito?"

Mito looked nervous. "What are you talking about, Dad? Who else would have stolen it, other than Naruto?"

"Someone trying to use Naruto as a scapegoat for her own crimes! I don't recall either me or Kushina mentioning to you that the necklace had even been stolen!"

Mito's eyes widened. She panicked for a moment. "Um, well, Naruto told me what he did! He told me yesterday, just before he left!"

"There's a problem with that. Naruto left two days ago! The necklace wasn't stolen until a whole day after he left!"

Mito quickly started to turn to run out of the room, but Minato easily caught her. He then slappped a seal on her. Mito found that she couldn't move her limbs. "What did you do to me?"

"That seal paralyzes your limbs as long as it's on you. When I searched for the necklace, I don't recall searching your room. Let's both go take a look!" Minato carried the paralyzed Mito to her room and placed her on her bed. He then took a look in her drawers. In it, her found the necklace, as well as other items that multiple people had reported as being stolen. Naruto had been blamed for these thefts as well. He then went into her closet and found other stolen items. He took all the items and sealed them into a scroll. He walked back out and removed the seal from Mito. "How many times did you use Naruto to cover up what you did?"

"What are you talking about?"

"This scroll is filled with every item that was stolen around the village, including a diamond bracelet belonging to the Fire Daimyo's wife! You have been hiding these items in your room and I've been foolishly trusting your word and never bothering to look in your room! How many times did you lie to me? Tell me the truth!"

"Fine! I lied to you every single time!"

This shocked Minato. "What?"

Mito's innocent angel act slipped away. "You heard me. That reject of a brother didn't do a thing! It was all me! And of course, people would always believe me over him! Then again, why wouldn't they? I am the prodigy of Konoha! He's nothing more that a pathetic excuse of a human being! He exists solely to cater to the whim of everyone in this village, especially me! Forget about that reject! Let him die out there! All you need to do is give me everything I want! That's all that matters! Me getting everything I want!"

Minato glared at Mito. "I've been such a blind fool! I know what I need to do! It's seems you're overdo for punishment, Mito!" He pulls her over his knee and pulls down her pants and underwear enough to expose her bottom.

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

His hand came down, hitting her butt. Mito screamed out in pain. Tears poured out of her eyes as Minato spanked her hard, punishing her for what she did. When it was over, Minato tossed Mito onto her bed, before walking over to the door. "You are in so much trouble, young lady! You'll be locked in here for the rest of the day and then, we'll see what your mother thinks I should do! You don't even get supper today! I don't want to see you for the rest of the day!" He slammed the door behind him and activated a seal, locking the room and preventing Mito from escaping from either the door or the window. He roared in anger. Anger at Mito at what she did and anger at himself for not realizing it sooner. He walked down the hall, feeling a mix of emotions. He looked over at the locked door of Naruto's room, where he could still hear Kushina's anguish. "I promise you, Kushina. I will find Naruto and bring him home. Things are going to be different around here with what I discovered." He looked at the scroll in his hand. "Right now, I'd better get these items returned to where they belong."

*Scene Change*

She hears a noise from the doorway and turns to see Revan standing there. "Sorry," Revan says, "but I noticed that the door was open, when I was sure that it was closed earlier. I came over here to close it again."

Kushina shakes her head. "It's okay. I was lost in my memories."

Revan steps into the room, looking around him in awe. The room is exactly as he remembers it. Nothing's been moved, nothing's been changed. "This was your son's room?"

Kushina turns away from him. "Yes."

Revan moves over to the bed and sits down. "Do you want to talk about it?"

She looks at him, surprised. "What?"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Kushina hesitates. "I don't know."

Revan nods to her. "I understand. You're not ready to talk about it. Know that I will be here to listen, when you are ready. When you do talk to me, I promise that I'll never say a word of it to anyone."

Kushina nods as Revan stands up. "Thank you, Revan. Maybe I'll be able to talk about him, someday."

Revan nods as he starts to leave the room, but Kushina calls out to him. "Is something wrong, Mrs. Uzumaki?"

"Why is it that I feel that I can trust you?"

Revan laughs. "When I was sixteen, I discovered that I had this sort of power that results in people trusting me and following me. I was a savior, but I fell into darkness and became a conqueror. Though, the darkness was forced on me by an evil man who tried to make me his servant. I then suffered an injury which resulted in amnesia and it allowed me to fully break free of the darkness. When my memories were restored, I remained as my true self. And yet, through it all, I always had friends, allies, and, in the case of me being evil, followers. People who would stand with me. People who would die for me, whether I was a hero or a villain."

Kushina looks at him in awe.

"Anyway, I'm going to go for a walk around the village. Since I am living here now, I am going to need to know my way around. I'll see you later, Mrs. Uzumaki."

Revan leaves the room. Kushina stares after him for a few minutes, before putting the stuffed animal back where it was and leaving the room.

*Scene Change*

Revan is feeling low after leaving the Uzumaki house. He's struggling with himself, over whether he should tell her who he really is. 'If I tell her, the sadness in her eyes will be gone, but if my true identity gets out, they'll try to force me to stay. I don't think I can fight off the entire village by myself, even with the power of the Force considering how powerful it is.' His arm brushes against his cloak, and he realizes something. 'The beacon! I need to set it up!' He looked around, his gaze setting on the Hokage monument. "That's a high enough location."

It takes a few minutes, but he reaches the top of the monument. He moved down to one knee, setting the beacon so that it won't fall off. He switched it on. "There. Now to just make it so that they can't find it." He attached a device to the beacon and switched it on. The beacon vanished. "Ha! And they said making a device that can cloak a distress beacon was a stupid idea!" He stood up and looked over the village. "Hopefully, someone will pick up the beacon and rescue me. I hope to see you soon Bastila. I hope to get to see our son." He walked back down from the monument, thinking about nothing but Bastila and Vaner.

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