We open the show with Jimmy Rave & Jack Evans. They complain about the CONSPIRACY! Holding back the lightweights and pushing the dudes with ROOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIDS! He says Jimmy Rave decided to come because he's tired of rock 'n' rollin' all night and partyin' every day and he wants to be treated seriously. Yeah right.

We cut backstage where Chris Harris and Matt Hardy are SWAGGIN! Towards the curtains meaning their in action. Oh noez.

Match 1: Chris Harris (w/Matt Hardy) vs Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas)

Harris dominates briefly then Shelton turns things around and nails a T-Bone Suplex 4 Da Win! Haas and Benjamin work as faces since nobody likes the others.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Hardy and Harris do a WCW pouty heel routine as Benjamin and Haas celebrate with their belts and taunt the others.


Ken Doane is backstage. He talks about himself and basically says he's Jesus. FUCK YEAH IT'S COLT CABANA. Cabana comes running through chasing a few midgets. He stops and stares at Doane whose looking at him like he's crazy. Colt just says: "Ken." Then he leaves to chase the midgets. Ken shakes his head before calling himself Jesus again.


Match 2: Darren Burridge(w/Dave Taylor) vs Jason Russo

Burridge goes right to Russo unloading with a barrage of right hands. He's about to go for the Tower of London (Neckbreaker) but Russo wriggles out and dropkicks him into the corner. The LA native gets a neckbreaker oh his own then goes up and gets the Final Destination 4 Da Win.

Winner: Jason Russo

Russo goes to celebrate but Taylor nails him with a big right hand sending him stumbling back into a Tower of London! Burridge celebrates, his dastardly deeds done.

Cabana is backstage holding his headband high above his head as the midgets are jumping trying to catch it. Todd Grisham approaches with a mic and asks him what his thoughts are about Ken Doane. Cabana says he's fought Kenny Boy once and he was a great opponent but he's missing one thing…. And that's respect. Cabana asks to be excused, saying he's got something goin' on at the moment. The Grish says okay and Cabana walks away, the midgets clawing at his legs.


Mick Foley is in the back and he announces the next round of the T3 will take place at Nemesis and HAVE A NICE DAY!

Match 3: Tyson Tomko (w/AJ Styles & Chris Daniels) vs Chris Jericho

Tomko beats Y2J around the ring for a bit 'till Jericho gets out of the way of an avalanche. He gets an enziguri then a Codebreaker before finishing him in DA WALLS!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Post-match, Tomko, Styles and Daniels enter the ring and they go for an assault on Y2J 'till Riot Time hits and To The Max rush the ring! FUCK YEAH~!

An all-out brawl breaks out, Daniels with Smith, Tomko with Taylor and Styles with Jericho! The faces look like they're about to take control till Styles comes in with the chair! The heels take control and they clear the ring, taunting them.


We see a hype video for Frankie Kazarian where he introduces us to the beaches of Cali then we see him surfing. He's wiped down by Krystyna before he says he's the King of the Beaches…. But soon he'll be the King of C.O.P


Jack Evans & Jimmy Rave vs John Morrison & Jay Lethal

Lethal is here for some reason and he starts things off with Rave. They put on some decent ring work until Rave can tag to Evans and the spark is ignited. Lethal goes all out on Evans getting a big Machismo Elbow! (FUCK YEAH~!) then a Lethal Combination (FUCK YEAH~) and looks to finish him with a Senton Bomb… BUT RAVE PUSHES LETHAL FROM THE TOP! Lethal hits his head HARD on the barricade and is unable to answer the ten.

Winner by count-out: Jimmy Rave & Jack Evans

We end the show with Rave & Evans celebrating in the ring as JoMo checks on Lethal on the outside.

C.O.P Nemesis FINAL Card

World: John Morrison © vs Jack Evans (w/Jimmy Rave)

Low Ki vs Mordecai

Ken Doane vs Colt Cabana

Tag Team: The World's Greatest Tag Team © vs Chris Harris & Matt Hardy

~T3 Quarter Finals~

Tajiri vs Tyson Tarver

Mark Callous vs Aero Star

Darren Burridge vs Max Smith

A-Train vs Jason Russo


'The King of the Beaches' Frankie Kazarian debuts.