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The car ride was silent as Marceline fought to stay awake and Marshall Lee focused on the road. However, watching the same backdrop soon got boring, so he began to think. Marshall Lee wouldn't admit it, but deep inside his gut the guy was absolutely terrified. Not because of Ass but rather the confrontation that might occur. Confrontations had never gone well with him. Marceline had assured him that time was on their side; therefore Ass would not be at home.

"Relax Marsh! I've got it all under control. He usually goes grocery shopping today. That can of ass whooping you opened for him shouldn't change too much in his life. He's sure to go today. Also, the fact I haven't been shopping in a while, so he has to go! I mean that is if he wants to eat, and although he's a cannibal, he only eats people on Thursdays." Marceline reassured.

"What?" Marshall Lee asked, particularly at the end of her statement.

"Kidding, kidding! Gah, when did you become such a worrywart? Are you afraid of the big Ashy? You know they say his white hair is filled with secrets! So no worries, right? The big bad wolf won't hurt little red riding hood." Marceline grinned.

"The only thing funny about that was that you called Ash ashy. Other than that, leave the jokes and anything relating to humor to me." Marshall deadpanned.

At the time, Marshall Lee glared at her pathetic attempt of humor. She had thought he was scared of that loser? For real though? Now it's something Marceline just had to understand but Marshall Lee was just weird. He had weird phobias and even weirder fetishes (which one might not want to venture into that much). It just so happened that both awkward silences and confrontations were some of those phobias. Why Marshall Lee was afraid of awkward silences had not came across to him yet but confrontations had. Although Marshall Lee did not seem like "a man with a plan", he did like to think about stuff just a little bit before doing it—talking was another ordeal, but something that could affect both his life and face was a must on his think about list. Yet, Marceline kept saying there was a slim to none chance that Ash would be at his home, meaning there would be no confrontation.

Reassured but still reluctantly, he stop his "annoying fretting". However there was still this nagging feeling in the back of his head warning him trouble was about to come. He really did not want to listen to it.

"Come on! This isn't a dramatic movie or anything. Anything that can wrong isn't guaranteed to do so. For once, look on the bright side. Be optimistic just for once in your lifetime. I'm Marshall Lee, I can do this" He encouraged himself.

To keep his mind off of worrying and pessimistic thoughts, he decided to start a conversation with Marceline, who was still failing to stay awake. To awake her, he knew he had to ask an outrageous, socially unacceptable question.

"Have you ever wanted to punch a baby?" Marceline, who was laying her head on the seat drowsily jumped up swiftly.

"WHAT?" she asked alarmed.

"Look, I'm not condoning child abuse or anything, and not asking if you ever had, but if you wondered about it? Like, to do it just to see what it feels like? I mean let's say you had an opportunity to punch a baby without hurting it or anything. Would you do it?"

"Stop talking to me." She replied seriously.

"No, no—think about it. They're so soft and cuddly." Marshall Lee glanced at Marceline's reaction.

"Shut up, shut up, shut upppp!" Marceline sang as she plugged up her ears.

"Would it be like your fist colliding with a soft feathery pillow? Your fingers being enveloped in a white warmness left to fend for themselves?" Marshall Lee turned and raised his eyebrows.

After he turned back around to focus on the road, Marceline gave a swift punch to Marshall Lee's upper arm causing him to glance back at her quickly taking one hand off the steering wheel to cradle his once again injured arm.

"Hey! That hurt, ya know! I could've swerved off the road and led us to our untimely death!"

"Well, you're the one who was so interested in finding out how it felt like to punch a baby! I just did!"

"Oh really? So how did it feel, huh? I hope it felt sick and you regret it!" Marshall Lee spat out.

"Actually it didn't. It felt sickeningly satisfying!" Marceline hissed.

"You didn't even do it right you monster." Marshall Lee mumbled.

"How so?"

"You punched an awesome, sexy, gorgeous man. Not a baby." Marshall Lee pointed out.

"I punched a baby, ya baby." Marceline reassured.

"I'm not a baby! I'm awesome…and a MAN!" Marshall Lee grumbled as he set both of his hands back on the steering wheel. Marceline rolled her eyes at his childish comeback and set her head back on the seat.

"How long?" she whined, her patience wearing thin.

"You tell me. I didn't know he lived on the other side of town!"

"Well we all can't live in luxurious apartments like you."

"Gah, what was this guy's problem?" Marshall groaned.

"He was a womanizer and big poo head. Wealthy wasn't in his job description. He works at a tattoo parlor named "Slums" for glob's sake. He wasn't Ed Hardy, ya know, let alone you Marshall. Everybody can't be funny, sexy, and charming like you." Marceline yawned while Marshall Lee smiled creepily as she boosted his ego.

"You sure do have an eye for men Marcie babe." Marshall Lee joked.

"You sure do have an eye for men. " Marceline threw back.

"Who taught you these lame comebacks? They're so hurtful and tear inducing." Marshall sobbed sarcastically holding one of his hands to his chest.

"Don't hate on the comebacks bro." Marceline glared.

"I can't hate on something—I mean I'm Marshall Lee."

"You know, I'm really tempted to ask you what's so lumping important about you being 'Marshall Lee' and all, but I'm not 'cause that's what you want me to do."

"Your lost babe." Marshall Lee chuckled.

"So we've got like an hour or so drive and since you're set out on not letting me sleep, we've got to do something other than talk about harming children."

"What else is there to do?" Marshall Lee raised his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

"I don't know…talk?"

"Oh. My. Dear. Marceline! Are you trying to flirt with me? You gonna get your mac on? Run the game through me?"

"W-w-b-b—No!" Marceline stuttered until she saw the satisfied look on Marshall Lee's face, him practically holding back his laughter. She changed her attitude and expression for payback and smiled at him. "Why even deny it at this point? I should've known you would've figured it out eventually. Marshall, I've been captivated by you since the beginning. I mean, your personality is not totally atrocious, and that thing you do with your hair-adorbs. It was stupid of me to try to flirt with you secretly. I mean, you're Marshall Lee- the smart, handsome, charming Marshall Lee." She emphasized.

"Oh really?" Marshall Lee asked, his cocky smirk returning to his face. His cheeks were a bit flushed, but he wouldn't give up this opportunity. "What took you so long to just now realize this? I knew it since the beginning darling. What girl wouldn't fall in love with this? No, a better question would be why wouldn't you fall in love with all this?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because of the fact that you're Marshall Lee and although all of that other stuff might be true, you're still a pompous ass hole. Plus, you've got to take in the fact that although you are Marshall Lee, I'm Marceline." Marceline laughed as Marshall Lee's face deflated with recognition of her imitation.

"Psh, yeah whatever. You still suck."

"Now what do you have to say about my comebacks lover boy?" Marceline poked his cheek that was facing her.

"Other than the fact that you're a big hater? Nothing—nothing at all."

"Hater, Smater. What do you wanna talk about Marshall darling?" Marceline smiled sweetly, cuddling onto the arm that she had previously hit. Marshall Lee peeked at her and replied,

"You really shouldn't do that while I'm driving. You wouldn't want this pompous ass hole to get distracted and kill us."

"Don't be like that. I was kidding. I pulled a Marshall, don't hate the player, hate the game."

"But I invented the game, so I'm just gonna hate you." Marshall Lee grumbled, eyes focusing back on the road.

"You can't hate me. I love you too much for you to hate me." Marceline pouted.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." Marshall Lee proclaimed.

"Say you love me." Marceline begged.

"Would I really be driving you to your ex's if I didn't?" Marshall Lee retorted.

"Closure Marsh, closure—I need it!" Marceline insisted.

"Fine, fine! I love you Marceline."

"I know you do." She grinned.

"I get no love back. Dang, I see how it is now. Use the guy for his house and generosity and he can't even get no love. Marshall Lee never gets any love. You dirty."

"Oh hush!" Marceline said as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Did you just do something? I didn't even feel it for real. Do it again and maybe longer this time so I can determine what it is you're doing." Marshall Lee quirked his eyebrow.

"Now you just getting greedy." Marceline playfully slapped the arm she hung on.

"Only for you and your loving." Marshall Lee hummed.

"You're too much. So what do you want to do for the rest of the trip?" Marceline questioned, detaching herself from his arm and messing with a strand of hair.

"What, I got too personal with you? Well, let's see. Since you're uncomfortable with getting personal, I say questions." Marshall Lee suggested.

"What do you mean? Like 20 questions or something?" Marceline raised her eyebrow.

"No, I mean however many questions we can get in during our ride to Ass's." Marshall Lee explained.

"Hmm…fine—but I go first! But first, you have got to stop calling him that. So let's see…What should my first question be…? Oh, I know! Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and beautiful?"

"I'd rather be all four. You know, like a walking enigma." Marshall Lee laughed. Marceline looked at him disapprovingly. "Fine, in all actuality I'm a little of all four. I'm smart in certain subjects like girls, music, and street stuff but dumb in other stuff like science, history, and some of math. I'm beautiful to some and ugly to others. Yet either way, I can't please everyone. So I would just go with me. I mean, I like myself."

"Someone has to." Marceline mumbled.

"You can be real hurtful at times, but I know you love me even if you won't admit it. My turn! Have you ever been in love?"

"Uhh, what kind of love? Like like love or love love?"

"You know what I'm talking about Marceline; talking 'bout real love." Marshall Lee clarified.

"In all honesty, I'd have to say no. I liked Ash, and I probably thought once I was in love with him, but I know for sure I wasn't. I was lonely and when someone gets lonely, company and love isn't too different."

"I forgot that you were so wise. Now hurry up and get your question out of the way." Marshall rushed.

"Fine. Since we want to be all serious and personal, have you ever had your heart broken?" Marceline asked. She wasn't expecting the answer she got.

"Yep. Plenty of times actually." Marshall Lee glanced at her.

"Really? I mean you being all cocky and stuff…I-I-I just doubted that you…but you're just so sweet and… Who was she and where can I find her?" Marceline deadpanned.

"It's not that serious Marceline, but I'm glad to know that you're my ride or die. But for real though, girls like me, but they just don't like like me. I'm good to them for a month, and they're ready for some bad guy to rough them up and such. I'm not saying I'm always the good guy, because I know I haven't. I went through my bad guy stage, all women are whores so I'm just gonna flob around with them for a while. I've also been through the fuck bitches get money stage. All girls are triflin' and no good so I'm just going to leave them alone. I've gotten through both of them, and I like to think of myself as an okay guy. I can be an ass hole sometimes, but other than that I'm okay."

"But you're just so sweet and stuff. You don't deserve that." Marceline persisted.

"Go tell Ashley that. It's not every day a girl decides to steal from you." Marshall murmured.

"What? Tell me more about this Ashley girl! What was her deal?"

"I would, but it's my turn. You just gonna have to wait sucka. So Marvel or DC?" Marshall Lee pursed his lips.

"Really? You're such a geek, but Marvel for the win." Marceline shrugged.

"MARVEL? REALLY THOUGH, MARVEL? You suck on so many levels."

"You must be a DC twerp, but whatever. I said Marvel, didn't I? DC is old and washed up, Marvel is where it's at now. Have you seen that previews for The Avengers? That's going to rock. I'm pretty sure it'll rock on so many different levels. Then, let's not forget the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, which we are so going to see. Also their past successes with the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3 (even though it sucked), X-Men and all of its other movies related to them, Thor (an upcoming second for him), Iron Man 1 and 2 (you know rumor has it that there might be a third), The Incredible Hulk, Captain America (with Chris Evans and all of his sexiness and then there will be a second), Daredevil, and all of the Ghost Rider , The Amazing Spider-Man hasn't even come out yet, but I'm pretty sure there is going to be a second. It's the golden age for Marvel. I'm sure I've missed some of the movies anyways. So what all has DC have recently? The Green Lantern and the Dark Knight franchise. Go on somewhere with that." Marceline huffed, as she crossed her arms.

"And I'm the geek? Whatever, yeah sure, Marvel might have a bunch of movies coming out, but when you think of superheroes, who do you think of? Superman and Batman! What about villains? Nobody cares about y'all sorry villains! The Joker is the most bad ass villain of all time! DC is going to come back. I mean, who watches all of the other Disney Channel crap anyways? That's where Marvel's crap is on. I was raised on Cartoon Network, and you wanna know who was on there- The Justice League, Teen Titans, and now Young Justice. Bruce Wayne is a better millionaire than Tony Stark. I mean Stark went and screwed everything up with the whole Superhero registration act! He freaking killed Captain America for glob's sake! DC characters have more depth! I mean Roy Harper had a great impact on all of comic books! What other superhero had a heroin problem? Yeah sure, maybe Captain America did Ice that one time- time traveling, steroid taking freak! Maybe Thor did get roofied, the idiotic God who you can barely understand like the Hulk. 'By Odin's Beard'? GO BACK TO MYTHOLOGY PSYCHO! Wolverine on cocaine? Is that even something new, I mean the guy always seems like he's on drugs! But no, not one of them saved a dead cat. Roy Harper is like trademarked for that. We'll have our era. Soon…Very soon!" Marshall Lee bragged.

"This superhero conversation is over. I swear we're such nerds. Anyways it's my turn…crap, what was I going to ask? You did that on purpose! Now I've done forgot what I was about to ask. Guess I need a substitute. What turns you on with a girl?"

"Her foot work." Marshall Lee replied nonchalantly.

"Excuse me?"

"So a girl has got to have a mean shoe game to be with me. Not none of those sperrys or whatever they're called. I mean, Toms are okay but what about some fly J's? Nike once in a while. Get it? Nike means just do it. Boots can even chill with the master." Marshall Lee explained completely serious.

"Oh. For a minute there, I thought you had some weird foot fetish going on. That would not be okay. So how's my shoe game?"

"Lame as hell," Marshall responded without batting an eyelash "but don't worry. I'll help you out on that."

"I don't know if I should be offended or flattered." Marceline said confused.

"Both will do really, but shut up. It's my turn. Marshall is at the stand. If there is one thing that can make you smile instantly, what is it?" Marshall looked at Marceline expectantly.

"My bear, Hambo. It's my most treasured possession." Marceline admitted.

"Let me guess, it's at Ass's."

"Yes, it's at Ash's. But other than that, you." Marceline smiled.

"Me? Me what?" Marshall asked confused.

"One thing that can make me instantly is you silly—emphasis on thing." Marceline smirked.

"You know that moment we had going on right there? Well, yeah you pretty much ruined it." Marshall Lee glared in Marceline's direction.

"Good, now you can pullover. I have got to pee."

"Some things you can keep to yourself babe."

"But caring is sharing Marshy-Poo!" Marceline cooed.

"You're delaying us Marcy Fartsy!" Marshall Lee cooed back.

"Just pull over!" Marceline demanded.

"I don't wanna." Marshall Lee argued.

"I will pee on your lap!" Marceline threatened.

"I can be R. Kelly for a day." Marshall Lee laughed as Marceline made a disgusted face. "Fine, but you have five minutes."

"I need time to wash my hands."

"Just use some Germ X or something."

"Eww, no! That's like artificially washing your hands or something." Marceline stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"Is that even possible?" Marshall Lee asked.

"I don't know, but people need to start back washing their hands. I don't care if they do got some hand sanitizer in their purse or something. Use some soap and water." Marceline preached.

"Amen sista!" Marshall Lee raised his hand. He then turned to park at a decent gas station.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Marceline practically jumped out of the car as soon as Marshall put the car in park. She was surprised to see him opening his door as well. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going in the trees right there. Get in touch with nature, ya know?" Marshall Lee said sarcastically.

"Okay then smart ass." Marceline smiled.

"I'll be in the gas station. Don't go number two okay?" Marshall Lee advised.

"Of course not—I'll wait until I get to your house to do that!" Marceline laughed.

"OUR house, therefore you'll have chores that we'll discuss later…like cleaning up after yourself!" Marshall said as he led the way to the gas station. The bell introduced their entrance.

"Bathroom?" Marceline asked.

"Eh, to the left. The key's on the counter." A familiar Brooklyn accent rang in Marshall's ears. Marshall looked to see his old friend behind the counter reading a newspaper.

"Thanks!" Marceline rushed to the bathroom slamming the door.

"Flambo, Flambo, Flambo." Marshall Lee sang as he walked towards the counter. "Who would've known that I'd see you here?"

Flambo's ears perked up as recognition clouded his mind. "Marshall Lee? The Marshall Lee?" Flambo sat down the newspaper he was reading to see his old friend. "What are you doing here?"

"Nice greeting there flamey baby. I'm taking my friend places. I thought you worked at that gas factory… What're you doing here?"

"Eh, you know how it is. Gotta work a billion places to get a decent pay. Oh wait, I forgot ever since you became a big shot, you forgot about us little guys ay?" Flambo smiled.

"Don't worry Flambo, I still remember you little guys." Marshall laughed along with him.

"Now about your lady friend—where exactly are you taking her? The old Marshall I know would take her straight to his bedroom, if ya know what I'm saying." Flambo looked at Marshall Lee expectantly.

"Ah, Flambo I changed! She's just a friend." Marshall Lee reassured.

"For now?"

"Yeah…for now." Marshall winked.

A throat was cleared. Marshall and Flambo looked back to see Marceline. Marceline saw that Marshall Lee was talking to some tan guy with spiked yet poofy brownish red hair. He had a gold chain with a red button down shirt unbuttoned about four buttons down so you could see his chest that had a little hair growing on it. His shirt was tucked into khaki slacks that were held up with black belt. He was a rather short strange looking man.

"Marceline~!" Marshall Lee called as he went towards her, grabbed her elbow, and led her back to the counter. "This is Flambo. He knows everyone's flames."

"Marshall, ya give me too much credit! But yeah, I'm familiar with Ms. Marceline. You're treading dangerous waters with this one, Marsh. Ash isn't going to be too happy."

"How do you know Ash?"Marceline looked at him skeptically.

"Eh, I don't exactly. I just heard of him…and you…and about every single detail of your relationship. Marcy, you've got some 'splaining to do!" Flambo laughed.

Marceline rolled her eyes unamused and crossed her arms. Marshall Lee poked Marceline in her side. She wasn't impressed.

"Calm down Marceline! Flambo is just playing." Marshall Lee assured.

"Sorry to disturb you and your misses Marsh buddy. Didn't mean any disrespect Ms. Marceline." Flambo apologized.

"See, he apologized Marceline. Get off your high horse and accept it." Marshall Lee scolded.

"Fine—it's okay. Can we go Marshall?" Marceline asked, feeling uncomfortable being scrutinized.

"Yeah," Marshall Lee answered, leaving, "bye Flambo. See you later."

"Yeah, yeah, see ya Marsh! Nice meeting ya Ms. Marceline!" Flambo waved slouched over the counter. "We've got to catch up sometime! Maybe go and play cards or something?"

"That'd be great!" Marshall answered, the bell signaling his and Marceline's departure.

"I didn't like him." Marceline stated.

"Only because he brought up you and Ass." Marshall Lee responded.

"Speaking of Ash, let's hurry up and get this over with." Marceline went towards the car and opened the door.

"You're the one who wanted to stop and go to the bathroom. Don't bring your attitude out on me." Marshall advised, sliding in the car. Marshall Lee put the key in the ignition and started the car.

"Sorry. Now it's my turn to ask a question. Good thing I remembered it to! You know my whole situation with Ash, but I don't know that much about Ashley. You tell me little snippets, but I wanna know the 411. Entrust your secrets within me Marshall. Tell me what happened."

"That sounded so creepy." Marshall Lee declared as he turned on the radio. "That question will have to wait though because this is my song."

On the radio was the well known song "We Are Young" by Fun. Marceline face palmed herself because of the annoying song and Marshall's avoidance of her question.



"Now I know that I'm not, all that you got, I guess that I….mmmmm…yeahh…our friends…back…drinking the cup…finding someone…..mmm…..home…. TO-NIII-IIIIIII-GGGHTT, WE ARE YOUNGGGGGGGGGGGG! SO LET'S SET THE WORLDON FIII-IREEE. WE CAN BURN BRIGHTTTTTEERRR THAN THE SUUUUUUUUN-SUUNNNN-UNNNNNN."

"You don't even know the song!" Marceline tried to persuade him to shut up.

"You don't need to know the song to know that it's art!" Marshall Lee commented.

"Uh, yes you do!" Marceline covered her ears.

"SHUT UP MARCELINE! You're just mad that the song speaks to me! So if by the time…yeah….and uhh down. I'LL CARRY YOU HOME TONIGHT."

"Finally!" Marceline uncovered her ears.

"You know Marceline; I'll carry you home tonight." Marshall Lee said.

"If you're singing that song, then I wouldn't want you to. I'm just really glad it's over."

"Just in time too, because I think we're here. This the place?" Marshall questioned.

"Yep this is the hell hole."


"Are you going to sing throughout all of this? If you are, can you sing a song not annoying?" Marceline stared, reluctant to get out of the car.


"I said not annoying." Marceline reminded.



Marshall Lee broke into laughter and held onto his stomach.

"What brought on this onslaught of songs?" Marceline held the bridge of her nose.

"I don't know. I'm like a traveling music box. You ready to rumble!" Marshall asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be. I'm doing this for Hambo." Marceline announced.

"FOR HAMBO!" Marshall fist pumped opening the doors.

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