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A pink flash cartwheeled across the training filed.
Dodging the shurikens tossed at her with ease.

"I'm getting to good at this" She thought confidently.

Suddenly she was ambushed by three tall men, they all looked the exact same.
The girl slid low to the floor and tripped them with her own feet.
Four more men approached her; she jumped high into the trees and slammed back down and cracked the floor beneath her where all the men fell in.

She flicked her pink head of hair back with a subtle hint of pride.

"Sakura-San, You finished that round with ease" Yamato said.

Sakura giggled and winked.

"I'm getting to good for you Yamato-Sensei!" Sakura Joked.

Soon enough they both left for Hokage Tsunade's office.


Yamato knocked on her office door.

"Come in" she shouted from her desk.

In walked Yamato and Sakura.
Already in the room was Tsunade at her desk talking with Sakura's other Sensei Kakashi.

"Ah Yamato just the man I needed to talk to" Tsunade said sounding mildly serious.

"Sakura, would you mind coming back later?" Tsunade asked.

"Of course not Tsunade-San" Sakura said respectfully and exited the room.

But Sakura being Sakura couldn't stop her wandering ears.
Soon enough she found herself pressed against the door to listen to what they were saying.

"There is a serious problem that has immerged concerning the wellbeing of our Konoha civilians" Tsunade said now completely serious.

Kakashi and Yamato stood silently and listened closely.
Sakura continued to listen.

"There has been an S-Rank demon sighted on the outskirts of Konoha, a demon notorious for wreaking havoc on some of our allied villages" Tsunade continued.

"We need to stop this threat before it can do the same to our village, so I called both of you to find the highest ranked ninja in our village and split into two groups, one to attack the demon full force and another to be an ambush team, in case of emergency, The objective of this mission is to assassinate the demon, not to make it flee from our village is that clear?".

Sakura still listened at the door.

"This is perfect! I've been waiting for a chance to show my strengths to Tsunade-San and maybe the whole village!" Sakura thought to herself.

Sakura barged threw the door.

"Tsunade-San I overheard what you were saying and I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my new talents and skills!" Sakura proclaimed.

"S-Sakura?" Tsunade said shocked that Sakura was still here.

"Please Tsunade-San I haven't had a challenging mission in months!" She begged.

"Sakura!" Tsunade said sternly.
Which made Sakura flinch.

"I don't think you know how dangerous this mission is, this is an S-rank Demon we're talking about" Tsunade said with a hint of anger in her tone.

"Tsunade-San you said yourself that I am one of the most promising ninja in the whole village please, I know I can do this!" Sakura pleaded with a small grin on her face.

"Sakura that enough!" Tsunade retorted angrily.

The grin on Sakura's face quickly faded.

"I know how strong you are Sakura, and how much promise you have as a ninja, but this is much too dangerous for you and most other people as well" Tsunade Continued

"We need specifically trained Demon slayers for this job" Tsunade Finished.

Sakura was silent for some time.
Just as Kakashi was about to speak up, Sakura spoke.

"You're right Tsunade-San" Sakura said sadly and retracted out of the room.

Once she closed the door she leant against it and thought a bit
and then began to head home.

Once Sakura got to her house she sat down on her bed.
She thought more about what Tsunade said to her and how well she had been doing in training in the last three and a half years.

"I'm not gonna take no for an answer! I'm going to prove how good I've become!" Sakura decided with a determined smile.

With that Sakura packed her necessities for the mission and headed out with the cover of nightfall.

The next morning Tsunade felt bad about how harsh she was on Sakura so she decided to visit her and apologise.

She knocked on the door.
No answer.
She knocked again.
Still no answer.
She looked at her watch at realised it was 1:30
Either Sakura had slept in allot or she was gone out.
Sakura had given Tsunade a spare key in case of emergency.

"I guess this situation could count as an emergency" Tsunade schemed.

She took the key out of her bag and opened her door.

"Hello? Sakura? I'm sorry about yesterday" Tsunade said hoping Sakura would answer.

There was still none.

This began to worry Tsunade as Sakura would never go out for a long time without contacting Tsunade first, to make sure she knew where she was going. Then she was reminded of the incident that happened yesterday.

"She wouldn't have..." Tsunade thought to herself.
Then she quickly ran off.

She called to all her friends Ino, Tenten, Kiba and lee.
None of them had seen any sight of her since the day before.

So she asked her Sensei Kakashi and Yamato, they hadn't seen her since last night's incident.

This was getting strange, no one, not even villagers had seen her since yesterday, her house was empty and there was no word of where she was gone.
Tsunade could only suspect the most obvious answer.
She called Kakashi and Yamato to her office again.

"I believe Sakura has taken it upon herself to go after the demon on the outskirts of konoha" Tsunade said trying to cover up how worried she was.

Kakashi and Yamato threw worried glances at each other and then looked back to Tsunade.

"I would like you to collect a team of highly skilled ninja's like we spoke about last night and head out immediately" Tsunade Ordered.

"Yes, Hokage-Sama" Kakashi and Yamato said as the teleported out of her office.

It was daylight now; Sakura had already set out looking for the possible hiding place of the demon she was searching for.

"Hmmm a hiding place of a demon? It would have to be pretty large? Unless it's a baby demon?"

Then something dawned upon Sakura.

"I don't even know what this demon is or what it looks like" She thought as she face palmed.

"Well let's see maybe I can list what I do know..." Sakura thought.

"Hmmm... Well it's an S-Rank so it's gonna be strong, If its S-ranks it's safe to assume it's not going to be a baby if it's S-rank...hmmm"

"Hello There Young Woman!" A voice said rather loudly from behind her.

"WAAAH!" Sakura screamed as she spun around to face the person.
The man flinched from her loud scream.

"H-hello?" Sakura said starting to calm down
the man stud before her, probably confused as to why she screamed.

"I'm sorry, did I startle you?" he asked.

"Just a little bit" Sakura said taking a deep breath.
After catching her breath Sakura took a look at the man.
He hand long white hair (especially for a man) he was of average height but allot taller than Sakura.

"My name is Jiraiya" The man said extending his arm for Sakura to shake.
Sakura looked down at his hand and back up to his face.
Then shook his hand.

"Sakura" She stated politely with a smile.

"Is there a reason why you all the way out here by yourself?" Jiraiya asked suspiciously.
Sakura thought it would be obvious as she was a Ninja, Then she remember when she went to sleep she took off her Forehead protector.
To him she was just any other civilian in the woods.

"I could ask you the same" Sakura said playfully.
Jiraiya chuckled.

"I'm looking for specimen too Study"
Sakura thought that sounded quite strange.
So she decided to get what she needed to know and leave.

"You wouldn't happen to know if there is a demon spotted around here do you? Me and some of my friends were going to camp out here but I was chosen to do it by myself tonight first as a dare" Sakura lied threw her teeth.

"Hmm pretty dangerous considering there was a demon fox spotted by that cave over there" The white haired man said pointing a short distance away.

"Oh dear thank you for telling me! I'll set up camp somewhere else later!" Sakura said as she collected her things and began to walk away

"Wait don't leave!" Jiraiya called after her but she was already gone. With a sigh He got up and began looking for new 'specimen'

Sakura waited until he was gone and started heading towards that very cave he pointed to.

It was about 1pm, Sakura wasted no time in going into the cave because she knew Tsunade had probably already sent a search party for her.

She cautiously started to creep into the depths of the cave.
It was getting darker and darker until she hit a place in the very end of the cave.

It looked as if someone had crafted this place, it had a metal floor, pillars jotting out from the floor all the way to the top of the cave and a plaited design on the floor, and it also had two crafted doors at opposite ends of the room. The room was absolutely huge.

"Wow, it must have made this" Sakura spoke in amazement.
Suddenly there was a rumble which knocked Sakura off her feet.

"Whoa" Sakura exclaimed.
Again there was another violent rumble, and scarily enough, Sakura noticed it was getting closer.

"I guess I'm in the right place" Sakura gulped.

"C'mon Sakura this is what you've been waiting for a chance to prove yourself!" Sakura's inner voice said.
With those words of confidence Sakura took a deep breath and put on her gloves for fighting.

Suddenly a giant beast immerged threw a door at the opposite end of the room.

"What the fuck..." Sakura exclaimed in shock as she stared upwards in amazement and fear at the giant nine tailed fox in front of her.
The Demon didn't attack, but just stared at her.
Sakura shifted her one of her feet backwards.
The Demon rushed towards her.

"Shit!" Sakura said as she jumped out of the way.
As she was hovering above the demon she decided to start unleash her 'Cherry Blossom Impact' on its back.
Once she did this it howled a little and slapped her away with its paw.
Sakura slammed off the ground but landed on her feet.
The beast looked angry.
It started to glow red.
It threw its paw in front of itself.
This confused Sakura momentarily as it missed her completely.
Until she was hit by a huge amount of chakra that sent her flying across the room and hit off one of the pillars.

"Luckily I know medical Ninjutsu or I'd be done for" Sakura said grabbing her arm and healing it.
The Demon spun around to face her.
She noticed it was limping on one paw.

"Did I do that?" Sakura wondered.
It spread out its tails and flicked them at her.
This sent out another rapid attack ripping through the air and crashing right into Sakura's Leg.
Sakura yelped from pain.

Before she could recover and get up the demon fox was standing over her.

"Holy shit this thing is big" She said peering up at it.
It lay its paw down on Sakura and began to crush her.
Although she noticed something strange as it put his paw on her, it was... crying?
There were tears streaming from its eyes.
Its eyes looked sad, hurt and lonely.
Sakura could feel it getting harder and harder to breath.
She quickly drew out a kunai and stabbed the demons foot.
It's cried out in pain and retracted away from her.

Once it had backed away Sakura sat up and looked over at the beast.
It had wrapped its tails around its paw.
Sakura stared at it and it stared back at her, she could almost feel its emotions.

"I can't believe this I'm feeling guilty? This thing destroyed hundreds of villages..." Sakura reminded herself.

She shook her head to try and rid herself of the guilt and threw some exploding Kunai at it didn't do much as it kept blocking it with its tail. Expect one. The last one Sakura threw she waited a couple of seconds and threw with the cover of the smoke from the bombs.

This one hit the demon right in the ear.
It yelled in pain and fell down. Its tails wrapped around its body until it was just a big fluffy ball.

Sakura sat there and stared at the demon.

"It can't be that easy" Sakura thought defensively.

The demon stayed like that for a while until it glowed red again.

"Here we go" Sakura thought getting ready to fight some more while still sitting down because of her painful leg.

When suddenly, the demon's skin began to moult.
The red flaked away as Sakura watched in astonishment.
Once all of the fox had disappeared it left behind something peculiar.
It was a boy. A young boy, about the age of Sakura.

Sakura was dumbfounded.
She crawled over to the boy as fast as she could to check if he was alright.

"Where on earth did this boy come from?" She wondered.
He was lying on his stomached with a pained expression on his face.

Sakura sat him upright and placed his head on her lap.
She checked his pulse and noticed his heart was beating.
She noticed his breathing was heavy; he looked as if it was hard to do so.
She stared at the boy a little longer.
She noticed his features.
She also noticed he was quite attractive.
She shook her head and got back to the point of investigating his injures.

She realized he looked a little beaten up.
Then it clicked.

"Is this boy the demon I just fought?" Sakura thought

She lied him back down gently.
She then leaned over him and put her head against his chest.
She listened to his breathing.
It was husky as if he was still in pain?

"I wasn't that bad was i?" she wondered.
While she was wondering she let her eyes wander they soon caught sight of the top of his head, she moved his hair out of the way and realized the boy had 2 fox ears at the top of his head.

Sakura blinked to re-focus her eyes when she saw this.

"This is the demon I fought" Sakura thought sadly

"And I know what the problem is" Sakura thought while she lightly moved his ear, it was still bleeding. When she touched it, it flicked. She guessed that he ears were probably sensitive and that's why the bleeding of his ear made so much of a problem for him to stay in 'demon form'

she did quite a number on his ear.
Her guilt began to resurface now.
He was pretty much defenceless in this form, well while he was unconscious anyway.

Then Sakura remembered something.


"The objective of this mission is to assassinate the demon, not to make it flee from our village is that clear?".


"I-I can't kill him!" Sakura thought franticly.
Her breathing rate increased as she looked downwards at the defenceless boy.

Then reality hit when she realized she would probably be found by the tracking ninja if she loitered around too much so she decided to just leave.
She placed the boy on the ground and started to walk away.

Her feet stopped.
Strangely she couldn't seem to move them.
She turned around and looked at the boy on the ground.
Guilt began to weigh heavily on her shoulders.
She focused on his ear which was still bleeding.
He did not look well.

She didn't know what to do.
Hundreds of thoughts rushed threw her head when she finally settled on one.
One she couldn't call a smart idea.

She walked over to the boy and picked him up and put him on her back.
This wasn't easy.
He was much taller than her and she was almost half his weight.
But with that she left for her house in the village.


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