The Evolution of Shamy

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This story will be a look at the enigma that is Shamy. The story overlaps with my previous stories, The English Element and The Verbal Variant and I strongly recommend that you read them first, if you haven't already. It isn't absolutely necessary to read them to understand this story, but reading them first will enhance your experience of this story.

Chapter 1

Amy's Apartment: Pasadena, CA (About a week prior to the first chapter of The Verbal Variant)

Amy poured herself a glass of Yoo-Hoo and sat on her couch to contemplate her relationship with Sheldon. Her feelings for Sheldon had been changing and she wanted to analyze them.

When she had first met Sheldon at the coffee shop after the online dating service had matched them up, she had been struck by their similarities. From the moment he had stated his aversion to soiled hosiery she had known she had found a kindred spirit. As they had Skyped, texted and e-mailed she had realized how compatible they were. Sheldon was one of the few people who got her jokes. Their electronic interactions had been easy and comfortable; they hadn't disrupted her life.

Then Penny had forced Sheldon to socialize with her in person when they had been considering having a child via in vitro fertilization. It was during that dinner that Amy had realized there was something about Sheldon that couldn't be conveyed via electronics. In person Sheldon was so much more…Amy considered various adjectives before settling on compelling. When they were only e-conversing she had often wondered why Sheldon's friends tolerated some of his behaviors; when faced with him in person, she understood.

After that first dinner they had gradually switched from communicating mainly electronically to mainly face to face interactions. While Amy had felt the pull of Sheldon's personality, she had still only thought of their relationship in platonic terms. Life had taught Amy long ago not to expect too much from her personal life; to look for satisfaction first academically and later professionally. She'd been friendless throughout school. Sure, girls would feign friendship to get her to help them with schoolwork, but once they got what they wanted they abandoned her. She hadn't fared any better with boys. Her only relationship with a male had been with the janitor she'd eaten lunch with, until his wife had put a stop to it.

In college she'd had men use her for academic purposes. There had been a few who had asked her out on dates, but never more than once. They'd only wanted to talk about music and movies; she'd only wanted to talk about classes and what she was learning. She'd been so excited to finally be someplace where she could use her intelligence to its full potential; where she was academically challenged for the first time.

Sheldon was the only man Amy had met who enjoyed science to the same degree she did; even her colleagues at the research facility preferred to spend their leisure hours in non science activities. On their first "date" Amy had realized that she had finally met someone who got it. She'd known then that Sheldon was someone she could be friends with.

Lately, however, she'd been wanting more than friendship from him. She supposed Penny's ex Zack had started it. She remembered the unfamiliar thrill she'd felt the first time she'd met him. He was probably the most attractive man she'd seen in person and he'd stirred to life emotions and sensations she hadn't felt for anyone since her high school crushes. Sheldon had helped her diagnosis her libidinous desires and had arranged for her to meet Zack again. The desires had gone away at the second meeting, when she had realized that Zack was not intellectually gifted, and she'd thought it was a freak occurrence. She's even tested her hypothesis by holding hands with Sheldon and had been relieved when that hadn't stirred her.

But that had been several months ago and her feelings for Sheldon had changed. She was attracted to him now and, unlike Zack, the attraction only deepened the more time she spent with him. Perhaps it had been the time spent around Bernadette and Howard and Katherine and Leonard. Her friendships with Sheldon and Penny had broadened her social circle. She was socializing with people who were, if not her intellectual peers (except for Sheldon) at least close to it. She had thought it was impossible for an intellectual woman to "have it all" as they saying went, but Bernadette and Katherine held doctorates (albeit Katherine's was in the Humanities) and had relationships with men. Granted Howard only had a Master's degree and Leonard was well Leonard, but still it showed Amy that a romantic relationship between two intellectuals was possible. Of course Katherine and Leonard had broken up, but that was because Leonard and Penny still had feelings for each other.

Amy wanted a romantic relationship with Sheldon. Unfortunately Sheldon still insisted that they were not girlfriend and boyfriend. he was adamant about keeping their relationship strictly platonic. She had no idea on how to change that, or if it was even feasible to attempt it. She thought that lately Sheldon had been showing that he had more than platonic feelings for her, but she had so little experience with men she wasn't certain of it. There was a Girls' Night coming up, perhaps it was time she enlisted her girl friends in the endeavor.

I promise future chapters will have dialogue and actual plot, but I felt it was important to get inside Amy's head and get her perspective on the relationship.

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