A little note-text that are italics are from the story Eye of the Storm: Bastion.

Again, I want to thank Laloga for letting me use her awesome character's and story line!

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What do you say in a moment like this
When you can't find the words to tell it like it is
Just close your eyes and let your heart lead the way
Oh what do you say

-Reba McEntire

A bolt of blue plasma leaped for Milo while he paused to adjust his aim a fraction of an inch; she heard his yelp of pain, watched the scorch-mark appear on his armored chest even as he fired one last time, felt the ground tremble when he collapsed beside her.

"Milo!" Kalinda screamed.

She put her hands on his face and tried to send him a measure of calm, but it was impossible next to the terror and loss that she felt all around them.

"I'm sorry, Kalinda," he said at last. His voice was steady and his eyes on her were clear even though part of her brain realized that she was weeping. "I couldn't stop him in time."

"What happened?" It was all she could think to say. Kali was dimly aware of Honi and Zara's frantic approach but she could look at no one but the young man before her.

His eyes closed then opened in a long blink, even the small movement slow and halting. "Order 66...if the Jedi attempt to harm the Republic, we're to kill them. Direct from the Chancellor himself." She could tell that it was costing him a great deal of effort to speak so she shook her head.

"Never mind, Mi. We'll sort that out later...Honi?"

Honi stood frozen in place as she watched Milo, her friend, her lover die in front of her and the only thing that she could articulate was, "Master...your knee." The red-haired woman and her Padawan were beside her now but Kali shook her head again.

"Later Honi…Milo."

Milo...you shot your own brothers. Kali shook her head again and gritted her teeth. "Honi, he needs your help." Her former Padawan knelt beside Milo and placed a hand on his cheek. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Oh god Milo, I am so sorry. I'm sorry I never told you how much you meant to me, how much I loved you. I love you…

Kali watched his face change from a look of pain and fear to one of peace. After a moment Honi looked at the dark-haired Jedi.

"There's nothing I can do, Kalinda." Her voice was tight and quiet. Honi slid her hand from his cheek and interwove her fingers with his gloved ones. He was her first to show her what love was, could be and like a fool she never told him what he meant to her. The Code…Code be damned! "Milo…" she whimpered, but stopped herself shortly at the sound of Zara's faint sob.

Zara made a sobbing sound but seemed to swallow it down and Kali reached for Milo's hand, gripping it as hard as she was able, as if it would make any difference.

But he spoke before she could, his eyes on hers were steady and unafraid. "Thank you, Kali." He gave her a small smile. "For everything." He rolled his head toward Honi and even with the words unspoken he knew what she wanted to say to him. Milo whispered with his last breath, "I love you."

And he was gone.