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We weren't the perfect couple, Ash and I. Yeah, we tolerated each other, but still, that wasn't enough. We constantly argued over trivial stuff, and soon enough we couldn't stand each other. However, leaving him never came to mind. Not even after everything he put me through. I had no family really worth going to, so I didn't want to go anywhere else. I stayed by his side as long as he needed me. He was the only thing I had. Sure, I had friends such as Finn, Fionna, Bonnibel, and Bubba, but they weren't enough. I know they cared for me and even loved me, but I don't know. I needed to feel needed, ya know? Weird, huh?

When I first met Ash, he was caring, funny, and cool. You know one of them bad guys you see in movies such as Grease? Well yeah, he was my Danny Zuko, but that's beside the point. When I first moved in with him into his apartment, he began to change. The guy had so much charisma, it was irresistible. One moment we were arguing over who would do the dishes, and next thing I know, I was convinced into doing the dishes AND making him a sandwich. At first, he asked me to do stuff.

"Mar, could ya make me one of those ham sandwiches I love so much? Mar babe, could you find the remote? I'm too comfy to move. Mar Hun, be a sweetheart and balance my checkbook? I gotta killer headache." He used to ask as nice he could.

Then it wasn't so nice. Soon enough, he wasn't asking me anymore. He constantly demanded me to do stuff like I was just a pitiful dog, and if I didn't, I had to pay the consequences. Oh no, not what you're thinking. Ash isn't man enough to hit me. He would just make me feel guilty beyond reason and stop talking to me. Sometimes, he would even mock me or my family. I know it was wrong for him to do this, and a couple of times I wanted to rip his face off, yet I still did the stuff for him. I couldn't let him go. He was all that I had.

Well, that's what I thought before that night. We were at some stupid party of his. It was weird because he worked in a tattoo parlor, yet he got some invite to a masquerade ball the mayor was holding. I never questioned him though. Questioning only made him angry, and then he would leave for who knows how long. So yeah, I wasn't that curious to have to go through all that. So anyways, it was formal so we had to dress up. I was in a red and black, halter top dress with a matching mask even though it wasn't the theme. The mayor made it some weird theme, The Ice Kingdom. I mean seriously though, who themes a ball "The Ice Kingdom"? All of the mayor's family had on blue including the mayor himself. To be honest, the mayor and his wife are like creeps; really big ones. They're like 50 or 60 something, yet they're both looking at people like 30 years younger than them. Red and black are my favorite colors and almost everything I wear has one of the two in it and it wasn't going to change because of this lame ball. Then as rare as it occurs, I had my hair curled. Ash was in a tux, dressing to impress. However, I don't know who exactly. He knows I like him in his skinny jeans.

As soon as I walked in, I discarded my mask. I already knew it was going to be a bore fest. I mean seriously, I was a rocker girl and here I was in some ball where everyone around me was snobby and uptight. I really didn't want to go, but Ash made me. Anyways, I soon found out Bubba and Bonnie was there. Yeah, they were still snobby and uptight but at least I knew them. I set out to find them to socialize and catch up. Ever since I've been with Ash, my friends and I don't hang like we use to. They always told me they had a bad vibe about him which made them come around less and less.

Bubba and Bonnie were some people who I grew up with. To be quite honest, I had a crush on Bubba like forever ago. He was just so….sweet and innocent. He was oblivious to all the flirting I did with him until that day in middle school when I locked him in the janitor's closet with me. Ever since then, he blushes around me. Bonnie, on the other hand hated me until high school, where we finally stopped our feud over who knows what. Finn and Fionna just started high school by the time we were seniors. They were pretty cool for a bunch of freshmen which resulted in them being inducted into our little group. Bubba and Bonnie of course went to college after graduation, while I tried to find my calling. That's how I met Ash.

Singing has always been an interest of mine, so I tried my best to get a career started based on that. I didn't want fame or all that jazz; I just wanted to do something I loved. The bar of my first gig I went to was dark and pretty creepy. Most of the guys in there were dropouts, including Ash. As soon as I walked in, I remembered Ash from high school. He was my crush throughout high school, even after he quit in eleventh grade. After I finished singing, he called me over where he was sitting and asked me did he know me because I seemed familiar. I was spazzing out, and he just laughed it off. He continued to compliment me on my wardrobe and my voice and wrote down his number and the address of his job where he worked at.

Sure, I was hardcore, but I had never thought about getting a tattoo. However, I was too shy to just call him up later on so I went into the tattoo parlor hoping he was working at the time. Thank glob he was. He noticed me right when I came in and told me to come sit in his chair. I mean, at that point, I felt really special because there was like at least three people sitting down waiting to get a tattoo. Of course they glared at me as I walked by, but who cares? This hot guy just called me to his chair. They could've waited. So then, we talked about basically everything and he even talked me into getting a tattoo (that charisma of his.) I didn't want anything humongous, so I just got two parallel holes tattooed on my neck that looked like a vampire bite. It went with my one man, or in my case woman, band, "Marceline the Vampire Queen." Eventually I gave him my number and we went on a couple of dates. Four months later, I moved in with him.

Anyways, as I was saying, I left Ash to go find Bubba and Bonnie. They were surprised to see me there, let alone dressed up. We talked for like ten minutes before I was grabbed by my arm and pulled away.

"Marceline, what's your prob? You trying to embarrass me in front of my bros? How 'bout you be the pretty little girl you are and stay by my side. Glob! You can't do anything right." Ash whispered harshly in my ear making my blood boil.

"No Ash! What's your prob? You act like you're really friends with these people. You and I both know you're never going to be accepted into these socialite snobs, so stop trying, and if you're still going to try, leave me out of it!" I screamed tired of his crap. Who did this guy think he was?

After my outburst I went to the bathroom to cool off, but not without stares following. I heard someone calling my name. It was probably Bubba or Bonnie, because I knew it was not Ash. This isn't the first time we've made a scene in public, although the people weren't this important. Actually, almost every time we go out in public, it's become a routine to argue over the most trivial things. Also, every single time, he never apologizes and I'm pretty sure he doesn't regret anything he says. By the end of the day, I think about it so much that I convince myself that it was my fault and I'm the one who ends up apologizing, and this time was no different.

I left the bathroom in search of Ash to apologize, 'cause to be completely honest, I was out of line, well in my opinion back then I was. Why should I ridicule him for trying to better his self, and hang with a different crowd? Maybe he'll get his crap together, and make something out of himself. My father already forbade me from marrying him, although I wouldn't have listened anyway because of my past with him, but maybe if he'll get his act together, then he might change his mind. Heck, maybe he'll even learn to be more mature about things. So, I continued for my search for Ash, until I saw him. Then it all made sense.

Don't know if you know this, but this was actually inspired by Brittney Spear's music video Criminal.