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He looked down at her passion filling his tear streaked eyes. He said the only words I've been holding out to hear. I looked deep into his eyes. He took me in his arms as we swayed to the steady strum of Michael's guitar. I was lost in his eyes. He took me to another place, somewhere with no pain, no struggle everything was perfect. He spun me round so I had my back to him. He held me strong as we danced the night away. Everything felt so right.

Suddenly I was falling into darkness, no voice would come out. I fell into a spotlight, I had everyone around me, up high like I was in a pit. They looked down at me like I was nothing but scum. There faces lit up from the bottom casting dark shadows through there enhanced features. I new emotion rolled into my heart. I felt guilty and terrified.

I feel to my knees and was falling again. I fell into a room nothing but black. I stood gathering my bearings. The door at the end of the room lit up. A stream of light fell through the door I walked towards the light, I could see Shane, Steph, Michael and some girl I've never seen before sat on a beach. Michael wasn't burning, the sun was high and hot. Michael sat there strumming on his guitar. Not music but a flow of beautiful notes. Shane was playfully throwing a laughing Steph up in the air, the strange girl looked at me from her place on the blanket and smiled.

'Clare…' she said her voice soft, like an angel.

'Clare, Clare, Clare…' she repeated my name and I tried to walk toward them a force was pulling me back as the happiness faded away, I could still here her voice calling my name. I was sucked back into the blackness, I tripped and fell backwards, I could feel myself falling I was floating.

I jumped up in bed, panting and sweating. Shane was sat up next to me laying a reassuring hand on my shoulder. 'bad dream?' he asked.

I nodded words unable to form from my dry through. I lifted back the covers, I looked down at my legs, the only problem is there was no legs. Blood was poring out the stumps at my hip. I looked up alarms to see Amile, Oliver, Sam, Michael and Myrin walking towards me blood red eyes looking hungry. My head snapped towards Shane still sat next to me. I smiled at me all teeth including fangs. He jumped on top of me holding me down as the vampires in the room begun to drain my blood.

I scream, I screamed for help as I felt the life slipping away. As I closed my eyes I could here someone calling my name, my body was shaking from side to side.

I opened my eyes fully to find myself in my bed, with Shane. He took me in his arms. 'bad dream?' he asked in the voice I new only to well. I sighed and relaxed against him.

'you could say that' I said in a quiet voice.

'want to talk about it?' he asked sweetly.

I nodded my head and begun to retell the story of my weird dream. He held me close as we both feel asleep again.

We both woke from the morning sun, pouring in from the window. Myrin and Amile have given me 2 weeks off to just have a holiday. I turned over to see the clock. 9 am, 'time to get up' I said to a sleepy Shane.

He smiled at me 'do we have to, can't you just stay here with me?' he asked pulling my body close to his.

I smiled at him 'you know I would but we have things to do' I said turning over to get out of bed.

'Ugh!' Shane cried as I throw a pillow in his direction he was now mumbling something about woman and demanding things. I just laughed as I stripped and rapped myself in a fresh warm towel heading out to the shower.

I passed Steph room, I pocked my head in she was nowhere in sight, my heart begun to race. After what happened recently with Mark you could never be to worried. I leaned over the banister Michael was nowhere in sight. 'Mike?' I called, no answer. I walked carefully down the stairs and into the kitchen. He was nowhere to be seen but a small folded paper with my name on was under my coffee cup.


Me and Steph have gone to the mall, so don't be alarmed. She woke up around 7 and I didn't want to disturb you after you nightmare, you need the sleep and Shane would only agree with me.

Sorry if you thought we went AWOL.

See you around lunch, we're bringing it home BTW.

As always Mike… x

My heart settled down to a normal rate, I took the note to Shane who was still in bed. After that I jumped in the shower.

I love the shower, it's the only place I am truly to myself. I can just let every worry flow down the drain. I let the hot water rap around my naked body. Relaxing my tense shoulders. I relaxed into the heat. The soap was heavenly, flowing over my skin washing away the soothing my battle scars. Relaxing my acing muscles. I haven't been jogging since Mark was back in town. I must star again soon.

But there comes a time when the water must stop and I climb out rapping myself in the towel and heading back to my room to dress to start the day.

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