AN: I do not own Vampire Diaries or Twilight. This story is set 4 years after New Moon. Bella and Elena have just graduated college, Edward never came back, but Bella and Jake remain friends.

Elena POV

I took a brief moment and stared out the window at the gloriously warm September afternoon in Mystic Falls that I had been too busy to enjoy. Stefan and I had been furiously cleaning the house all morning, although I had to be thankful that it was going faster with my vampire boyfriend by my side. I had graduated from the University of Vermont this past May with a degree in teaching. I had been back in Mystic Falls and living with the Salvatore brothers for a few months now and had just started teaching Math at the local high school. We were cleaning this morning because my best friend and roommate from college, Bella Swan, was coming to live with us. She graduated with her BSN and was going to be a nurse at the local hospital. I was a little on edge because per Stefan's request, we had not told Damon about the new addition to the household yet.

As I was putting the vacuum cleaner away, Damon finally decided to grace us with his presence, coming down the stairs in just sweat pants, hair tangled, and went right for the bottle of scotch. My heart immediately started racing at the conversation and the subsequent anger I knew was sure to follow.

Damon turned at the sound of my heart beating faster and raised an eyebrow with the uncapped scotch bottle in his hand. "Feeling anxious Elena?"

I was about to open my mouth when Stefan stepped in front of me protectively and took the lead. "Damon, there is something we have to tell you. Elena's friend Bella is moving in with us today, she—"

Damon's face contorted with rage and the scotch bottle was flying across the room in an instant, smashing against the wall and raining glass everywhere. "WHAT?"

Stefan stood protectively in front of me and took a steadying breath. "She is going to be a nurse at the local hospital, and she shouldn't have to live alone seeing as she was Elena's roommate in college and they are extremely close. She seems to be a supernatural creature magnet as it is, and this town is crawling with mythical creatures. Elena and I would never forgive ourselves if something happened to her. I've met her, she is a good person. Plus the house is in my name, so I get the final say in these matters."

Damon closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Why was I not informed of this earlier? I need time to prepare you know, living with one human girl is stressful enough at times… but two of them? No offense Elena."

I smiled weakly, "None taken Damon."

Stefan sighed, "We didn't tell you because we didn't want to have to deal with you coming up with some diabolical plan to stop her from coming. She'll be here soon."

Damon smirked arrogantly, "You know me so well brother. Well I'm going upstairs to shower, and then I have business to take care of."

I stepped out from behind Stefan, seeing as how the situation seemed under control for the moment, and called out to Damon as he was trudging up the stairs. "I think you'll like her Damon, she is very unique."

Damon's eyebrows rose with slight interest, "Have you forgotten Elena? I don't like anyone." And with that he was gone, and the shower was heard being turned on upstairs.

Stefan hugged me from behind and kissed the top of my head. I leaned back against him and sighed. "Well that went better than expected."

Bella POV

I pulled up the driveway of the house my GPS had taken me too and my jaw dropped. Elena had never mentioned she lived in a mansion. I removed my sunglasses and placed them on top of my head, smiling as I thought of the line from that Green Day song 'Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end'. This was definitely a new beginning.

After Edward left at the beginning of my senior year, I fell into a deep depression. I was able to pull myself out of it with the help of Jake and throwing myself into my school work. I swore off boyfriends, graduated high school with honors, and got into UVM for nursing. There I met Elena, she was my freshman roommate but we got along so well we stayed roommates for the rest of college. Her boyfriend Stefan was always coming up to visit her, having chosen to go to the local college where they were from. We all got along from day one, although they were always trying to set me up at the beginning with all these different guys. That finally stopped when I told them of my past, and how I was determined to remain single forever because of it. That didn't mean I couldn't indulge in some fun with various guys, but I was no longer looking for a commitment of any sort.

Our second year of college I found out that Stefan, and his brother who I had never met, were vampires. He had happened to see the scar on my wrist that James had left, and I felt comfortable enough with him to tell him of the Cullens, and what had gone down. Stefan reamed me out for dating a Daywalker. Apparently there are several different types of vampires. Stefan and his brother are Nightwalkers, but can come out in the day because of special rings. And although Nightwalkers are more lethal to Daywalkers, Daywalkers are more lethal to humans because they kill their pray instead of just drinking for the fill. Stefan, Elena and I had formed an incredibly close bond, and I was ecstatic they had invited me to live with them, although I was slightly nervous about meeting Stefan's brother, as I heard he could be really difficult to deal with.

I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. Seconds later it was being thrown open and Elena was pulling me into a massive hug, once she was done squealing, Stefan stepped up for his turn and there was more hugging all around. Did I mention how I'm not into touchy feely moments? Yet they always do this.

"Bella! We are so glad you are here!" They both said in unison.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, "You guys, seeming more and more like a married couple. Simmer down, it's only been a few months!"

I followed them into the living room where the was a brown stain on the wallpaper that looked fresh and a broom and a dust pan leaning against the wall. With my keen eye sight I saw that they had missed a few pieces of glass, and the air smelled of scotch. I raised an eyebrow and surveyed the scene. "What went down here? If I had known the last of the scotch had been used I would have brought a replacement, all I have here is Whiskey."

I smirked and pulled a gallon of Jack Daniels out of my bag as Elena tackled me with another hug again, laughing. "Well Bella, Damon had a bit of a temper tantrum earlier, nothing to worry about though… I think."

I felt a slight breeze and suddenly there was a gorgeous male sitting on the couch, a scowl on his face. He furrowed his brows at me, almost as if he was trying to scare me. "So you must be Bella, the one impeding on our lives."

"Damon" I heard Elena hiss, but I didn't break eye contact with him.

"And you must be Damon, the one who tends to make others lives miserable." I said with an arched eyebrow.

A look of shock flitted across Damon's face but was almost instantly masked by the return of the scowl. "Careful now, I wouldn't want to accidently kill you. Or maybe I would?"

I rolled my eyes, this was getting old fast. "Oh god, moody broody vampire. Seriously, it's been done before Damon, I dated a guy that was tormented before and it gets old quick. You trying to scare me into fearing you is pathetic."

Before I knew what was happening I was shoved against the opposite wall with Damon's hand at my throat. His eyes were black and ringed red. I took a quick peek over my shoulder at Stefan and Elena, who were rooted to their spots because they knew I could handle myself. I smirked because Damon was going to get a surprise.

Damon's POV

This little bitch was getting under my skin. She seemed to lack self preservation, since she knew we were vampires, yet continued to provoke me. I threw her against the wall, not to hurt her, but just to give her a little scare.

"You need to stop pissing me off, and quick little girl. I could snap your neck faster than you could blink." I snarled under my breath. I was panting heavily, trying to calm myself from down so I wouldn't go too far in this scare tactic.

I was staring into Bella's eyes, trying to instill fear into them, when they changed. Her pupils became elongated, like a cat's, and the whites completely disappeared, turning a golden yellow with streaks of green and orange. I was so entranced by the eyes I didn't see the paw coming, it was that of a tiger's and left holes in my face. I went down, clutching my cheek, trying to stop the blood while the wound healed. Bella knelt down and her mouth was at my ear, I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

"I'd like to see you try" She hissed. I looked into her eyes again and they were normal, she then began running to the open window across the room, her shape vibrating with energy as it went from human to bird while she was running. What appeared on the windowsill was a crow with a small white star on its wing. It perched there for a second, looking at us, before flying off.

I slowly stood up and wiped the blood off my face. Stefan and Elena were smirking. "Did we forget to mention that Bella is a shape shifter? As in she can shift into any animal?" Stefan said while trying to keep a serious face. He tossed me a towel to clean up.

"You failed to mention it." I spit out as I cleaned my face off. "Well, I'm bored now, and pissed, I have business to take care of, I don't know when I'll be back."

I slammed the front door behind me and got into my car. I needed to go let off steam. Bella was already getting under my skin and she hadn't even been here 24 hours yet.