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"You guys…we should all do something together before summer ends."

Kenny suggests while devouring a piece of cheese pizza. Cartman, Kenny, Stan and I decided to come to Shakey's Pizza for a late lunch.

In about a week and a half, we're all going to be going our own ways, leaving South Park for good for school.

"What do you mean Ken?" I ask while sipping out of my glass of diet coke. I gasp slightly when Stan leans over and presses a gentle kiss against my cheek and I can't help but let out a quiet giggle.

"Ugh, fags…do you really need to do that here?" Cartman groans under his breath while Stan and I look at each other and roll our eyes sarcastically.

"I mean like go on a trip together…not like a long trip, but maybe a day trip or something? Maybe go camping?"

"Mmm! Ken…that sounds like…a good idea!" I speak while chewing on my own slice of pizza.

"It could be fun…" We all look over at Cartman, and we all raise our eyebrows that Cartman is actually agreeing with us. Kenny pats Cartman on the back, while we chuckle at him groaning and Stan wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me flush against his side.

Stan thinks it would be cute if he fed me the rest of my pizza, and I really think it's stupid and embarrassing but I can't help but blush and I feel like I'm dying of happiness inside.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Kenny staring at us intently and Cartman being forced to move as close to the wall as possible and staring at the picture hanging on the wall to avoid the sight in front of him.

"Hello Stan, Hello Kyle." A familiar voice brings us out of our world of happiness, and we turn to see a glaring Wendy standing there glaring at Stan and I.

"Oh…hello Wendy. What are you doing here?" Stan asks while he rests his chin on his hand. Her glare lightens up when a good looking, blonde haired boy comes up and stands beside her, his arm going around her shoulder.

"Skank…" Cartman mumbles quietly and Kenny covers his mouth with his hand to hide his laughter. She gives them a pissed off look before smiling sweetly in Stan's direction.

"Just here, having lunch with my new boyfriend." She leans up and presses her lips against his in a hasty kiss. I look at Stan, who is wearing a big smile on his face.

"That's great! I'm happy for you. Oh, I'm Stan, nice to meet you dude." Stan reaches his hand up and the other guy brings his and grips Stan's.

"Yo Stan, I'm Chris. Nice to meet you, too." I look at Wendy to see her gazing at Stan, probably trying to make him jealous. I know I'm slightly jealous, but watching Stan not be affected by this makes me feel better.

"Alright, Wendy we better go, our table is ready." He waves and walks off, following the waitress and Wendy puts her hands on the table, her strong perfume making me gag slightly.

"Nice seeing you boys. Bye Stan." She gives Stan an obvious wink before leaving to catch up with her boyfriend.

What a bitch, Stan said they still get along and she was finally over Stan and liked someone else, but I think she was just lying to get closer to Stan. She's always been a liar and manipulative.

"Well that must have been weird, eh Stan?" Kenny rests his head on his hand, while still wearing a grin on his face.

"Not at all." My head turns towards him and I can't help but let a small smile take over my face.

The three of us continue to chat for a bit, while Cartman just continues to eat, trying to ignore us now. Just as Stan is about to ask me something, a wife and husband walk by us with four little children.

The children are tugging on their parents clothes, three of them laughing and one crying while the mom and dad smile and reach down to ruffle their hair, probably trying to get them to be quiet. I take a quick glance over at Stan to see him smiling dreamily at the scene before us. His gaze is fixed on the little children, and I bet he's always wanted that perfect family.

The problem is that I can't give him that perfect family he wants, and I don't know if he understands that or not.

Cartman decides to finally join the conversation, while I space out, keeping quiet.Oh Stan, I can't give you what you really want in life.

Walking up the steep hill is starting to be hard on my legs, but I push my way through it when Stan's warm hand wraps around mine. I look back to see Cartman falling behind, bent over and gasping for air.

"Guuuuuys…can we take a break?" The three of us laugh at Cartman's struggle, but my gaze is fixed on Stan. His raven black hair gently blowing in the wind, his blue eyes as bright as ever and the smile on his face makes my face heat up a bit. The peacefulness of the beautiful sunset makes everything better.

"I think this place is actually good!" We hear Cartman throw his stuff on the ground and breathe a sigh of relief.

The four of us decided a few days ago to take a camping trip, and while we're setting our stuff down and relaxing for a minute, a bunch of things are running through my mind.

While I stare at Stan and all of his glory, I think of how our relationship has changed over the last three years. After the Craig and Clyde incident, we haven't argued that much. Of course there are little things we've had spats about but we are still deeply in love and would never dare of breaking up again.

I catch Stan looking over at me and my eyes meet his and we both give each other a loving smile before I decide it's time to set up.

"Okay guys, time to set up the tent!" I laugh a bit at Stan's face, going from a smile to a look of horror. Cartman lets out a grunt, but Kenny stands up quickly and runs towards me and grabs my arm.

"I agree dude. I'll help you!" A confused smile forms on my face, wondering why Kenny is being so enthusiastic to help me set up. Maybe he's just excited about the camping trip, but maybe it's something else.

I really wish Stan would help because he's tall and strong but I know he's too lazy and Cartman is too stupid. As I bend over to nail the pegs into the ground I hear a whistle come from behind me.

"Nice ass!" Hearing his raspy voice I have to admit is turning me on quite a bit, the feeling of my pants tightens slightly but I turn around to grin at him.

"Yeah, well you aren't helping so you aren't getting this baby!" I shake my ass at him and he looks like he wants to pounce on me.

"Ugh, god, please stop. You're going to make me throw up!"

After the tents are set up, I tiredly walk over to Stan and plop myself onto his lap, draping my arms over his shoulders, resting my cheek against his. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Kenny staring intently at us.


"What's wrong, Ky?"

I don't want to tell him that I think Kenny is staring at me, I don't want this to turn into another fight like when Clyde tried to become my 'friend.' I press a lazy kiss on his jaw and sigh.


"Alright! Who is going to bunk with who?" My hands are getting slightly cold and red so I remove my arms from his shoulders and lace our fingers together.

"Umm…I think Kyle and I will bunk together…" A hint in Stan's voice tells me that we're most likely going to have sex in the tent later, and I'm not going to complain about that.

"I agree."

"Oh you guys just want to have sex. How about I bunk with Kyle?" Kenny offers and I start to become nervous how persistent Kenny is with helping me set up and bunking with me.

"But…I want to be with St-"

"You spend all your time with Stan! Just for one night, come on."

Stan and I share a disappointed look as we're probably thinking the same thing. His hand grips mine and squeezes it to reassure me there will be other times we can be together.It's just one night, I think to myself.


Kenny's face lights up and he walks to us, putting his hand on my back and rubbing gently. I move around on Stan's lap uncomfortable, hoping he stops and I'm relieved when he does.

"Ugh, I have to share with Stan? This fucking sucks." I look up to see Stan rolling his eyes, and I feel bad that he has to share with fatass. I think it'd be more fun for Cartman if he got to share the tent with Kenny.

"Yeah Cartman, you never know, I could turn you gay." Stan laughs when Cartman's eyes grow twice in size.

"Go to hell, Stan. You're sleeping outside." I listen as Stan and Cartman exchange smartass comments and jokes and I realize that I think they are actually quite good friends.

"So…what should we do?"

"We could start a camp fire, have some marshmallows…Oh! And play truth or dare!" Kenny suggests while we all groan.

"Only kids play that stupid game." Cartman crosses his arms and huffs out in annoyance.

"We're playing, and that's final."

Cartman, Stan and I all roll our eyes at Kenny's game suggestion. I don't really like truth or dare, something bad always happens.

Stan shifts around and I get up off of his lap so he can stand up. He grabs my hand and drags me away from our two friends.

"Kyle and I will collect sticks and wood."

Stan and I walk a bit away from them and as Stan and I collect small to large pieces of sticks and wood, we exchange glances at each other, some of disappointment and maybe some of worry over the game.

"Do we really have to play truth or dare? I don't really want to."

"We just have to humor Kenny, ok?" I really want to hug Stan, but with our hands full of stuff we can't really so stand on my tippy toes and press my cold lips against his own cold ones. His tongue darts in my mouth and my body immediately warms up as I let out a moan into his mouth.

"Tryto have fun…" He whispers against my cheek and I just want to toss the sticks on the ground, drag him to the tent so we can have our way with each other.

"Mmm…I will." With one more quick kiss we head back to find Cartman and Kenny in the middle of an intense conversation.

"Oh you guys are back! Let's get the fire started." I watch as Kenny and Stan start the fire but my gaze moves to Cartman to find him with a pout on his face.

When the fire is started Stan and I sit on a log, cuddling up against each other. We watch as Cartman and Kenny sit with quite a bit of distance between them. I flinch a bit when Stan's arm wraps around my waist once again.

"Okay! I'll start! Cartman, truth or dare?" Kenny asks excitedly.

"Ugh…dare, I guess." Cartman says with a bored expression.

"Hmm…I dare you to kiss Stan." The expression on Cartman's face is priceless but then it hits me what he just said.

"Wh-what? Kenny, come on…Stan…" I give Stan a desperate look, but I know he's a good sport and will do this.

"It's just truth or dare, Kyle. It's a game!"

"Fuck no! I don't want to kiss him."

"Come on, just one peck. Be a good sport Cartman. We won't tell anyone, it's just a game. I could have given you something worse."

Cartman's rage seems to have calmed down and he gets up and walks over to us, kneeling in front of Stan. Stan let's go of my waist, and I don't know if I can watch this.

"If it makes you feel better, I'm a damn good kisser." Stan smirks as he leans in to press his lips against Cartman's in a quick, but tender looking kiss.

When they pull away from each other, Cartman wipes his mouth and spits on the ground. I take a hold of Stan's arm in a possessive, jealous matter but I don't care, I don't want anyone to touch him.

"That was disgusting!" Stan fakes a hurt expression before letting out a chuckle.

"My turn. Kenny, truth or dare?" Kenny smirks suggestively while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Dare, baby. I'll do anything." I watch as a giant grin forms on Cartman's face and I know it's going to be something perverted.

"I dare you to kiss Kyle for 10 seconds. You make me kiss Stan, you kiss his boyfriend." Kenny smiles and looks at me.

"Gladly." My eyes widen at his statement.What? Gladly? I thought he wasn't gay?At the beginning of my relationship with Stan I remember going to Kenny's house and trying to get him to have sex with me but he said he wasn't gay. Maybe he is now.

"Guys…this isn't justa kissing game! Come on!" Stan says with a hint of jealousy in his voice. I do understand why he's jealous, from when I did try to get Kenny to sleep with me.

Kenny comes over to me and places his hands on my cheeks, grinning madly at me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Stan glaring at him, trying to tell him to back off.

"Kenny, please don't do-" But before I can finish my sentence his lips are on mine, his tongue trying to pry it's way into my mouth but I refuse to let him in. I push against his chest after the 10 seconds are up, wiping my mouth.

"Damn Stan, you're lucky, he's a great kisser." Kenny says while going back over to his spot beside Cartman.

If looks could kill, Kenny would be dead already. I can tell Stan is extremely mad and I lean over to whisper into his ear, my hands placed on his shoulders.

"I love you."

"Okay, Okay you guys, Kyle it's your turn!"

Stan smiles at me and presses his lips against my cheek before taking my hand in his, facing towards me.

"Alright. Kyle, truth or dare?" I stare into his gorgeous blue eyes, and usually I never do a dare but I feel up to anything right now.

"Dare." I say in an attempted deep voice, but my voice is too high pitched so I probably sound stupid.

Stan takes a minute to think before Kenny comes over to him, whispering something into his ear. Stan doesn't look too happy, obviously still pissed with Kenny. I know it's going to be another perverted dare.

"Ok, this is Kenny's idea…we dare you to take your clothes off."

"Huh? B-but…it's cold out!" Goosebumps are already covering my entire body even before I start to strip down.

"You can keep you boxers on. And only for a few minutes."

"Yeah and I'll keep you warm, I promise." With the smile Stan is giving me, I think I can do this, even though it's going to be the most embarrassing thing I've ever done.

I begin to unbutton my coat, sliding it off before taking my shirt off, exposing my naked chest. My face feels like it's burning off while my upper body is basically freezing. Kenny is staring intently at my body and I'm starting to feel a bit weirded out.

"Fuck…" A realization hits me that I'm wearing the pink underwear that Stan's always wanted me to wear and was saving it for tonight in the tent.

"Um…I can't take my pants off…I'm uhh…not wearing underwear." I watch as Stan's smile grows twice in size, and I also notice Kenny smirking.

"Aw, you faggy Jew, that's disgusting. We don't need to see that."

"That's fine baby, you don't need to take your pants off." I hop on his lap and he wraps his strong, warm arms around my naked chest, his fingers brushing over my hardened nipples and I cover my mouth to hide my moans.

"You have to leave your shirt off for longer then, since you aren't completely stripping."

"Fine." I revel in the warmth surrounding me, but I notice the disappointment in Kenny's voice that I didn't completely strip.

"Alright Stan, your turn!"

"Stan…truth or dare?" I turn my head to the side and blush as I feel his lips brush against my cheek.


"Pussy…" Cartman grumbles under his breath.

I decide to take the opportunity to ask him about the situation at the pizza place the other day. I want to know if he truly wants kids or not and if he understands that I can't give him any.

"Stan…do you want…children?" I don't turn around to look at his expression, I keep my eyes on Kenny and Cartman, watching their faces become awkward. There's an uncomfortable silence, the only noise is the crackling flames coming from the campfire. I gulp loudly when his arms tighten around my waist.

"…Um…yeah…I do want children…"

I nod in understanding before standing up and angrily grabbing my shirt and coat, throwing them on before storming off.

"Whoa, Kyle! Come back!" I hear Stan shout after me, but I don't turn around, I keep running into the darkness of the forest. Anger fills my veins, and I know I'm being overdramatic but I'm acting on pure emotion right now.

I want to do everything I possibly can to make Stan the happiest man in the world, but there are some things I can't do. If I could, I would give him children, but it's physically impossible.

"Kyle!" His voice is becoming more distant until I can't hear anything but silence anymore.


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