Chapter 14

I didn't go to school that Monday. After the first full moon I spent in Forks, I realized it was easier just to keep to myself for the twenty-four hours prior to the mandatory shift. Even with Garrett's help, I still wasn't shifting as much as I needed to and the last one was about a week ago.

Since my last encounter with Alice a couple days ago, I had been a little on edge. I tried calling her a few times, but they went unanswered. According to Garrett, she had been ignoring him too. I told him what I had said to her, and he covered his face with his hand. He had told me that he didn't blame me for what I said, but he didn't blame her for leaving either.

I was growing more and more annoyed with the whole situation, and my old friend was sensing that. He suggested that he find a way to lure the Cullen clan away tonight, instead of keeping watch over me during this full moon. I agreed; I feared in my exasperation I would tear him up more than last time.

As a result, I spent all day curled up on the couch, clutching my father's ring and submerged in solitude. I thought of my departed parents and the mate I couldn't be with. My only saving grace was Garrett. Who knows what would've happened by now if he didn't show up.

Nausea hit me, as expected, and by dusk, I was on my knees worshiping the porcelain gods. Every so often, the sounds of my heaving were drowned out by the loud thunderstorm going on outside. My temperature skyrocketed and I reached over to turn on the cold shower. Out of nowhere, there was a knock at my front door.

Oh God. Go away.

The knock sounded again so I quickly popped in my green contacts and rinsed out my mouth with mouthwash. Upon opening the door, I was relieved yet horrified at who was standing in front of me.

"Alice," I managed to whisper. The pixie vampire was standing on my porch. Her hair and jacket were barely holding any beads of water, telling me that she used her inhuman speed to stay out of the rain. She's so beautiful.

"Oh Bella, you look terrible," she stepped forward and cupped my face. Her ice cold hand felt soothing against my scorching hot flesh. My wolf, having more control over me at the moment, placed my hand over hers, closed my eyes, and leaned into her touch. Too soon, she withdrew her hand and raised the back of it to my forehead. "And you're burning up. Do you need to go to the hospital?" She's so cute when she worries…well, when she worries about me.

My wolf was joyously basking in the presence of our mate. Suddenly, the bones in my hand that was holding the door open broke backward with an awful cracking noise. It took everything I had not to scream out or make a face. The excruciating pain snapped me out of my loving daze, bringing me back to the seriousness of the situation.

What is she doing here? Why isn't she with Garrett?

"What was that?" Alice asked, not being able to see my disfigured fingers.

I took a moment to try and rise above the pain shooting up my arm before answering. "What are you doing here?" my voice sounded harsher than I intended.

She took a step back, "I noticed you weren't at school today, and I wanted to apologize for the way I've been treating you –" CRACK! The bones in my hand snapped back in place. The sound was loud enough to make her stop talking. I focused on holding my breath and staring straight at her.

I have to get her out of here.

"You don't hear that?" she leaned around me to peek inside.

"Look, my head is pounding, and I'm really out of it. Can we just do whatever this is tomorrow?"

Right as the words left my mouth I felt something else wanting to leave as well. I left Alice at the door and ran straight for my bathroom. My stomach had been emptied long before, and all that remained was stomach acid. My nose burned and throat burned as I spewed it into the toilet.

I felt cold hands gather my hair back and start rubbing my neck. It was unbelievably soothing, but I was scared out of my mind all at the same time. The last thing I need is for my body to start shifting in front of her. It's a miracle that it was just my fingers behind the door that distorted.

"You should go, Alice," I mumbled pathetically with my body still bowed over the toilet.

"Are you done throwing up?" she asked, ignoring me. I just nodded in response. "C'mon, let's get you into bed." She wrapped right arm around her shoulders and took hold of my waist. From this position, the top of her head was just right under mine. The smell of her hair filled my nose, almost completely knocking out any other scent. It was like a drug to my system making everything else hazy.

Despite our size difference, Alice handled my weight with ease. Her strength should have been no surprise to me, but I still found myself in awe. She just always seems so dainty and delicate; it's easy to forget she's anything but.

The pixie laid me down in my bed and sat beside me, gently running her fingers through my hair. My joints were starting to feel like they were on fire causing me to panic internally.

"Thank you. I'm okay now. You should go home," I practically pleaded with her.

"I can't just leave you."

"You have before," I retorted sternly.

She stared at me with a half angry, half guilty expression. It mirrored my own emotions: angry at her for constantly putting me last, yet guilty for upsetting her.

"I told you I came here to apologize. Jasper–"

"Ah, yes, Jasper," my teeth sharpened at the mention of his name. "Tell me, does he know you're here or did you have to sneak away? This isn't the first time you've apologized. I'm not some toy that you can just decide to play with when the bully isn't around. When you realize that, you know where to find me, until then, there's the door."

My eyes weld up with tears I refused to shed. What started off as a need to get her away from me to save my identity turned into a need to keep her away for my sanity. I couldn't handle the whiplash relationship we developed. I was tired of the guessing games.

She looked at me with such a deep sadness that I was sure she would have cried if she could have. Without saying another word, she got up and walked out of my room. A few moments later, I heard the front door shut softly and the hum of her Porsche's engine leave the driveway. The tears that wouldn't fall before were streaming down my face now. The pain I felt in my heart was far greater than any other pain I had felt before. My wolf wanted to desperately go after her, but logically, I knew this was for the best.

I got out of the bed and paced back and forth in my room. My thoracic cavity exploded forward and collapsed back in the next second. My wolf was beginning to take over. Heartache turned into anger and frustration as I felt my temperature spike. I threw my dresser to the floor as I stormed out of the room and toward the front door. I tried to regain control and gripped onto the couch, fighting with the beast not to go after Alice like I knew it wanted to.

A sudden force threw me as all my bones began breaking simultaneously; changing back and forth between my human and wolf form. I ripped off a couch cushion and bit down, screaming with pain and frustration. My claws grew as I dragged them across the floor, leaving deep scratch marks in the wood.

I fought an unwinnable battle for another hour before the full moon finally reached the highest point in the sky, and I shifted completely. The beast now had the upper hand as I raced through the trees toward the Cullen home. When I got closer, I climbed up the branches of a tree and approached the house from the treetops. I hid amongst the leaves and focused my senses on the house. I couldn't smell or hear anyone in the house. In the driveway, I could see two different sets of tire tracks in the mud: a departure and return.

I circled the perimeter of the house and came across Alice's scent heading due north. Finding her became top priority. I didn't even know what I would do once I found her. I just wanted to see her. At the moment, that was the only thing that mattered to the beast. The scent trail was still really fresh, maybe ten or fifteen minutes old so I knew she couldn't be too far…well by supernatural standards.

I sprinted at top speed, and after about fifteen miles, the pixie vampire came into my sight. She was standing in a defensive stance opposite two shifters; one in wolf form, one in human. I hid up in the trees moving toward them slowly, but by the looks of them, I could have walked right up to them and they probably wouldn't have noticed.

"—in Alaska. They'll be back sometime tomorrow," Alice sounded frustrated.

"You said you had told the new bloodsucker the boundaries, yet we can smell him on our land," spat the shifter I could recognize as Paul. He was standing behind a brown wolf with a grayish face and was shaking with anger; dangerously close to shifting himself.

"We did!" she argued back, but neither of the shifters appeared to be listening.

"In fact," he continued, "we tracked more than one of your trails. You've broken the treaty, Cullen. "

With those words, the gray-masked wolf lunged forward at Alice. She turned to run away, but the wolf managed to snatch her ankle and pull her down to him before she could escape. The wolf snapped at her from a top position as she tried her best to keep the massive jaws away. My vision flooded with red as I dove straight down from the trees into them. I tackled the wolf off of my mate and into a thick tree, shaking the trapped raindrops in its leaves free.

"Jared!" Paul exclaimed and instantly transformed into his silver wolf form that was slightly bigger than the other. I quickly moved over to Alice, who was still lying on the forest floor in shock. Crouching protectively over her on all fours, I snarled at Paul. Jared, the brown wolf, stumbled by his side, trying to shake off the hit. Their body masses were much larger than mine, but I knew I was stronger and more experienced, especially tonight on the full moon.

Paul launched himself forward first, knocking me from my position over Alice. He managed to sink his jaws deep into my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and threw him over my hip, but I was struck again by Jared. I found myself in the same position Alice was in, with him snapping at my head from above. I balled the fur of his chest in my fists, pulling him forward and biting down on his neck, his blood dripping down my muzzle. Jared howled in agony and I kicked him off.

I saw the silver wolf coming at me at from the left side, and I quickly swung at him, digging my claws across the side of his face. Paul whined and began pawing at his snout. I used the opportunity to throw a front kick at his ribs, slamming him into Jared.

I crouched low again making all the fur on my body stand straight up and growled and snarled menacingly, baring my long, sharp canines. The shifters backed off and darted deeper into the forest.

I turned to the spot I had left Alice, but she wasn't there. I looked up in the branches of the trees and spotted her watching from high above. She had a scared look on her face when she realized I found her. Not wanting her to flee, I laid on my belly like a canine and rested my head on my front claws. I let out a soft whine to show her I meant no harm.

Alice looked at me skeptically, but also curiously. We stared at each other under the moonlight for what seemed like hours. A plethora of thoughts were swarming my head; the most prominent hoping that she doesn't realize who I am.

"Why did you save me?" she whispered. "Do I know you?" I stayed silent, not daring to answer any questions she had for me. I had already risked enough.

But the shifters could have killed her if you didn't step in. Then where would you be?

Multiple howls erupted from the west. It sounded like more than half the pack was coming this way. Alice must have understood that too because she immediately bolted northward. I took off in the trees after her, keeping a short distance, not wanting to leave any tracks, and I needed to make sure she wasn't going to be ambushed. The shifters could probably still follow her scent from this altitude, but I knew mine wasn't going to be an issue.

My scent was faint in human form. The only one I knew that could actually really notice it was Alice, although, that wasn't a worry to me now. Just like my physical being, my scent also transforms into a wilder, more natural pheromone, so I wasn't worried about her recognizing it. It is just as faint as it is when I'm human which helped a lot during the genocide. However, I was sure Alice had no trouble detecting it if she could easily catch my human scent.

The tiny vampire stopped soon after the rain started turning into snow. My wet coat frosted over in the icy air. The rain hadn't done a good job of washing away the blood that had caked on to my fur after the fight so now it was frozen on the tips. I knelt down in front of her on one knee to be closer at eye level.

"Thank you for saving me, and continuing to make sure I was safe," she said softly. I nodded once, showing her I understood. "I'm going to go find my family."

She outstretched her hand as if to pet my head. Normally, I wouldn't condone such an action, but my beast was starving for any attention from Alice. I had been depriving us for a long time. I leaned my head in to meet her hand. She let out a breath I didn't realize she was holding and softly ran her fingers through my fur...too similar to when she was putting me in bed earlier.

Abruptly, I stood up and headed down south again, not looking back.


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