The next morning.
Ino woke up and stretched.
She got up and walked down the stairs.

"Naruto, are you awake?" She called into the living room from the stairs.
There was no answer.

"Naruto, wake up its late!" She shouted eyes still half closed.
She opened the door to the living room and saw a scary sight.

Naruto was hunched in a ball on the floor.
He looked as if he was in hideous pain.
One of his eyes was, once again, gone red and his whiskers thickened.
He was shaking violently and there was blood running down his face from his ear.

Ino screamed in shock and ran to her phone.
She speed-dialled Sakura's number.


"Sakura, you have to come down here now!"

"On the way!"

Sakura didn't ask questions, she just got to Ino's house as soon as possible.

Ino bent down to Naruto.

"A-are you ok?" Ino said with her eyes welling up with tears.

Naruto opened one eye and made contact with Ino.
He forced a smile on his face as he clenched at his stomach.
Sakura ran through the door and into the living room.
She saw Naruto in the same position as before, but worse.
He was in agony.

"Not again" Sakura uttered with a painful expression on her face.
She kneeled down to Naruto and took his hand in her own.
He clenched her hand.
Sakura closed her eyes tightly and held Naruto's hand tightly.
Eventually Naruto returned to normal.

Tears ran from Sakura's closed eyes.
Ino watched in horror.
Naruto was now unconscious.
"What was that?" Ino said breathlessly.

"This happened to him before, I'm afraid of what it might be" Sakura said sadly as she turned Naruto on his back.

"His ear never bled before" Sakura said lightly touching his ear.

"What do are you afraid of?" Ino wondered.

"I think it might be the demon fox trying to take over his body but I really pray that its not" Sakura said cautiously.

"AND SHE LET THIS STAY WITH ME!?" Inner Ino shouted partly angry but partly worried about Naruto.

"W-Why don't you take him to a hospital?" Ino suggested.

"And say what? Sorry my friend is getting taken over by a demon can you fix him?" Sakura replied.

"Well technically you'd call him your boyfriend" Ino said with a smirk.

"NOT THE TIME" Sakura growled back at Ino.

"Well you can't just do nothing!" Ino retorted.
Sakura cleaned up his ear and rested his head on her lap.

"You could..." Ino began.
Sakura looked at her.

"What?" Sakura questioned.

"I heard in the hidden mist village...there's a black market doctor" Ino whispered.

"Black Market as in...?" Sakura wondered.

"Illegal Diagnosing" Ino whispered, as if someone would hear her.
Sakura gulped.

"The hidden mist village is a fair distance from here so it'll probably be an overnight journey.

"I guess I don't have any other choice" Sakura said looking at Naruto.

"You'll probably have to leave ASAP" Ino explained.

"In Daylight?!" Sakura replied.

"Do you want to get there by tomorrow or not?!" Ino asked slightly joking.
Sakura sighed.

"Do you have a jacket I could put on him?"

"You can take one of Shikamaru's, he leaves it hear a lot, he won't even know it's gone" Ino said with a sympathetic smile.

"Thank you" Sakura said sincerely as she took Ino's hand.

Later Sakura and Naruto left Ino's house.
Naruto was in an oversized hoodie.
The sleeves were slightly too long for his arms and the hood covered down to over his eyes.

"We'll be back in a day or so" Sakura said to Ino as she hugged her and walked away with Naruto.
She had to lead Naruto as he couldn't see so well.
She dragged him faster and faster to get them out of the hidden leaf village as quickly as possible so no one would stop them.

"Sakura, where are we going?" Naruto spoke perfectly.

"I'm taking you to see someone" Sakura said briefly.

Hours later it was getting dark.
Sakura looked up at the sky.

"We don't have time to sleep" Sakura thought as she shook her head in an attempt to rid herself of the tiredness.
Naruto caught her hand.

"You are tiered?" Naruto asked with his hood down now.

"A little, but its ok" Sakura shrugged it off.

"Please Sakura, if you're tired, rest." Naruto said sternly.
Sakura smiled softly.

"Ok" She smiled.
Naruto gave his hoodie to Sakura to keep her warm.

"Aren't you going to be cold?" Sakura worried.

"No" Naruto said with a smile as he tugged on his own jacket.

It was much later that night but Sakura didn't seem to be getting much sleep.
Worries seemed to be keeping her awake.

"What if there's not a cure?" Sakura worried.

"What if this 'illegal doctor' squeals on Naruto begin a demon?"
Inner Sakura said back.
This scared Sakura thoroughly.

"Wha-what would I do?!" Sakura thought anxiously.

"Squeal back? I mean he's illegally prescribing pills and stuff right?!" Inner Sakura tried to shed some light on the situation.

"What's worse a demon or a black market doctor?" Sakura reciprocated.

"Ok you got a point"

Suddenly Sakura heard a noise.
She wasn't sure why, but she felt a sense of fear creeping up on her.
She slowly turned her head.

"Hello" Naruto said eerily.
It was clear this was no longer the Naruto she knew.
Sakura's eyes slowly made their way up to Naruto's face.
His eyes were red and his whiskers were thick.
The demon had taken over Naruto.

Sakura was petrified.
She began to breath faster and her heart rate increased.

"Heheheh what's wrong beautiful?" he asked with a voice that oozed confidence. Very different to Naruto.
Sakura didn't answer.
He moved closer.
Sakura really wanted to move herself away from him, but for some reason she couldn't.
Was she frozen out of fear?
Did she want him closer to her?
Of course not that's crazy.

He approached her.
Naruto took his arm and put it around Sakura's waist.
There was very little space between them.
Sakura was quite scared of the aura that surrounded Naruto.
Yet she couldn't move away.
"You love him don't you?" He spoke threw a mischievous grin.
He spoke about Naruto as a different person even though they shared the same body, this intrigued Sakura.

Sakura stayed silent and looked into 'Naruto's' eye's,
she couldn't pull her eyes away.
He used his other hand to stroke her cheek.
Sakura closed her eyes as he did this.

"I can see why he likes you so much" 'Naruto' Said.

"He can speak perfect Japanese?" Sakura noticed.
He laughed slightly.
He then proceeded to look her up and down.
He moved even closer.
Before Sakura knew it he had kissed her
and it wasn't like the first kiss she shared with Naruto.
He was much more dominant.

He leaned further into the kiss while pulling her closer.
Sakura surprisingly, didn't mind.
Did she like it?

"Of course not that's crazy..." Sakura thought to herself.
"Hmmmm" Inner Sakura said suspiciously.

"You're still afraid of this 'Naruto'?"

It was strange, because she really was still afraid of him.
However, also somehow attracted to him.
She was confused by her emotions.

They finally broke apart.
Sakura was in shock.
'Naruto' laughed at her expression, but it wasn't a friendly laugh.

"Wh-What do you want with me?" Sakura stuttered out.

"What makes you think I Want something?" 'Naruto' replied with a cheeky grin.
Sakura raised her eyebrow, she wasn't fooled.

"Alright then, here's the situation, Naruto feels things right?"
'Naruto' Said.
Sakura raised both eyebrows with a deadpan face in un-amusement.

"So what he feels, I just act on it"

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"For kicks" 'Naruto' said with a spine chilling smile.

"He's psychotic!" Sakura thought to herself.

"See you soon, Gorgeous"
and with that, the demon fox was finished his escapades, for now.
Naruto opened his eyes, they were blue again.
Sakura stared at him.

"You are awake?" Naruto asked her.

"He doesn't recall?" Sakura thought to herself.
There was a brief silence.

"Well we should probably get some sleep, long day tomorrow!" Sakura said cautiously.
Naruto nodded happily and lied down to go to sleep.
Sakura was taken-back.

This side to Naruto was so different.

"Naruto seems to have developed a split personality with the demon fox?" Sakura thought to herself.

"Well he's blacking out and has drastic personality changes, but it's literally another perso- ... thing inside him, I'm not sure that counts as split personality..." Inner Sakura said.
Sakura scowled, she was deep in thought.
Soon enough she fell asleep.

Naruto was also asleep, but not for long.

"Nice piece of eye candy you got there" A voice strangely like Naruto's growled in Naruto's mind.

Naruto turned around to see someone who looked almost identical to him.

"Kyuubi" Naruto labelled the man in front of him.

"Great job, captain obvious" Kyuubi Naruto said with a cocky smirk.

"Don't talk about Sakura that way!" Naruto warned the Kyuubi.

"Why? I like her and she likes me too" He said in an attempt to irritate Naruto.
Naruto gritted his teeth.
"You see your problem is, you only feel things, and I on the other hand, act on feelings.
People tend to like me better." The Kyuubi said as he circled Naruto in an attempt to intimidate him.

"That's a lie! You ruin everything!" Naruto snapped back.

"Ahem, No.
Everything you ever did right, that was all me
" The Kyuubi said.

"N-No that's not true! You're just messing with my head!" Naruto said in disbelief.

"Whatever you want to believe, Kiddo" The Kyuubi said and with that he disappeared.

The sun rose the next morning.
Sakura and Naruto slowly woke up.
It took Sakura only moments to get ready to set out again.

"Ready to go?" She said with a smile appearing across her face.

"Sure!" Naruto answered but he still couldn't shake what the Kyuubi had said to him out of his head.

Sakura walked ahead of Naruto trying to figure out the way.
Naruto trailed behind, wearing the hoodie once again in case they had a run-in with a traveller from the Leaf Village.

"She likes me too"

"Everything you ever did right, that was all me"

"People tend to like me better"

the words from the Demon fox echoed in his mind as if they were freshly spoken to him.

"What if—No, he's just trying to make me paranoid that's not going to happen" Naruto said determinedly.

This was it. They arrived at the place.
It looked like a normal house on the outskirts of the hidden mist village.
Sakura knocked on the door.
A man opened the door a small crack and popped his head out.
"What do you want?" His said bluntly.

"W-were here to see the...em doctor..." She said nervously squeezing her hands together.
The man raised his eyebrows.

"Follow me" He said as he opened the door enough to let them in, but didn't open the door all the way.
Sakura held Naruto's hand as they walked in.
"Don't touch anything" Sakura whispered cautiously as she squeezed Naruto's hand.
They followed the man all the way down to the basement.
There was a man just finishing with a client.
He was dressed like a real doctor.

"Hello there" He said very welcoming.

"Hi" Sakura said nervously.
Bringing Naruto closely behind.
Naruto was nervous too, why where they here?

"How can I help you?"

"Naruto can you wait outside for now?" Sakura asked politely
Naruto nodded slightly and walked up the stairs cautiously.

"My...friend has a problem and I was told by someone I know that you might be able to fix it" Sakura said getting more and more nervous.

"What is it, trouble sleeping, drug addiction—"

"He has a Demon taking over his body" Sakura spat out with her eyes clenched shut.

The doctor was taken back.

"When does it happened? Is it triggered"

"Randomly, it happened twice yesterday, last night I woke up and the Demon had taken over his mind, but it was still his own body!" She tried her best to explain.

"I see" The doctor said in amazement.

"It's like he has a split personality" Sakura added.
This made sense to the doctor.

"Ah now I see"
Sakura's face lit-up.
"So you can help him?" Sakura said happily.

"Well, usually therapy is a first attempted to cure a split-personality but pills can be just as effect" The doctor said looking threw his cabinet.

He took out to bottles filled with tiny pills.

"These should do the trick, have him take 3 a day for the next month, or so and we'll see how it goes, here's my number" the doctor said as he passed Sakura a card.

"Oh thank you" She said happily taking the pills from the man.
She turned to walk away and the man grabbed her arm.
She turned her head back to look at him.

"Now, I need to make sure you understand before you leave. These pills could have serious side effects" the doctor warned.

"It can't be any worse than what's happening to him now can it?" Sakura thought to herself.

"These are not to be taken lightly, they could start working straight away or they could take a couple of weeks. If he seems to get worse at all, stop him taking them immediately."

Sakura's worries began to re-surface.

"If that should happen you have my number, I will refer you to a specialist, but that is a last resort"

Sakura nodded her head still in shock.

"T-thank you" Sakura said as she walked away.
She walked out of the doctors and grabbed Naruto's hand.

"Come on, we have a long walk home" She said with a smile hiding her worries.
Naruto was confused.
Why did they come all this way just for her to talk to a doctor for five minutes?


Near about a day and a half later Naruto and Sakura returned home, it was dark.

Naruto could tell Sakura seemed a little odd on the way home, she held up a pretty good front but Naruto knew her too well by now.
Just as Naruto was mulling his thoughts over Sakura took his hands, pulled him closer to her and sat on the floor with him.


Naruto smiled back.

"I need you to listen to me carefully now, Ok?"

"Ok!" Naruto said curiously.
She opened her hand where she appeared to be holding a pill.
Naruto looked at the pill and back at Sakura.

"I need you to take this for me" Sakura said seriously.

"What is it" Naruto asked but not in his usual curious happy tone it was more of a statement.

"Its medicine, for the episodes you've been having" Sakura said with a gentile expression to try and keep Naruto calm.

"I don't want It."

"Naruto, it doesn't matter if you want it, you need it!"


"Naruto!" Sakura said as she grabbed his hands in hers
"Please, just do this for me"

"W-what do they do?"

"They're going to help you!" Sakura reassured him.


"They'll make your ear stop bleeding and you'll stop having fits" Sakura explained.

"No I don't want to, it doesn't feel right" Naruto said shaking his head"

"Naruto would please just take it!" Sakura said almost shouting

"Why? I'm perfectly fine!" Naruto said raising his voice too.

"Because I don't want you to die!" Sakura shouted at him.
Naruto was speechless.

"Naruto if you carry on like this you could die!"

there was a brief silence

"…I'm sorry" Naruto said as he took the tablet from her hands and swallowed it.
Sakura sighed in relief.

"Thank you" Sakura said as she pulled Naruto in and hugged him tightly.


that's all for now! Sorry the chapter took so long! Super busy with work and college :s working on the next one as well though so shouldn't be as long!