Milly's new life

Judith was sat on the sofa reading a book when her 13 year old daughter came in holding a piece of paper, "Mum what's this" she said curiously Judith turned around and was shocked at what her daughter had found "Milly where did you find that" "i found it under some scissors i needed for my homework, why does it say my name on it with DNA at the top " Judith new this day was coming but she thought it would be later on " sit down sweetie" milly walked over to her mum and sat down "now what I'm about to tell you will shock you and may upset you but just remember me and your dad love you very much, ok?" she nodded at prepared herself for what was about to come , her mum took a deep breath and begun " you know your brother Jakes dad well 13 years ago your mum and dad had split for awhile and Jakes dad being nice came round to see if i was ok, he was very kind and...and ...uh remember when you learned about that thing about males and females at school" milly nodded not liking what she thought was coming next "Well that's what happened a couple of weeks later me and your dad got back together and after you was born Allen was insisting that you was his so I thought I would prove him wrong, but he was right and everything was going good with your 'father' I didn't want to go spoiling it so i kept it a secret I'm sorry darling " by this time Judith was crying and milly was trying to make her stop "it's ok mum I'm angry but I will get over it "suddenly Herb walked out of the kitchen staring in to space " how much did you hear" Judith

said nearly about to burst out crying at the sight of Herb "all of it" "look I'm sorry it just- "it's ok I forgive you but i don't think I can be with you anymore" all of a sudden he walked to milly kissed on the head and left, at that point Judith burst out crying and milly was hugging her "mum is this a bad time to ask if i can meet him"

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