A is for Abercrombie

In all honesty Robbie knew Beck was neck breaking hot. He knew he wasn't the only one who wondered how his jeans fit him so well to show off that amazing ass. So it wouldn't have surprised him when a man grabbed Beck off the street and pulled him into a new (as if there weren't already enough) Abercrombie and Fitch store. It took Robbie a few moments to figure out what had just transpired. Lo and behold when he entered said store a group of women (and a few men) were eyeing and ogling his boyfriend, and one group was examining him like a piece of meat.

The ventriloquist tried to walk over to his boyfriend to ask what the hell was going on when one (rather handsome) and for some reason topless guy blocked his way. "You shouldn't be here."

Robbie tried to go around said guy and get to his boyfriend (who was now also topless) attention but this other guy wouldn't allow it. "If you would excuse me, I would like to get to my boyfriend."

The entire room seemed to erupt into laughter and Beck was nowhere around. "That's a good one" The topless man said; Robbie felt a sense of dread fill him. "Do you really expect us to believe that that guy in there-" he pointed to a closed off room. "-is your boyfriend." More laughter filled the room and echoed in his ears. "Listen," Robbie really didn't want to hear what he had to say. "I don't know what he told you but I know that there's no way your boyfriend would date a guy like you without some ulterior motive." Robbie lowered his head and bit back a response about topless guy's intelligence. "I bet he just uses you. Does he make you feel special?"

"Is he able to tell you he loves you so easily when you can barely even say it?" A blonde quipped behind them.

"Does he complement you on how smart you are when you help him with his homework?" A brunette said flipping her hair.

"When you see him flirting with other people does he tell you he only has eyes for you?" Another guy said.

Robbie continued to shrink further and further into himself as they continued to bombard him with questions, some being true; most being true. He really wished that Beck, or at least Rex, was there to tell Robbie these people were wrong. But what if they were right? Because really who was he kidding, Beck was too good for him. Topless guy came back into focus when he wrapped a (rather muscular) arm around Robbie's shoulder. "Listen, if you want to save yourself the time and trouble I would just leave now and break if off with him."

Robbie nodded and debated taking his advice. "Beck would be happier if he did- "Hey," Robbie's head snapped up as he saw Beck walking towards him and topless guy, who had now dropped his arm. "What's going on here?" He asked looking between the different boys.

Robbie didn't meet his eyes but topless guy spoke up. "I was just explaining to your friend-"

"My boyfriend," Beck interrupted.

Topless guy seemed a bit thrown off. "Ya, well we were just telling him about how he should save himself the trouble and end it with you."

Beck glared at topless guy before looking at Robbie with a natural face. "Robbie, is this true?"

Robbie looked up and finally met his eyes and nodded, it was for the best. "Beck, I-I want…I mean we can tell everyone it was your-"

"Robbie," Topless guy cut him off, apparently having caught on to his name and gave him a nudge.

"Right," Robbie said with a deep breath. "Beck, I think we should br-break up."

Beck gave his boyfriend a blank stare and looking around the room finally spoke up. "We're leaving." He simply stated and grabbed Robbie's wrist. Robbie tried to escape his vise like grip, so he could leave and cry, and continued to pull away while telling the other to release him. Beck simply ignored him and said to topless guy, "Tell your boss I quit." before pulling himself and Robbie out of the exit.

Only when they were outside and a good distance away, in a nearby park, did Beck release his hold. "What the hell, Beck-" Robbie was silence when Beck kissed him, very forcefully yet lovingly. All the tension the smaller boy had left instantly as he soon began to kiss back. By the end of the kiss Beck's hands had found themselves around Robbie's waist and at the back of his head; while Robbie's were in the other's hair and around his neck. Robbie continued to enjoy their situation and rested his head on his boyfriend's shoulder.

Beck smiled and ran his fingers through his hair. His face became serious once more as he asked "Why did you do it?" The other man hummed in question. "Why did you want to break up with me?" Robbie wanted to pull way. Robbie un-wrapped his arms from the taller boy's neck but when he tried to push away Beck pulled him closer and whispered "Why?"

Robbie clinched his fist around Beck's shirt and shook his drooped head. "Because they're right; you are too good for me."

Beck rubbed soothing circles on his back. "No, they're not. If I didn't want to be with you I would have ended it long ago."

Robbie looked him in the eyes. "What about Jade-"

"I ended it with her and I want to be with you." Beck kissed his forehead. "Don't doubt it again." Robbie nodded and smiled. "Good, let's go eat. Those Abercrombie people told me if I joined no more pizza, now I'm craving it."

A is for Accent

Robbie gave Beck a stupid, intoxicated, giggly grin. Both he and Beck were absolutely wasted, not that they weren't the only ones. Oh far beyond that. There at their college graduation party Beck and Robbie were surrounded by different drunks and other things. There were a lot of illegal things going on there but none of them would even be able to remember that night. Robbie couldn't really remember much either, all he really knew was that he was sitting on his boyfriend's very nice lap listening to him speak while he stroked Robbie's thigh. This was great.

Robbie bit his lip as he listened to Beck continue to rant. He sounded so sexy. What most people didn't know, well actually if you'd ever seen Beck drunk then you knew, was that when Beck was plastered his Canadian accent came out. Robbie thought it was the hottest thing he'd ever heard, especially since at the time when ever Robbie would hear it he was wasted as well, so anything Beck did was attractive, actually Robbie didn't even have to be drunk to believe that. But Robbie would always listen intently and remember bits and parts in the morning of Beck's accent, even dreaming about it sometimes. Beck was attractive. So was his accent. Robbie really didn't understand why Beck tried so hard, and succeeded in hiding it, only to have it come out when he was drunk and in little control of his body.

"-done with University. I can't pro-cess what the opt'ins are, eh? I 'aven't even th-out aboot it. Well, I 'ave th-out aboot it but it's noat like we can jewst pack out baygs and wok into werk and a fawncy jewb. Doncha know, we deserve fancy jewb we've werked hard."

Robbie nodded and began kissing Beck's neck. Beck was so hot. His accent was so hot. That's the way things worked when they got drunk. Beck gained an accent and Robbie got horny.

"Oh, Robbie, that feels gewd." Beck moaned out.

Robbie shivered as Beck's hands began to move. That ass. That accent. "Keep talking." Robbie demanded.

"Alright then, what dew yew want me to tok aboot?"

Robbie tightened his finger sin Beck's hair. "Anything," He breathed out.

"Oh-kay, I love yew."

"I love you too." Robbie quickly responded. "Keep talking."

Beck threw his head back and laughed which soon turned into a moan as Robbie sucked on his neck. That accent.

"I've bean thinkin' aboot how heappy I am with yew and-" Beck cut himself off with another moan. "Gawd , Robe-bie," Robbie sunk his teeth into Beck's shoulder. He loved how Beck said his name like that. "Robe-bei," Beck slammed their mouths together and began to feverishly make out with his boyfriend. Beck grabbed Robbie's head and yanked it to meet his eyes. Beck couldn't do what he wanted with Robbie here. Too many people. "Le's go 'ome. I can't wait anny longer."

Robbie nodded and they jolted up and raced to grab their stuff and leave for their apartment as quickly as their intoxicated bodies would let them.

"Don't talk until we get home." Robbie demanded. If Beck spoke Robbie didn't think he would be able to hold back.

God, that accent.

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