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I was inspired to write this after watching the movie Look Who's Talking with Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. This movie is AMAZING! Go watch it if you've never seen it before. It's on TV a lot so check your TV guide to see if it's ever going to be on. Or you can Netflix it. But watch it. There's sequels, too, but my story is based on the first one.

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Who's Your Daddy?

Part 1

"Bella, baby... you're so tense," I heard Mike whisper to me. He was rubbing my shoulders, massaging the muscles loose. I was stressed out from my job and mostly because of my relationship with Michael Newton: married man of eight years to Jessica Stanley-Newton with two sons, Eric and Tyler.

Yes... I'm having an affair with my client.

I'm Mike's lawyer; I handle cases with his art business. Any business transactions that happen, I make sure everything is legal. Of course I got real close to Mike. It never meant to happen, but I felt the attraction the first time I met him four years ago, right out of law school and starting working at Black and Clearwater Law, when I was appointed as his lawyer for his business by my boss, Jacob Black.

About a year later, Mike came onto me... and I let it since I've wanted it. Mike may be forty now, eleven years older than me, but he looked like he was in his late twenties. He was healthy and fit. He never just sat at his desk, letting his work take over his life to make him heavy. He was active with his sons and always went to the gym. And of course the sex kept his stamina high. Damn, the sex was amazing.

We've been keeping our affair a secret for three years now. His wife, Jessica, I guess, never suspected a thing. And that's because he's still with her, fucking her, taking care of her. They're youngest son, Tyler, is eighteen months old, so obviously I know I'm not the only one he satisfies. Yes, I'm jealous. I want him to want me only. I think I love him, but I'm not sure because it could just be attraction. I've dated men, but have never started a committed relationship with any of them because of my loyalty to Mike. Maybe because I just want to fuck only Mike, that must mean I love him, right?

Mike keeps telling me he's gonna leave his wife, but he never does. I'd know by his body language when he finally leaves her. When I know, it'd show that he only has eyes on me, has no doubt in his mind that he'd want to fuck me, and when he's not nervous when I'm in his office, bouncing on his cock, that someone will walk in on us. When it's over, he wouldn't care.

"I'm tense, Mike, because of this damn case that's up your ass," I sighed out. "And I have other clients who need my help. You keep insisting I look over the Yorkie case, but I'm not finding anything wrong about the transaction. Let's close it and move on now."

"But if I close it, I can't fuck you. I won't be having another case for months and I can't go without my Bella baby fix," he tells me, still massaging my shoulders, but then leans in to kiss and suck on my neck. I moan involuntarily, gripping the desk roughly that my knuckles turn white. My thighs rub together; I need the friction to get me off.

I've come to realize lately that because Mike wasn't leaving Jessica, I have to end what we have. We're not going anywhere. He's never taken me out to dinner, in case someone recognized him having dinner with a young woman that wasn't his wife. We've only fucked at his office and occasionally at a hotel room. I couldn't take him home to my place because my roommates Alice and Rosalie live there and they don't know that I've been sleeping with my client.

I had to end this now, including my business relationship with him.

"Mike... I can't do this anymore."

"What are you talking about, baby?"

"I'm ending what we have going on. I want you, but I can't have you unless you leave her," I tell him, standing up from my seat, grabbing my blazer. "It's not fair to either of us. And I think it's right that you stay with your wife and take care of your kids. I'm still young and I've been holding back on starting a relationship with anyone because of what we had. And what we had wasn't going anywhere."

"Bella, I–" he stutters.

"I'm sorry, Mike. It was great while it lasted. Goodbye." I move to leave, but he grabs my hand and pulls me back.

"Bella, I want you. I've been thinking about leaving Jess. I'm not in love with her anymore. I've come to love you after these last three years. It took me a while to admit it to you, but I swear... I do. But if you want to leave, I won't stop you. At least let me give you a proper goodbye." He captures my lips in a passionate kiss, picking me up off my feet and carrying me to his leather sofa in his office.

I straddle his hips, fighting with his shirt buttons to take his shirt off. He's already peeled my blouse off my body, bra cups down, and was suckling my nipples, sending jolts through my body. I could feel Mike's erection through his trousers. It was so hard and it was thrusting against my covered pussy. I needed more.

Our clothes were finally all off. And his cock was plunged into my core, pushing in and out. My orgasm was coming to its peak and I was trying to keep quiet.

"Come on, Bella. I love you, baby. Come for me," Mike whispered in my ear, making me shudder in ecstasy. I fell over the edge, moaning out his name and my love for him. Once he admitted he loved me, I knew my gut was telling me I was right in feeling I was in love with him. His release came right after.

"I promise you, Bella. I love you. I want you. I'm telling Jessica tonight that I'm leaving her and then we can start our lives together," he told me, hugging my body close to his. I nodded and let him hold me until it was time that I went home.

3 months later

I've come to realize that I did not have the stomach flu, but that I was pregnant.

Pregnant with Mike's baby.

His separation to Jessica was finalized a month after he finally told me he loved me and was leaving her. The divorce was still being processed, but at least with a separation, I know we're on our way to being together officially. Jessica doesn't know I'm Mike's lover and I'd like to keep it that way for a while more. Not that I'm ashamed of mine and Mike's love for each other, but if she knew, she'd tell Jacob and I'd be out of a job. I'm still Mike's lawyer, but I'm working on handing him over to another lawyer in the firm. Then I can be with him without it affecting my job.

But anyway... back to the fact that I'm pregnant. I know that the afternoon he told me he loved me was the day of conception. We've always used protection, but that time we didn't. I'm happy I'm having his baby. I know it's gonna bring us closer. Mike has always been proud about being a father; he loves his kids with all his heart and knowing he's gonna have one with me will make him be thrilled.

I was constantly getting sick lately and noticed a bump on my stomach that I knew I never had before. What really should have triggered that I was knocked up was the fact I haven't had my period in three months, but I blamed that on stress. Being a lawyer is stressful. I was excited about having this baby. But I worried over the fact about telling people I knew about it when they don't know about me and Mike.

I then had an idea. Since no one believed I was with anyone, and my mother has been begging for a grandchild, I could just say I went down to the clinic and had an artificial insemination. That could work!

I told Alice and Rosalie that I was pregnant. To say the least, they were shocked.

"What?" they both exclaimed,

"I'm pregnant," I clarified again.

"How? You don't have a boyfriend and you haven't been on a date in months! Unless you do but haven't told us," Alice said.

I panicked a little, but they couldn't know about Mike. So I just told them about the fake insemination.

"Why?" Rose asked.

"'Cause I want a baby and I haven't found the right guy yet," I lied. About finding the right guy. I found my guy and I wanted a baby. "See you two are lucky to have found loving men; I haven't had luck. Plus I'm not getting any younger and I've had a plan of having a baby before I turned thirty."

"Not one man we've helped set you up with had any potential?" Alice questioned.

"No. Look. It's all done anyway. In six months my bundle of joy will be here."

"Six months! How long have you known?"

I lied again. "A few weeks. I just wanted to make sure it worked, so I didn't tell anyone. You know some women have miscarriages within the first trimester, and since I've never been pregnant before, I wouldn't know if I'd be able to carry a human being inside me. I wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna be in those odds."

"Well this puts us behind with the baby shopping!" Alice screamed out. "Come on! We have to buy things!"

And that led us to our shopping excursion. And many more to come, too. It seemed like every weekend we did shopping. Forget actually having a baby shower... I had everything I needed, from a crib to clothes to bottles and pacifiers. The works.

I told Mike the next time I saw him, which was a few days after the first baby shopping trip. He noticed my bump because my pencil skirt that went over my tummy gave it away. He was ecstatic about bringing another child into this world. He was praying for a little girl. I've always wanted a baby girl. And plus, I always found it easier to shop for girl baby clothes than boys whenever I went to a baby shower for a friend.

Our relationship was still amazing. And when I was in my second trimester, I found out my libido was intensely high and I wanted to have sex all the time. Mike had found an upscale apartment on the Upper East Side, so now I could be with him there instead of having to go to a hotel room or fuck in his office. Fucking on a couch with a belly is kinda hard now. I would move into the apartment once we had the baby.

By my fifth month I did find out I was having a baby girl. I was so happy, I cried at the appointment. Mike was grinning like a fool when I showed him the ultrasound pictures and we made love after we calmed down with the crying.

Four months later (after finding out sex of baby... now in ninth month... she's about to pop)

I felt so huge now. And I was extremely emotional and in pain a lot. My back and my feet especially ached. I was finally able to get some sympathy from Alice and Rose. When they saw the cankles I had, they stopped dragging me place to place to get more stuff for my baby girl. Instead they either went by themselves, sending me pics of things and I would give the go ahead or the negative on buying them, or we bought things online.

I'm in my ninth month and I haven't been able to see Mike lately. He was always so busy. I wasn't moving into his apartment with the baby until the divorce was settled. Apparently Jessica was being rather difficult that it was taking forever to settle this shit. When it was done and over with I was moving out of my apartment into Mike's and I was gonna tell my friends, my family and my boss about me being with Mike. I've been on maternity leave for a month and a half, so I haven't been working, and I stopped being Mike's lawyer a while ago, so I knew once I told Jacob, he wouldn't be able to fire me since Mike was no longer my client, but my boyfriend officially.

I felt like going out one afternoon with Alice and Rose. I've been suffering cabin fever long enough and I think it'd be good to stretch my legs out a bit. The girls and I went to a little cafe in Midtown and also went shopping for us and not for my baby. I was a little self conscious because I wasn't gonna be fitting in any of these clothes any time soon, so why bother buying anything, but Alice and Rose insisted on finding something sexy to bring out my confidence once my figure was back in shape and get back into the dating game. Really I was looking at things to wear once I was able to make love to Mike after the go ahead from my doctor, Dr. Weber, after my daughter was born.

I was looking at some sexy dresses when I heard a commotion in one of the dressing rooms. It sounded like moans and grunts, so it was obvious a couple were fucking in the small dressing room. I pushed the thought aside and kept looking at the clothes.

Then all hell broke loose.

The dressing room door opened and a petite blonde stepped out, hair mussed and clothes inside out. And Mike also came out of that room. I gasped when I saw him. He caught sight of me and muttered, "Shit!" under his breath. I felt tears prickle my eyes and let out a sob as I turned away and ran out the store. He was cheating on me. I mean, even when he was with Jessica he was sort of cheating on me since I knew they still fucked, but this was horrible. I was the one he cheated on and it was with some other woman that wasn't me and wasn't Jessica.

I was outside the store, trying to hail a cab when I felt Mike grab my arm. "Bella, baby, it wasn't what it looked like."

"It sure as hell looked like that! I heard you two fucking! You were cheating on me! Why?" I screamed.

"Bella, I'm sorry. It was a one time thing, I swear. It's just that you haven't been in the mood lately and once the baby's born it'd be weeks till we could do anything. I just needed a release. I promise it won't happen again. Please forgive me?"

"Hell no! Fuck you! How could you do this to me? Now I wish I really did leave that day nine months ago. I never want to see you again and I refuse to let you ever see my daughter."

"What the hell's going on Bella?" Rosalie asked me as she and Alice came out of the store. "Who's this guy?"

"An asshole I wished I never met and wished I never fucked."

"What are you talking about, Bella?" Alice wondered.

"I've lied to you two the past few years. I've been having an affair with Mike. He was married... now separated and he told me he was leaving her for good. I tried to walk out nine months ago, but then he told me he loved me and I fell for it. He got me pregnant that afternoon. I thought this was for real, that we'd be a family, but it turns out he can't keep his dick in his pants and out of everyone else's snatch."

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Rose screamed, turning to Mike. She clocked him in the cheekbone while Alice jumped on his back, hitting the top of his head. My friends were defending me. They obviously couldn't stand cheaters, and yes though I was one who cheated with Mike, I was now being cheated on and no way in hell were they letting that slide. This could have been a one time thing, but who knows throughout our entire relationship and even when he was with Jessica those first few years if he ever fucked anyone.

As I watched my friends kick Mike's ass I felt a twinge of pain in my lower abdomen.

Oh no! This can't be happening now! I wasn't due for another two weeks! I can't be in labor now.

I yelled for Alice and Rose to tell them I was in labor, but with the commotion they were starting, they couldn't hear me. I started to panic, grabbing hold of my belly, cringing at the contraction pains. I saw a few taxis heading toward where I was. I ran into the street a bit and whistled one down. The taxi stopped and I ran to open the door, yelling to the driver to get me to Lenox Hill Hospital. I felt another contraction, groaning at the pain.

The cab driver, turned around and I caught sight of how handsome he looked. Messy bronze hair, pouty lips and eyes, I didn't know what color, hidden behind black Ray Bans. He had a white V-neck tee shirt and jeans on and I could tell the tee fit his tones body quite nicely.

But why the hell was I thinking this? I just found out my boyfriend, who I've been having an affair with who also got me pregnant was cheating on me, as well as his estranged wife. And I'm in painful labor now!

When he turned and saw my state, he muttered an "Oh shit!" and sped off through Manhattan traffic.

"Hey, slow down! The first stages of labor can take hours!" I yelled at him, leaning forward and smacking his shoulder. His muscular shoulder.

"Yeah, so can the midtown traffic!" he replied back. His voice was like velvet with a slight Brooklyn accent. He continued to race down 1st Avenue, making sharp turns to get around other cars, yelling out profanity at the slow drivers. I was being tossed around in the back of the cab like a rag doll.

"You idiot! Stop fucking going in and out like that!"

"Look I'm sorry! These idiots just don't know how to drive. Just relax. Take deep breaths." I tried to listen to him and do my Lamaze breathing, or whatever I did learn from that damn class 'cause I actually ended up dropping out because I was finding it useless. All I was doing was breathing in that class. Now I understood why it was important to take the class... I didn't know what the fuck I was doing! Another contraction hit and this one was much closer than the other. For fuck's sake can the fucking traffic just fucking move! I do not need to give birth to my daughter in the back of a taxi cab. I will not be a cliché!

"Come on, move it!" the driver yelled, obviously to the stupid ass New York City drivers.

Another few minutes passed and I felt a blast of wetness going down my leg. Oh no! My water just broke! And I voiced it out loud, too, for the hot driver to hear. He turned to face me, looking down at the mess that happened in his car.

"Damn it!" he shouted. "Move your fucking asses, people!" Of course there was some street construction going on and cars were being directed in another direction... and away from where Lenox Hill was located. "Shit!" He was trying to get the guy directing flow of traffic to let us through, but the douchebag was not hearing it. "It's an emergency!"

"Sorry, buddy! You gotta turn here."

Then my driver did the most insane thing ever. He blasted through the barricades and kept driving straight.

"Are you trying to fucking kill me?" I exclaimed, bending over because the pain was so much worse now. "You son of a bitch!"

"Sorry! Hold on! We're almost there!"

He kept speeding through, running over potholes, making the ride extra bumpy. He was so not getting a tip, even if he was being somewhat helpful of getting me to the hospital quickly because I'm in labor. He was doing this the wrong way and I swore to God that I would fucking kill this fuck hot driver if my kid was messed up in any way, physically and mentally.

He was also trying to help me with my breathing, yapping about how Lamaze was good and that his friend's wife used it and that it was good for her and the baby. He was even going on about not getting an epidural! What was he, fucking crazy? Well, of course I knew that since he's driving like a mad man, but if he seriously thought I was doing fully natural childbirth with no pain killers in my system, he was certifiably insane and should be thrown in the loony bin!

"You know, the only people who say stupid things like that are men because they're idiots!" I yell at him, still cringing at the contractions."

"Look, we're almost there. I promise. When we get there and you're admitted, do you want me to call somebody to be there with you? A boyfriend or husband?"

"I don't have a boyfriend or husband! I was artificially inseminated." I lied about the conception. I don't need a lecture about how much of an idiot I was for sleeping with a married man without protection and how much of a douche Mike was for knocking me up and then cheating on me. Most likely this guy would do the exact same thing to a woman.

"What? Are you a lesbo, or something?"

I gasped aloud and slapped the back of his head. "How dare you insinuate something like that! I'm not a lesbian! I am a career driven woman who just wants a baby and is not looking for a relationship. I've had fucked up relationships in the past and hell no was I gonna go get knocked up by them!"

"Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that," the driver tells me. I could really give a rat's ass about an apology from him; I was never gonna bump into this cab driver again, so why even bother feeling compassionate? Especially while in labor! Why should I feel emotional like that when I just want to kill Mike for doing this to me and yell at the top of my lungs I never want to have a baby again if it means I must endure this fuck awful pain?

"Whatever! Just get me to the damn hospital with me alive!" I seethe. From the look he expressed I saw in the rearview mirror, I could tell he was scared of me.

Finally, we reached Lenox Hill. I scooted out of the cab as best as I could with a huge belly and without the driver's goddamn help. He was already out of the car, had opened my door and was trying to pull me out. I was slapping his hands away from me. "Don't touch me! I'm going to have this baby without you touching me!" I was out of the car and waddling to the desk, explaining to the nurse I was in labor and that my water had broken. She got a wheelchair and wheeled me to a room, saying I could fill out the forms later once my daughter was born.

I was in the room, huffing and puffing, going through contractions every few minutes. They were getting closer and closer together and the nurse there told me I was seven centimeters dilated. "It won't be long now, dear," the old woman said to me.

"I don't care! I just want her out of me! Please give me drugs!" I cried.

I saw a guy, head to toe in scrubs with a face mask on, come into my room. I guess he was another nurse. I pulled him close to me by the collar of his scrubs and told him to give me drugs... lots and lots of them so that I was high as a cloud and didn't feel a goddamn thing.

"No, you don't want drugs."

"Yes I do! I'm gonna split in two! It hurts so much!"

He sighs and turns to the nurse sitting there and asks her to do something. Wait, if he's a nurse, why is he asking her what to do? She explains I'm almost fully dilated and that there really was no point since it won't start working till I'm pushing the baby out. WHAT? He runs out of the room and brings back my doctor, Dr. Weber, who actually gives me a little something to take away some of the pain. I felt high as a kite now. I also seemed less irritable.

Before I knew it, I was ready to go into delivery. I pushed and pushed and pushed. The guy head to toe in scrubs was on one side while the old woman nurse was on my other. She was counting to ten then telling me to push. I was still confused about the guy there, though.

Then the next thing that happens is that the doctor was exclaiming that it was a girl. A girl! I had a baby girl!

"A girl," I whisper.

"Congrats," the guy in scrubs says to me.

"Thanks." My baby was cleaned up and had her mini check up to make sure she was deemed healthy, which she was, and brought over to me in a pink blanket. I took a good look at her. Thankfully she looked more like me than my douche of an ex-boyfriend, who I hoped I never ran into again. I was silently thanking God and Jake that I didn't have to be his lawyer anymore.

But my baby was beautiful: a head full of dark brown hair, a button nose and pink pouty lips. She was also a bit chubby. I was a little chubby when I was born, but the baby fat came off when I was in middle school. But I absolutely loved that she had a cute chubby face! The only thing I could tell that made her Mike's was that she had his blue eyes. Damn! I'd think of him everytime I looked in her eyes. Well, again I say that I was glad she looked more like me than him.

Two days later, I was back home in my apartment. I was all ready to move into his apartment and now I was stuck here. I didn't want to have to put Rose and Alice through the misery of a crying baby, but they understood. They even told me they did a bit of a number on him, but he didn't press charges against them after they were both arrested. Yeah, the store lady called the cops when the brawl broke out. I guess he promised to stay away from me if he didn't want to be dead.

My friends promised to help find a suitable apartment for me and my daughter, who was named Charlotte Alice Rose Swan. I nicknamed her Charli. I named her after my daddy, who was honored to have a granddaughter named after him. My parents flew in that night after I called them, Rose and Alice about me having Charli. Alice and Rose were in a panic when I told them, apologizing profusely about not realizing I was gonna pop when they kicked his ass. I forgave them, of course, especially when I used both their names as middle names.

But anyway... I'm home now. Right now I was in the bathroom, getting ready to change out of my pajamas I left the hospital in and prettying myself up for the small party Alice and Rose were throwing for me and Charli's homecoming. The girls were out getting things. Charli was in her car seat, laughing and gurgling at my baby talk to her. She was looking at her hands and feet, totally fascinated by them.

While she was entertaining herself as I kept my eye on her while I got myself ready, I noticed how big my tits got. Like huge! They were big as melons. I remember Dr. Weber telling me about breast feeding and that my breasts would now be full of milk, making them bigger. I needed new bras now! Of course not sexy, Victoria's Secret bras. One, I got no man to impress, and two they would get fucked up if I 'leaked'.

As I ogled my new boobs, I heard a knock at the door. Since Rose and Alice also live in this apartment, they would use their keys to get in, so I knew it wasn't them. And it was ten in the morning and the party was at one, so I knew my parents, my boss, Jake, his law firm partner, Seth, and some other family members of mine, wouldn't be here yet. Who the fuck could be at the door?

I made my way into the living room, placing Charli on the kitchen table, and looked through the peephole of the door and saw none other than the crazy cab driver from the day I went into labor. "Oh God!" I exclaimed. I contemplated on actually opening the door or not, but decided to do it. Since I was no longer in labor, already having my baby, I was in a better mood and decided to thank him for getting me to the hospital to have Charli.

I opened the door and said hello, inviting him in as well. The guy was just as gorgeous as I remembered, this time in a black tee and jeans that I bet hugged his ass nicely. He had his sunglasses on again, but took them off. And oh shit! He had the sexiest green eyes I'd ever seen. And of course I stared. He was obviously cocky 'cause he gave me a sexy crooked smile that almost made my knees buckle.

"Whoa! You really got your figure back, didn't you?" he said. I blushed a little, but retaliated with a comeback quickly.

"This is not my figure!"

"Well then, you got Dolly Parton's figure back." I dropped my face into my hands, shaking it back and forth. He just laughed. I finally got a hold of myself, walking back over to Charli.

"Um... I want to thank you for getting me to the hospital. Sorry I was being a bitch to you, but labor pain sucks and makes you act totally different. Plus I was also angry before I got into the cab. That probably triggered me to go into labor. So, sorry."

"It's fine," he replied.

"Oh! And I need to pay you for the ride." I went over to the little jar on the counter and pulled out a twenty. I'm sure that covered the ride to the hospital with it being three dollars to get into the cab and with all the extra you had to pay for time in the cab, including being in traffic, which we were for a bit. So, yeah, twenty covered the ride. I couldn't find my purse to give him singles for a tip. I bet some asshole stole my purse.

"Here. This should cover the ride. I don't have dollar bills to give you as a tip, so I promise to pay you that another time. I think my bag was stolen." He was just grabbing the cash, when I realized that the guy came to my apartment, but I never told him my address.

"Wait! How did you know where I lived?" I asked as I pulled back the twenty. He smirked and held up a purse. My purse. The jerk had it the entire time!

"I found it in the cab," he answered. "I looked through it to find an ID and it had this address on it, so I came to give it back to you. I promise I didn't steal anything from you."

"OK. And thank you for returning my bag; it has everything I need." I found my wallet and pulled out a five since I had no singles actually, handing over the cash to him.

"Well, it looks like you haven't gone through it in a while and checked to see if you need everything in it."

"What do you mean?"

"I believe I saw a little blue case that held particular pills in it that I'm sure you don't need since they obviously didn't work," he guffawed. Ugh! My damn birth control pills. I guess I should throw them out now since I'm not gonna be getting any for a while. I got them after one of my last ultrasound check ups, asking the doctor for a prescription so I had them on hand after Charli was born. I would take them after I was done breast feeding and use them when I would make love with him instead of condoms. But things changed.

"I can't believe you just said that."

He continued to laugh, digging into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, plucking one from the carton and lighting it up. I was just intrigued at the sight of him doing that, bringing the cig to his lips and holding a lighter up to it, pursing his lips as he took a drag. When I saw him exhale, I realized that my kid was not a foot away from him.

"Hey! Don't do that!"

"Do what?"

"Smoke around my daughter!" I yanked the cigarette from his lips. I didn't smoke, and neither did the girls, so I didn't have an ashtray to put it out in. I just threw it into my cold cup of coffee from earlier. "Don't smoke that around my baby! Don't you know there's a twenty to thirty percent chance that a person who doesn't smoke gets lung cancer because they live with a person who smokes due to secondhand smoke?"

"What are you trying to say? You don't want me to move in yet, or what?" he laughs out again. He seriously is making a joke out of everything I say. "Alright, fine, I won't smoke around you anymore. If it helps, I'm quitting. I've only been smoking two cigarettes a day. Maybe I won't crave them as much soon that I don't smoke them at all."

"Well, it does make me feel better that you're trying to stop. I hate smokers. I dated one once and everytime we kissed, it was like was actually breathing a cloud of smoke in. Disgusting. And what makes you think I'm ever gonna see you again?"

"Well, I kinda know where you live."

"Not for very much longer. I'm moving out."

"What? Because I know where you live?"

"No! Because I've been sharing this apartment with my best friends for a few years now and with Charli," I gestured to my daughter, "it's gonna be too much for them to have to deal with a screaming baby."

"Oh. Well, I can help you out, if you want."

"I don't even know you."

"Well, we didn't really start off on the right foot. I'm Edward Cullen." He stuck out his hand for me to shake, which I did. His touch was warm and I swear I felt a jolt run through my body.

"I'm Isabella Swan."

"I know. I saw your name on your ID." I narrowed my eyes at him for joking like that with me, which only made him laugh some more. I drop his hand and cross my arms across my chest, which only makes my breasts look bigger and I don't want to be ogled at by Edward or be a joke anymore, so I just drop them.

"I like to be called Bella. Isabella is too formal around friends."

"So we're friends?" Edward asks.

"I guess."

"Well, Bella, if you want, I can help you out with an apartment. I found out that an apartment in my building is available for rent, so if you want to take a look at it, let me know." Edward hands me a business card with his name on it. But it also states that he's an aircraft pilot and not a cab driver.

"This says you're a pilot. You're a cab driver. Do you have these business cards that lie about you being a pilot so you can get laid?"

"Well, is it working?" He wiggles his eyebrows for good measure. I scoff at him and shake my head 'no'. "Well it was worth a shot. But actually I am a pilot."


"Me as a cab driver is my day job. I'm a private aircraft pilot on weekends. I fly rich assholes where they need to go and back. Pays really well. Otherwise I wouldn't be living in NYC. I also teach lessons once a month."

"Oh. That's cool."

"Yeah, maybe I can take you for a spin one day," he says, giving me a panty dropping smile. I smile and try my best not to blush, but I bet I failed.

"OK, well, I'm having this 'welcome home!' party in a couple hours and I need to get ready. Umm... can you just watch her for a few minutes while I change?"

"Yeah sure. Since we're friends and all. And plus, lets me get to introduce myself to the princess. She's probably not gonna be a girly girl when I'm done with her."

"Well don't brainwash her too quickly. Alice would have a fit if Charli ends up as a tomboy." Edward smiled in understanding and turned back to my daughter.

I walked into my room, closing the door, but keeping it slightly ajar so I could hear the conversation Edward was gonna have with my daughter.

"Hiya toots! The name's Edward. I'm gonna be your best friend now." I did see him using his pinky to shake hands with Charli. She grabbed onto his finger and brought it to her mouth to suck on, but he pulled away. "You're cute. I'm gonna teach ya everything! Baseball, football... I'll even teach ya how to drive one of these days. I did promise your mommy that I won't completely bring ya to the dark side that is a man's lifestyle. We gotta keep you pretty some of the time. Just not too pretty. We don't want any jerks wolf whistling at ya, you know what I'm sayin'?"

I giggled at this man talking to my baby girl. I was already dressed in a purple wrap dress. I peeked out the crack of the door and watched what Edward was saying.

"So how do ya like the outside world. It's weird, ain't it? You spend the first nine months tryin' to get out and the rest of your life tryin' to get back in. Huh?"

I quietly step out of my room, continuing to watch the scene that's playing in my kitchen. I can see that Edward is talking to my daughter like she was a person and not a baby, so no baby talk, and he seems like he doesn't mind that he's watching her. I've seen some people look at babies with disgust, and he doesn't look like he's one of those people. And Charli is smiling a non-toothy smile (Uh, duh! She got no teeth! Just gums.) and is gurgling happily. So she much like him, especially since he's sort of a stranger to her.

"OK... I'mma teach you your first lesson on coffee. I know one of these days you're gonna be the kinda girl who has to have coffee. Well, this is the right way to have coffee... not like those Starbucks drinks where everything's a soy vanilla latte, no whip, no foam and with an extra shot of espresso. Nuh-uh! Real coffee is none of that! You can have it black, which is just coffee, nothin' in it. Or you can have coffee regular, which means two sugars and milk.

"Now when I got my coffee just a few minutes ago, I asked for it coffee regular, but they seemed to tune out the 'regular' and gave it to me black. So I guess I'll be demonstratin' this for ya here. Here's the sugar..." He grabs the sugar pourer-thingy, and pours a generous amount into his to-go cup. "Now, do you mind if I borrow some of this?" he continues, grabbing Charli's bottle, which doesn't have regular milk in it, but breast milk. I hold back a laugh as he finishes making his coffee and takes a sip, but I need to point it out.

"You know that's breast milk?"

He spits the sip out, spraying it everywhere, and coughs. I'm bent over, laughing my ass off and Charli is giggling away. Edward laughs as well, turning to Charli and asks, "Why didn't you tell me?" Charli of course can't speak so she just continued to laugh as well.

"OK, I gotta go. Got a job to do. I'll see ya later, Bella. Call me when you want to look at that apartment; I'll pick you up and drive you over." I nodded in understanding and walked him out.

"Wait!" I yell as he walks to the elevator. He turns around. "I'm glad we're friends now. I'll call you this weekend to check the apartment out. And if you, I don't know, want to stop by every now and then to check up on me, I guess, you're more than welcome to."

"I'll be holdin' that to ya, Bella. Bye."

"Bye." I watch him get into the elevator and watch the doors close. I go back into my apartment and sit with Charli, feeding her whatever was left in her bottle, then cleaning up the mess Edward left.

"I think I got a crush on that man, honey." Charli smiled at me, as if she knew that, too.

I do take up on the offer that Edward gave me and he picked me up and drove me over to the apartment building he lives in. I talked to the landlord, and the three of us checked out the apartment. It was big enough for me to live comfortably in with Charli. It had two bedrooms, a decent sized kitchen and a good sized bathroom. The living room was connected with the kitchen, so it was one big room. And it was affordable. I knew I made more than enough money to live in my own house and pay the bills with no problem, but I wouldn't want to live in a house until I was married. It'd just seem too big to live in with just me and Charli.

I wasn't having much luck with the apartment search with Alice and Rose. I think they were looking in the same area we lived in already, since they wanted to be close. But I needed to get out of that apartment. Where Edward lived, it wasn't too far from work, which I'm getting back to in three months, and from Alice and Rose... right in the middle actually. And it wasn't in a bad neighborhood either, so Charli growing up here wouldn't be bad at all. And since Edward lived in the same building, I knew I would be protected and so would Charli as she got older.

So I took it.

And then I found out Edward lived in the apartment next to me, the door a bit down the hall, when I moved my stuff in a week later. So I wouldn't just be running into him by the mailboxes; I'd be running into him almost everytime I left my apartment.

"So I guess we're neighbors, huh?" Edward asked after I was completely moved in thanks to his help. I was walking him out, and I thought he was heading toward the elevator, but he turned right and headed toward the door twenty feet down the hall. I gasped when I saw that.

"You knew this from the beginning, you jackass!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, I did. Just makes it better, ya know. I get to see you all the time since we're friends and all."

"Yeah, but you could have told me!"

"I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you by being Charli's babysitter whenever you need me."



"Alright. I need to lose this baby weight, so I'm gonna be going to the gym at night after work every couple of days, so I'll let you know when I need you. And tell me if you plan on going out or whatever so I know I'm not dropping her off when you got a hot date."

"Well actually the baby might help me score!"

"Shut up!" I laughed.

"Fine. I'll see you tomorrow, OK?"

"Yeah, Night."

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