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Chapter 1: My Story

P.O.V.: Bubbles

Setting: Cold winter's day, Christmas Eve

The sound of my feet crunching on the snow would've made me giggle, if I wasn't suffering from frostbite right about now. The wind was as sharp as knives, cutting into my skin and chilling out my bones. I was extremely bundled up from head to toe. I had on my hand knit blue hat and matching scarf and gloves. I also had on my bulky white coat, the one I had bought that was made of the warmest material around.

I even had on a thick sweater underneath al this made of wool.

But the weather was too harsh, and the snow only made it worse. The roads were too slippery to drive on, and I would've flown to Blossom's house, but I couldn't, being it was the temperature would turn me into a popsicle mid air.

An old lady doesn't need to deal with that sort of thing you know.

That's right, you heard me! I'm an old lady now…

I'm easily pushing 50.

I was holding a covered up and warm pumpkin pie, the one I make every year for this occasion. I get a hold of it just before Halloween by going Pumpkin Picking with the family, and hold onto it for this one specific holiday. It was Christmas Eve after all, and everyone wanted me to bake something. I was the cook in the family, although Blossom was quite good herself. And Buttercup? Uhhh…Buttercup couldn't even fry eggs right… not to sound mean! It's just…the truth. I offered to teach her, but she never wanted to. Oh well…

With a frosted sigh, I look to my left. Houses surrounded me as I walked. This was my favorite block of the neighborhood. It was always so comforting and had a very gentle, warm feeling to it.

Not long ago, I too lived on this block. And let me tell you… those were the best days of my life.

I was still walking when I came to a stop in front of my old house… the one I had lived my married life in.

The wind blew my graying blonde hair remorselessly as my eyelids drooped. This house…

The white paint, light blue roof and shutters, dark chestnut front door, a front porch with two white pillars holding it up, those wooden stairs that always seemed to be polished…

The garden in front was dead now. It could have been because it was winter, and everything dies in winter. But I knew it was because the people now living here hated gardening. They were nice, but not gardeners..

I could almost hear the childish but sweet laughter in the background, and see the rose bushes bloom into view out of nowhere, the sound of lemonade being poured… the smell of summer.

I closed my eyes to relive it all, taking a deep breath in…

Suddenly, I heard a voice call out my name. my eyes popped open as I turned towards it, not facing my old house anymore.

"Aunt Bubbles! There you are!" I heard Tiffany call out to me, Buttercup's daughter. Tiffany was grown up now, about 30. She had her own family too, and happened to settle down with a firefighter who's name was Erick. They had a beautiful son named Joe, age 8. Tiffany herself was a beautiful woman. She looked similar to her mother, but with longer hair and darker eyes, which she inherited from none other than Butch. Butch and Buttercup had gotten together earlier than anyone. They had been secretly dating for a long time before any one of us knew…

But that's a story for another day.

I smiled at Tiffany as she flew over to me, her dark green trail of light following after her. How in the world was she flying in this harsh weather? I definitely couldn't!

She smiled shyly at me as she landed and gave me a hug. She had on a black overcoat and dark jeans with black boots. You can definitely tell her favorite color's black, no?

I hug her as well, taking in her pretty perfume. It smelled like something from Victoria's Secret. I didn't know Tiffany shopped there… she seemed so cultured. It was hard to picture my niece in there, surrounded by flashy thongs and bras…

She was a very reserved person. Unlike her parents…

"If it isn't Tiffany! What a nice surprise." I smile warmly, patting her back. She laughed her signature laugh, a mix of sensuality and just plain goofiness.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was on my way to your place. I saw your message on aunt Blossom's home phone. You weren't coming today?" she frowns at that, letting go of me.

I just noticed her cute little flower headband in her hair. It was a dark purple color, and looked like a rose…

Very Tiffany. She loved purple.

"I wasn't going to come because I um… was kind of worried about the roads, and I don't have any salt to help me get out."

"so why not just fly?"

"Too cold for that…"

"But I was flying just a moment ago.."

"you're young!" I smiled big "You can take it! An old lady such as me could never dream of it…"

"Aw come on aunt Bubbles, you're far from old."

"You're so sweet, thank you Tiffany…" I blushed and she nodded.

"So, if you aren't coming…why are you out here?" I look towards my old house and sigh, she looks at it too.

I didn't say anything, but I saw her shiver at it.

"…Guess I changed my mind. The walk would do me some good. Isn't snow pretty to look at? It's so soothing." I giggle and she manages a soft smile at me.
"…Aunt Bubbles..? I know it might b e p-painful to ask you to do this but…" she frowns gently and then smiles reassuringly, looping her arm around my shoulder. We start to walk down the side walk, towards Blossom's house a block down.

"My son, Joe, needs to do a project. He says it's got to be done on one of his family members and it can't be his mother or father."

My eyebrows raise at that, as I stare at the ground, making sure I don't slip. Her words make my heart skip a beat…

"Oh…?" I ask aloud, and Tiffany nods steadily, always watching me, observing..

"Yes. And well, to be honest… he wants to do the report on.. you Aunt Bubbles." she smiles, trying to lighten the mood, "Says he's the closest to you and wants to learn more about you." she sings out.

I bite my lip and smile, looking up at the snow falling from the sky. A snow flake lands on my nose gently, melting away…

"Me…" Is all I can say. There's silence as we continue to walk, and I see Tiffany nod from the corner of my eye. She's looking at me cautiously, waiting to see my reaction.

"Dear, I'm touched by this, I really am! Honest. But…" I look away and smile sadly.

"there's so much to tell." I breathe out and Tiffany sighs, looking away.

"You're right, I know."

"when's it due by?"

"…Oh, you know my son! Ever the procrastinator.. It's due the day he comes back from the holidays! He neglected to mention a thing to me about it until today…" her eyes narrow into little slits, her mother's anger showing now.

"The little weasel…"

I laugh at her and smile. I wouldn't let him down then.

"Alright dear, you don't have anything to worry about. Today, I'll pull him on the side and we'll talk about it, sound good?" Tiffany's face lights up as she smiles gratefully at me.

"Really? Aw gee, thanks Aunt Bubbles… I got you a great gift for Christmas, so that'll be my thanks right there." she laughs and I laugh with her. Then she stops walking, and I realize we've already crossed onto the next block. There was hardly any traffic out, so the road was simple to cross.

She lets go of my shoulder and smiles sympathetically at me.

"Just…do me a favor and don't strain yourself, okay? Tell him only the things you want to tell him. No need to over do it… he's only 8 after all. What's the teacher going to do? Check Ancestry dot com to see if he's correct?" she rolls her eyes and laughs sarcastically. I giggle at that, but am touched at her attempt to understand…

"Don't worry about it. That's what Aunts are for."

"To tell their niece's son about her past?"

"No silly! You know what I mean!" I blush and giggle as Tiffany cracks up at me.

Yeah, yeah, just messing around with ya is all. Now come on, lets get you inside…your lips are getting blue."

"Do they match my eyes?" I bat my eyelashes giddily and we both crack up at that.

"Soon they will! Come on." she smiles, taking my hand and pulling me up the narrow stone stair way to Blossom's house.

Ah Blossom. Her house never changed. it was propped up on a small little hill and had a huge naturally grown Christmas Tree in the front yard, in fact, two of them. They were coated in lovely white snow that sometimes fell off gently and sprinkled to the ground like glitter.

The house itself was made of bricks, no pun intended, and had a white front door that had a little window in it, with a screen door behind it. There was a big window next to the door, but part of it was blocked from view by the huge Christmas tree growing outside her house. The house also had a chimney and was very comforting to look at.

I grabbed onto the banister as I walked my way up the stone steps to the house, watching as the smoke from the chimney flew out into the grey sky.

"Lovely home.." I mumble out, knowing Tiffany would hear me. She smiles as we come to the door.

"Yeah right? Better than my mom's and dad's house was in the city.." she cringed at that. I remember Buttercup's house. It seemed so far away…

It was actually not bad. I think what Tiffany was referring to was the fact it was never neat. It was a large penthouse and had a great view of Townsville.

However, Buttercup, never the one to clean…like, ever, kept it just as messy as Butch would leave it.

Tiffany, on the other hand, was the one who got stuck with the random neat trait, and had to suffer and do all the cleaning in that house. Now, at least, she married a man who's much more like herself..

And he was a very handsome feller too! Blue eyed and brown haired…with a strong face and a cute little cleft on his chin.

With those blue eyes of his…He kind of reminded me of…

"She's here!" Tiffany sang out as we entered the much warmer home, and Blossom rushed in from the kitchen to see us. I could hear the sound of laughter and talking coming from the dining room, and couldn't wait to see the rest of my family. I also heard low Christmas music playing in the background. As always, Blossom always knew how to coordinate an event. That's why whenever there is one, she takes hold of it and makes it take place in her house. No one really minds though, because Blossom's house is perfect for all types of gathering. Christmas especially with those huge Christmas trees outside!

Blossom had her hair tied back in her famous long ponytail, and had on pretty bright red lipstick. She was wearing a light pink apron and a red dress underneath that with matching red heels.

The most adorable part of her outfit though, was her little candy cane earrings! I just ate those up and practically squealed when I saw them!

She smiled big at me, showing off her pearly whites. Blossom barely had any grays in her hair, and if she ever did, they were so unnoticeable to me, because her hair was so shiny in the first place.

No, and she kept very healthy too, barely having any wrinkles. For 50 years old, she could easily pass as 35. She was wiping her hands on a checkered rag that I'm sure she used just for cleaning or something. Blossom was very organized like that.

"OOOH Blossom, you look so good!" I cooed, going towards her, arms outstretched, to hug her with. She laughed and hugged me back.

"Glad you could make it Bubbles! Happy I sent Tiffany after you?" Blossom laughed.

"I was on my way anyway you know…changed my mind the minute I hung up!"

Her eyebrows raised at that.

"Really? So, wait, how'd you get here?"

"We walked. It was a good walk." I said, letting go of her and to my surprise, I see Buttercup walking in, looking down at something. She had on oven gloves that were burnt at the tips, and was holding a clear pan that contain something that looked like a chocolate cake…?

Her face was all scrunched up as she stared at it and stopped, seconds away from almost bumping into Blossom and myself. She looked up and saw us there and blinked, making a pissed of face.

"what?" she asks me and I just giggle.

"Is that supposed to be a chocolate cake or something?" I smile teasingly and she scowls at me, a blush forming on her slightly wrinkled cheeks.

"Oh shut up! It's lasagna …okay? O-Or was…." she looks away, pissed off.

I can't help but laugh! Blossom laughs a bit too and takes the pan from her, trying to hide a smile to be polite.

"THAT'S lasagna? Buttercup, if you wanted to cook, you should've just et me teach you how.." I somatically reach out my hand to touch her shoulder, but she just rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, whatever…"

"Buttercup, I don't get it. You followed all my directions. Why did it burn so bad?" Blossom asks, examining it while trying not smile.

"Ugh…. I left it in too long, alright? That was it…"

"Too long alright!" I burst out laughing again and Buttercup growls at me.

"Mom, take a chill pill, will ya? You always mess up cooking, it's nothing new." Tiffany calms her down, taking her hand and pulling her away.

"You're a pretty suckish daughter aren't you?" I hear Buttercup accuse her daughter as she's pulled away and I slowly stop laughing. I needed a good laugh just now.

Actually, Buttercup looked very nice today. She had her hair nice and neat and these cute little Christmas tree earrings on! Also, not surprisingly, she was wearing a black dress with a green apron, because she had been cooking. I guess she brought it from home all the way in the city because I know Blossom didn't have any green aprons. She also had on black flats, because she wasn't into the whole 'heels thing'.

I had to give Buttercup credit. She was trying. That counts for something!

"OH! I see you brought your Pumpkin Pie!" Blossom excitedly notices and I giggle, nodding eagerly.

"GREAT! Put it on the table will you? I'm setting it up with already made food now." Blossom smiles and informs me and I nod, eager to help.

It's funny…when I'm around family, I don't feel alone or sad anymore. I feel the way they would've wanted me to feel…


A sad smile spread across my face as I went to go into the dining room.

I gasped when I saw how beautiful everything looked. Blossom, unfailingly, set up a lovely feast on the table, accompanied by two long and thin red candles in golden candle holders, and a mistletoe themed table cloth. Everyone was seated around the table, which beneath the table cloth, was a nice light golden brown wood color, and the chairs matched. Heck, she even made the napkins match the candles! They were red, and had golden napkin rings around them.

Around the table sat Brick, Butch, Buttercup, Tiffany, Erick, Joe, and Brick and Blossom's children, Jeff and Justine. Jeff was the married one, and he had a beautiful wife named Hanna. Hanna had brown golden eyes and short chocolate brown hair, with rosy cheeks, tan skin, and full pink lips. She worked as a school teacher for elementary kids and was very good with children. They had their own child, and one on the way.

That's right! Hanna was pregnant! She was elated about it too, and she's already 3 months.

Their child that was already born was named Dana, and she was only five years old. Dana was a very hyper child, but very intellectual. Not surprising from Blossom's side of the family! She was quite lovable, and often times I enjoyed playing with her. Most of the time, she wanted to play simple games, such as hide and seek and Patty cake, but sometimes, she'd go for the bigger challenges, such as puzzles and even scrabble. She loved to read, and her favorite book was the Classic, Green Eggs and Ham. Dana had brown air with striking red eyes and tan skin, like her mother.

Jeff, my actual nephew, was the spitting image of his father. He had the sunset colored hair, and red eyes. He also had a lot of freckles, and glasses. He was tough, but very smart. He appeared to be mild mannered and gentle, but I have seen his tough side too…

Then, there was Justine, Blossom's other child. Justine was a stunning girl with short red hair and piercing magenta eyes. She had some freckles as well, and was the only single child left, yet was the same age as her brother Jeff, 28.

No one knew for sure when she'd settle down. All we knew was that she was a highly independent girl, one whom didn't take any crap from boys or people in general and could be very cold and cruel at times. Maybe that's why she didn't get many guys…she was so intimidating with her words.

Yet, I'm sure looks wise she must have a million of them eating out of the palm of her hands.

Joe, my Great-Nephew, was a handsomely beautiful little 8 year old. He had short and well groomed shiny black hair that was always spiked in the front, with surprisingly pale skin and bright blue eyes that he inherited from Erick, his father. He was small, about up to my waist, and a very interesting little boy. He was in love with fire trucks, and desperately wanted to be a firefighter like his dad someday.

He also loved karate and took it up as a hobby and was convinced he was a ninja in a past life. Who knows! Maybe he was?

Yet the boy was quite mannerly, and even though he definitely had his rowdy side, you loved him for it, and definitely could hold down a decent conversation with him…that is, when he wasn't being shy. He was pretty smart for an 8 year old, but a complete slacker none the less. He must get it from Grandma Buttercup over there!

It was safe to say the family was all here…

All except for two…

Oh, I forgot to mention… the professor was here too! He was an old man now, and he needed a wheel chair to get around. Since Blossom was the most attached to the professor AND had the means of caring for him, the Professor now lived herewith Brick and her.

He was old and grey haired, but still looked the same somehow. He was pushing 80! It makes me want to cry whenever I see him… he was so frail and had about a hundred wrinkles and liver spots on his face now. But his eyes never changed. always so full of love and understanding…

I made my rounds to everyone, greeting everyone with hugs and kisses happily.

"Hello Jeffery!" I called Jeff by his formal name. He smiles cheekily at me, pushing up his glasses, his red eyes mischievous, as usual.

"Hey there Aunt Bubbles. Nice to see you made it."

"Thank you, and hello Hanna, I see Dana's getting big!" I say with a smile and peck to both their cheeks. Dana smiled sweetly at me and looked down at Dana, who was currently sitting in her lap, her pregnant belly sticking out just enough to touch Dana's back.

"Isn't she? What do you say to your great-aunt Bubbles Dana?"

Dana giggled and I noticed she was holding a Rubik's cube! She had somehow managed to get all the blue in the same square too…

She looked up at me and smiled with those little baby teeth of hers, her red eyes shining prettily and matching her suede red dress.

"Hiii~" she dragged out and I gave her a peck on the cheek too.

"Hello!" she giggles at me and I look at Brick now as well.

"Brick, nice to see you without the hat for once." I joke around, seeing as that same red hat was still on his head. He rolls his eyes and playfully scowls at me.

"Nice to see you left your cane home today." he wittily snap right back and I gasp with a smile at his words.

"You little…" I narrow my eyes jokingly at him. He just rolls his eyes and gets up to give me a big hug. I laugh and hug back. He hasn't changed a bit over the years…except the fact that his hair is shorter. He used to have it in a ponytail that was medium length, but he cut it once he hit his late 30s. Like Blossom, he barely had any wrinkles either, and was well fit, just like he had always been.

Brick was also surprisingly soft at heart. He had put on a good act all those years when we were little… as if he hated Blossom. But he always secretly liked her…always.

The Rowdyruffs were just doing what they were told, and once they got too old for that and hit puberty? FORGET IT!

I smiled and took in his scent. This guy always smelled like cinnamon. How did he do it?

I let go of him and he snickered to himself as he sat back down.

Then I turned my attention towards the professor. He had wheeled himself between Brick and an empty chair I was guessing to be Blossom's. He had on a white long sleeved shirt, and a pair of black dress pants with black dress shoes to match. His legs were covered with a blanket I had knitted him last Christmas and it was in all the Christmas colors, Green, Gold, Red, and Blue. When he saw me his eyes lit up and he smiled big.

"Bubbles…!" he exclaimed as loudly as he could, but his voice was weak , scratchy and low. I smiled sympathetically, knowing he had to be hating the condition he was in. he had asthma now, and could barely breath half the time…

"Professor! It's so good to see you!" I gave him a big kiss on the cheek and a heart warming hug. He gently hugged back and laughed a sickly, but heart felt laugh.

"Love you too Bubbles. Glad to see you made it tonight." I smile warmly at him when I pull away.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world! Besides, it's not Christmas without a little of my famous pumpkin pie, eh?" I wink and his eyes bulge out in anticipation.

"MMM you're certainly right! I… I can't.." he starts to cough and I gently pat his back, waiting for him to finish. I frown as he covers his mouth and closes his eyes, his body shaking every time he coughs. Finally he stops and takes in a deep breath… I smile down at him comfortingly.

"..I can't wait." he finished, smiling back at me. I laugh gently and nod, taking his hand into mine and giving it a gentle squeeze before moving on.

Walking over to Buttercup now, I saw Butch and her were busy doing a little kissing… so I went straight for Erick and Tiffany.

"Hey, long time no see Aunt Bubbles." Joked Tiffany, then glanced towards her parents "Isn't that disturbing?" she snickers aloud and I laugh with her, giving her a peck on the cheek anyway, then Erick, who smiles warmly at me.

"Bubbles. Geez, how are ya? Haven't seen you in ages!" he exclaims and I laugh gently.

"Could be better but…I make due." he frowns gently and nods, understandably.

"I'm sure you do…" he trails off, sounding a bit winded.

I try not to frown or look upset…

Instead, I look at Joe and perk up all over again. He's drawing something on a piece of paper. Unsurprisingly, it's a fire truck.

"Joe! How's my great-nephew doing? Making art are we?" I giggle and kiss him on the head, causing him to turn around and look at me wide eyed.

When he sees who it is he blushes happily and smiles modestly.

"Hmm.." he hums warmly "Great-Aunt Bubbles."

"You said it sweetie, how are you?"

"Good. Do you like it?" he motions towards the drawing and I smile big, approvingly.

"Joe, it's the most magnificent thing I've ever seen." I wink and he smiles bigger, his blush deepening. He laughs at that and oh my goodness he has the cutest laugh. It sounds so innocent, almost like a baby boy's laugh, but a bit more mature.

"T-Thank you." his eyes shine into mine and I can't help but get lost in them…

A few minutes go by and I feel like I'm a bit hot now.

"Well, I'm going to take off this here coat now…" I say with a grin and take it off, to reveal a long, up to my knees, light blue dress. It has long sleeves as well and I have on tan stockings and matching blue pumps.

Trust me, I can still work this figure myself. My sisters weren't the only beautiful ones around here!

I took off my hand knit scarf, gloves and hat too and put everything on the back of a chair, right next to Joe. I figured it was the best place, since I was going to have to talk to him about his project and all that.

I glanced over at Buttercup and Butch and saw they had stopped kissing.

With a playful smile, I walked on over to them and put my hands on their shoulders, making them turn around to see who it was.

Buttercup rolled her eyes and Butch's eyebrows raised.

"Well! If it isn't Bubbles! You still an air head?" Butch cracked a joke and I giggle at him, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"I could ask you the same question."

"Ha ha, very funny. We all know you're the dumb one." he stuck his tongue out at me and I made a face at him.

"Hey! Am not!" Buttercup snickered at this.
"Kind of are Bubbles." she agreed with him, sending me a icy glance.

"Oh shut it Buttercup!" I fold my arms, hurt now. How could they be so mean…? they knew I was sensitive too!

Butch frowned at this and looked at Buttercup, then back at me.

He hadn't changed much, himself over the years. Just a few added stress lines from putting up with a hard headed wife was all!

His hair was, of course, spiked like when he was younger. He just didn't seem to get the fact he was oooold now. He he.

Brick got it! I mean, he was always more mature anyway. But you get my drift, right?

Butch was just a big kid…

"Aw come on now Bubbles, no need to get antsy, Kay? Just messin' with ya's all…" he smirks lightly, getting up to give me a hug. I accept and sigh, rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, always fun to mess with the 'dumb one', right?"

"Ha ha, yeah! See? Now you're getting it!" he jokes around and I let go of him quickly.

"You'll never grow up. Your own grandson has got more maturity then you." I giggle and smile at him. I knew he was just kidding. He pulls this stuff all the time. So does Brick, but Brick knows when to tone it down.

Butch can go on and on…and on..

"Whatever old lady." he says sitting down with a snicker and Buttercup sticks out her tongue at me, but then winks gently to reassure me she's not pissed much anymore.

I sigh and walk back over to my seat.

Joe's back to coloring in his red fire truck and looks up to greet me with those beautiful blue eyes of his.

"Grandpa's funny." he smiles but then frowns. "Why do you look upset?" he was so sharp that kid!

I sigh and reach out to touch his hand and shake my head no.

"No reason Joe. I'm not upset at all. Just getting old."

He makes an incredibly cute face of confusion - one of which he furrows his eyebrows and scrunches up his nose with a frown.

"Old? But you're so pretty."

I tilt my head to the side and can feel my heart melt.

"Awww Joe! I love you, you know that?" I reach out to grab his chin and he laughs that cute innocent laugh again. Ah… I always wanted grandchildren…
"I know." he states simply and goes back to drawing. I let go of his chin and pull in closer to the table. Then, I let my hands fold on the table and watch him draw.

"So Joe, I heard tell that you have to do a project? And you um.. Need me to help you?"

Joe's eyes widened as he continued to draw…but he also slowed down drawing.

"Umm…oh, right. That."

I smirk gently at him.

"Well, what do you need to know Joe? What is it you exactly have to do?" I raise an eyebrow and he sighs, looking away towards the food being put on the table.

Blossom was putting a big piece of ham on the table when Joe spoke up,

"My teacher told me three months ago I had to do interview a relative. I can't interview my parents, and don't want to interview anyone really…"

"why not?

"Cause…" he shrugs, looking down at his picture and sighing. He continues to draw.

"I'm not very social Great Aunt Bubbles."

"No way! You? You're kidding me!" I joke around with him and he laughs a bit again, but stops abruptly, still staring at his drawing.

"I chose you cause you're nice." he smiles contently at his picture, and stopped coloring it. I thought he was done when all of a sudden he takes another crayon and starts outlining it.

"Well thank you Joe but…Blossom's nice too, and so are your other great aunts and uncles."

"But they don't talk to me much."

I frown gently as I look down at his drawing…

"You know…"I begin, "I love to draw too."

He gasps and looks at me eagerly.

"Really?" I giggle and nod.

"Uh huh. I drew all the time, even before your age now." I smile proudly and he smiles big, showing off his baby teeth.

"You drew fire trucks too?" he hopes and I crack up laughing at that.

"Not quite. I drew lots of things though, like flowers and pretty little butterflies…"

"Oh…" was all he said, scrunching up his nose and looking down at his drawing, obviously thinking his was 'better'.

That made me laugh again, he was so cute.

"So…all you have to do is interview me? I'm sure there's a written portion to that."

"Yeah, I have to write everything I find out about you. It's like an essay. Then, I have to make a cover. The cover has to be hand made. Maybe I'll draw you…" he says, tilting his head to the side and smiling at me, thinking about it.

I chuckle and blush a bit.

"well, it would be fun, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, I'm practicing right now, so I don't mess up on you."

"You're practicing drawing me by drawing fire trucks?" I smile in confusion and he smiles confidently.

"Yup!" he nods once, back straightened and looking taller than before.

All I can do is laugh at his cuteness.

"You're adorable Joe. You know that?"

"Yup. I know." he smirks confidently, and at the moment, he was the spitting image of his grandfather, Butch…

I sigh and look away.

"Alright, fine, you can interview me."

"Thanks Great Aunt Bubbles. Think we could wait until after dinner though? I want to finish this drawing." he looks down at it eagerly, his eyes totally immersed in the drawing. I knew the feeling.

I smile lovingly, my eyelids lowering at him, my face content.

"I understand Joe…" and with that, I grew quite as everyone else around me talked…

Buttercup was yelling across the table at Brick about what was better, Basketball or football, and Butch was joining in with that conversation. Jeff was talking to his wife Hanna lowly, a sweet expression on his face, probably complimenting her on how she looks tonight. Dana, their five year old, was busy running around the room, searching for probably Blossom. Dana was very attached to Blossom, who was currently in the kitchen, fixing up the last of the meals to put on the table.

Justine was all by herself, looking at her nails with a sense of dignity and refinement, as if she belonged somewhere else, somewhere better. Like she was too good for the rest of us.

The Professor was sitting in his wheelchair, looking at the Christmas tree Blossom had set up in the living room. I'm pretty sure he wheeled himself on over there after I had greeted him. He was barely in my sight.

Tiffany was gone, probably went to stop at the restroom, and now Erick was talking to his son Joe. Joe was answering him, and they were talking about if Joe had asked me to help him complete his project. I smiled at Erick and Joe when I heard my name, but other than that, I was far away…

Lost in my own thoughts…

And then, about 30 minutes later, I heard nothing. Everyone stopped talking, and all you could hear was the low key Christmas music coming from the stereo in the living room.

Blossom was about to make an announcement was why. She was standing at the end of the table, her hands clasped together with a smile on her pretty and intellectual face.

I didn't need to hear what she was about to say next to know that…

Dinner was about to be served.


I was helping Blossom clean up the excellent meal she had made when I felt a tap on my arm. Currently, I was washing the dishes at the sink while Blossom rushed in and out of the kitchen with dishes.

I looked to my right to see it was Joe, and his eyes were determined.

"Great-Aunt Bubbles?"

"Oh hello Joe." I smiled gently.

"I'm busy right now, but what's on your mind?" he looks at the dishes and his eyebrows raise, then he makes that confused face again that makes me just want to hug him.

"You like dishes?" I laugh at that and shake my head no.

"No, not really. But being clean is important, no? and it's the least I can do to help Blossom after this wonderful meal…"

"Great-Aunt Bubbles, I need your help now." he says openly and I blink, and sigh.

"Well… alright. Give me a second and I'll be done-"

"No, my mom says I have to do it now." he says angrily, obviously upset Tiffany was telling him what to do. He folds his arms, making a mad face that was still just plain cute.

I smile loving at him and nod slowly.

'Okay, I'll start while we're here, how's that sound?"

He looks up at me, still a little mad, but looks hopeful now. Hopeful that he won't get yelled at.

"Thank you." he smiles at me now and I smile back.

"Do you have a pen and paper?"

He looks around for one and shakes his head no.

I look away and try not to laugh while I continue to scrub these dishes clean.

"Phh…you'd better get one Joe! Cause trust me when I say it…" I smile sadly as I watch a bubble from all the soap float up by my nose, and then pops…

"You'll need it."

"Okay. Oh and by the way, don't tell me everything about how you were made. I already know that story. Tell me stuff I don't know."

"Oh trust me.." I sigh out, my mind already darting back into time… "I will."

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