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White Murder

Snow's been murdered. Who could have committed such an atrocious act? Lightning hates him for marrying Serah. Hope hates him for killing his mother. Fang's weapon was found sticking out of his chest. Throw in an argument, an affair and footprints and there's blood on everybody's hands. Who did it and why?

A news presenter stands outside a innocent looking house.

"There's been a murder at the Villiers residence today. At approximately 10:15 this morning Snow Villiers was pronounced dead. All those within the household and were within the household in a time period of 48 hours will be taken to Police headquarters to be questioned about the incident. Right now Police have confirmed two suspects which are Oerba Yun Fang and Lightning Farron. And here they come out of the house now!".

The loud cursing and screaming of a rough Australian accent could be heard in the background yelling "Get Your Hands Off of Me!, I Didn't do Nothing!, Don't you f*cking touch me you bastard!". Four Police men struggle out of the house with a tall women with a tattoo on her shoulder and wild raven hair. Even though she has her hands cuffed behind her back, the police were obviously struggling to overpower her. "This women you see behind me is Oerba Yun Fang. She is reportedly the most experienced warrior in all of New Bodhum". After a few more curses were rallied off, her voice became muffled as she was pushed down into the squad car, although the ever more imaginative curses could still be heard through the glass.

Next two police marched out with pink haired woman, her head was tilted forward so that her bangs would cover her face. Compared to the raven haired women she was a lot more docile but coiled power within her athletic frame was still evident. She wore a deep scowl on her face. " And this women with the pink hair is Sergeant Lightning Farron. Being one of the main suspects in this case could utterly ruin her successful career in the Guardian Corps". She was pushed down into the squad car and the door slammed shut. Other Police forced back wave after wave of reporters, journalists and cameramen to allow the squad cars through and once clear the cars raced off into the distance with sirens blazing. "This is potentially the biggest murder of the year and we here are eager to find out what Just happened and why. Further reports will be made as more information is discovered. This is Lebreau reporting for Pulse Daily. Thank you for listening."

Fang was sitting in an interrogation room somewhere in police headquarters. Suddenly the door bursts open and in walks a big burly man in a suit. " My name is Gadot and I will be interviewing you". " Soo Fang is it? Why did you do it?"

"Do what? I don't know what your talking about".

"Don't feign ignorance with me. Your telling me that you don't know that Snow Villiers was murdered in his own home and whats more that your Lance was found jutting out of his chest cavity?".