When Fire Meets Ice


Time. Sometimes you feel like you have too much of it and other times it feels as if you do not have enough. I, for one, have had far more than my fill of it.

For over six hundred years, I think I've managed to do everything to kill time. I've studied countless different subjects, lived in nearly every part of the world at least once (starting in Italy, where I was born), and am fluent in several different languages and dialects.

The world has gone through immense changes since I was born and, in my opinion, it's in one of its most interesting phases to date. Individualism is at its peak in popularity and that's saying something, especially after the crazy ass hippie motherfuckers of the 1960s. Science fiction fantasies and its monsters are extremely trendy as well, with vampires and werewolves (or lycans) at the top of the list.

Fuck vampires, though. I hate them. As for werewolves, well, I am one. A real, full-blooded werewolf. As in, I have superhuman strength and speed, I'm allergic to silver, and am affected by the curse of the moon. Because of my advanced age, I can change into my wolf-like form, at will without a problem. All my bones have break, shift, and re-grow to transform. When it's voluntary, I can do it quickly with only being slightly sore, but under the full moon, it becomes a mandatory, slow process and extremely painful. That's why they call it a curse.

There aren't many of us left after the genocide of my species. Vampires, namely the Volturi, killed off hundreds of my kind…my family included. Since I was just nine-years-old, I've been alone…a rogue wolf, so to speak, with no one or nothing to live for, and frankly, I don't give a damn anymore. I just exist.

For the last five years or so, I have been staying in Phoenix, Arizona, and even though the desert is beautiful, my inner animal can't stand the city scene and the restraints I have to have in order to act as human as possible. Plus, my body hasn't aged since I reached my full maturity at 20 so it would be noticeable sooner or later. Now the question is: Where the hell do I go?

I needed a change of scenery and I wanted to go to a more remote place. I opened a map of the US, closed my eyes and just picked. Yea I am that indecisive. I opened my eyes to see that my finger had landed on the state of Washington…and a town called Forks. Well, haven't been there yet.

I figured I could run in my fur and get there in a couple of days if I take my time. There's no rush. It's Tuesday and hopefully by the end of the week I can register as a new student at the high school which I wouldn't be surprised if it was called Forks High.

I waited till the dead of night to leave. I look up at the sky and see the waning of the moon. Once I was out far enough away from the city, I tied my bag with my clothes and essentials (like new IDs and such) around my leg, and I focused on the transformation, only taking less than two seconds. I groan as I move each joints to get over the sore stiffness. It's always a little sore the first voluntary shift after the full moon.

I take off running and within no time at all, I reach a river. I approach the bank and look at my reflection. I have the head of a wolf, although I have a little bit longer canine teeth that are 10x sharper than normal and my golden yellow eyes. Hell, on all fours I could be mistaken for a huge wolf but as I stand up on my hind legs, a huge wolf is what my prey wish I was. I glance down at the rest of my massive body that resembles the body of a bodybuilder just covered in chocolate brown fur. I examine my long digits and sharp claws, and reach behind me to grab my long bushy tail. I let out an amused huff. With all the movies that humans have made about werewolves, the only one to pinpoint the look almost exactly would be "Van Helsing"…and even they forgot the tail.

I got back down on all fours and looked up at the stars for direction. As soon as I got my heading, I started sprinting north for Forks, Washington.

As predicted, I arrived in Forks early Friday morning. I shift back to my human form and put on a t-shirt, jeans, and some sneakers. I'll have to look for a place later today to take a shower. First things first, I gotta register for school or else I won't do it at all. High school can be so damn boring.

I start making my way out of the woods and my nose scrunches up to a revolting musky smell. Ugh what the fuck is that? I looked around to see if I could find the source to the repulsive smell but came up empty handed. Oh well. Whatever.

Again, I head into town and find the high school almost in the dead center of it. Forks High School. I knew it. I walk in through the main doors of the administration building right up to the desk.

"Hi," I smile at the elderly lady sitting behind the counter. "My name is Isabella Swan, and I would like to register as a new student."

A/N: I know this is short but bare with me, it's only the prologue. The chapters will get longer I promise. I saw that most werewolf stories on the site were of them transforming into actual wolves just like the Quileute shifters and I wanted to change that up a bit. I had a dream about werewolves when I was a kid and they looked nothing like the movies that I had seen. When Van Helsing came out, I was so excited because that's exactly how I dreamt they would look like, so I'm going with that visual.

Anyway, the first chapter will be up soon but review please, and tell me what you think so far!