N is for Nothing

Beck looked down at the note in his hand. He's been trying his best since the first letter to hide the building collection of letters from Robbie's blood father. That's all it was, a connection through blood, blood that should have never been spilt or contused.

He skimmed over the most recent note.

My Dear Son Robert…yadda, yadda, apologize, my son, I was wrong, blah, blah, blah, and to top off the bullshit: I love you.

See? Bullshit.

If he really did love Robbie he would have never even thought of laying a single finger on him in any sort of malice. Beck didn't regret almost beating that man to death because he would have deserved it-no, he deserved much worse than that. Even after all these years of helping Robbie get over him, and moving on, being happy, he decides to try and be a decent-a human being.

At first the letters came every quarter of a year; he would tell Robbie the usual bullshit and how he was, he would ask how Robbie was and Beck began to intercept the letters before they could ever get to Robbie by the time the third one came. He's been hiding them in a safe in his personal office; they now come four to eight times a year, and there's always one on Robbie's birthday. Robbie doesn't even know he's father's continued writing him for four years now.

Beck and Robbie were recently married, and this letter mentioned that. The monster pointed out that he heard that Robbie and Beck were married and the damned bastard congratulated him as if being with Beck wasn't the reason Robbie nearly died at his hand seven years ago.

The kicker was there was a separate letter for Beck. Addressed and mailed to Beck. The fucker.

Beck read his letter, he almost wanted to burn it but he decided to see what the bastard had to say to him since he couldn't say it face to face. When he read it Beck wished he did burn it. The douchebag apologized. He told Beck he was sorry and he asked for his forgiveness. He said he gave Beck his blessing to marry his son (as if Beck would ever accept it) and wished them the best. He explained himself and how what he did was wrong, the same thing he's been doing in Robbie's letters, and he thanked Beck for saving Robbie from him.

Beck wondered if the man's mental problems had finally been realized and fixed or if he had been on his death bed, waiting for forgiveness so he doesn't burn in hell like he rightfully should.

There was a soft knock at my office door, Robbie. "Ya?" The door peaked open and Robbie's curly head popped through. He would never burst in, they respected each other's private spaces.

"Dinner's ready." He paused at Beck's expression. "Is something wrong?"

Beck shoved the letter in his drawer and stood up. He opened the door wider and wrapped his arm around Robbie to pull him into a gentle kiss. "It's nothing."

Robbie's fingers ran over the glossy photograph he was mailed. It was a picture of him and Catharine De Van, the French actress who had openly expressed her love for Beck, in a very compromising position off set. Someone had mailed him this picture along with the short note saying that he had a right to know.

Robbie looked at the photo again. When he first saw it it opened backup all of his insecurities that Beck deserved someone better, he wanted someone else, Robbie wasn't enough…


Robbie looked at the photograph again and saw how Beck's hands were placed and read his body language. Robbie looked at the photo and knew it wasn't what it looked like; Beck was a nice guy and wouldn't hesitate to help someone or even joke around, but he would never cheat on Robbie. Robbie had known Beck for years and been together for just as long, he trusted Beck and knew that people were just trying to stir up gossip and trouble.

Robbie picked up the picture and walked over to the trash just as he heard the door open. Beck was standing in front of him at the doorway with a big smile on his face; he came up and kissed Robbie. His eyes flickered down to what looked like a photo and he raised an eyebrow.

"What's that?" Beck's hand went down to grab the picture, but Robbie kissed him and threw the picture in the trash.

"It was nothing."

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