The crackle of a vortex manipulator echoed around the TARDIS which was shockingly quiet compared to normal no 'he left the bloody brakes on again' just the gentle hum of the TARDIS. The undeniable smell of smoke that the vortex manipulator generated. "RIVER!" He yelled before hitting his head on the TARDIS under which he had been lying "GAH... OWWW." He nearly sat up again before deciding against it and rolling out like the gangly mess he was. He looked up at her and grinned lopsidedly as she laughed at him. "I thought you hated using the manipulator because of what it did to your hair"
"You said it was always like this." River couldn't help but laugh at The Doctor he was brilliant but so uncoordinated it was unbelievable.
"I wouldn't have it any other way." He said clambering to his feet
"You knew I was coming"
"What makes you say that?" The Doctor said just a little too innocently.
"No TARDIS brakes."
"...Amy and Rory are sleeping"
"They're accustomed to the sound" River said smirking.
"How could I possibly have known you were coming?" He asked
"You're you." She remarked the smirk clear in her voice.
"Well yes, that's very astute of you to mention I am me but I don't see the relevance of the fact I am me to the fact that I knew you were coming." He floundered words spilling out his mouth
"So you admit you knew I was coming?"
"What when did I say that?"
"I knew you were coming" She quoted at him.
"I... Well... That's, That's out of context"
"You're clutching at straws"
"Oh... shut up" He mumbled. River laughed and it was music to his ears he closed his eyes and took a deep breath just listening to the magical noise coming from her glorious mouth. When The Doctor opened his eyes to see River leaning on the rail opposite him looking so seductive he nearly fell over from the shock. 'Is it possible to look that seductive just standing against a rail?' He thought to himself 'Surely it should be illegal! Maybe it's that smile... It is a rather beautiful smile. And that body... Wait what?' He mentally scolded himself 'You shouldn't be thinking those things whilst her parents are upstairs. You just shouldn't be thinking those things'
"You've been staring at me, leering would be a better word, for the best part of 5 minutes."
"Right. Right... Right."
"You alright?"
"Yes I'm fine. Absolutely fine." He said his voice very soft and distant.
"Doctor?" He coughed and shook his head in a last ditch attempt to shake the thoughts from his head and darted round the TARDIS.
"Where to?"
"What were you thinking?" She asked completely ignoring his question advancing on him. The Doctor blushed a deep shade of red and darted away from her. River smirked and asked "Are you really going to make me chase you around the TARDIS?"
"N..No" The Doctor spluttered "I'm just driving the TARDIS"
"You haven't done a single thing we're still hovering somewhere in the Vortex"
"Well that's not the point. Completely besides the point. So far from the point it might as well just be not a point..." HE trailed off. The Doctor had stopped moving around and was gesturing wildly. River had moved close to him and the Doctors eyes flickered to Rivers lips and up to her eyes before flicking down to her breasts quickly and back to her eyes again
"What were you thinking sweetie?" She asked seductively and her smooth voice almost covering the playful threat. He smirked
"Wouldn't you like to know" He muttered flirtatiously.
"That's why I'm asking." She breathed. He felt her breath bounce off his neck and shuddered slightly he leaned down towards her
"And what makes you think I'm going to tell you"
"You always do"
"That's completely untrue" He tried to say indignantly but he was incapable of speaking above a whisper at the moment. The fact that his hands were on Rivers hips made him absolutely sure he had no control over his extremities. River snaked her hands around his neck
"Shut up" She muttered and kissed him her eyes closing he took a moment to react before kissing her back his mouth opening slightly as her tongue snaked in and danced around his each of them battling for domination. The Doctors hands slid up her back playing with Rivers curls. They broke apart panting the Doctor resting his forehead on hers staring into Rivers eyes. They stayed there for several minutes the Doctor gently curling her hair around his fingers. River sighed contentedly as they stood wrapped around each other.
"You say shut up like it's an indication of you about to kiss me."
"You were asking for it. Both things." She laughed breathily.