Author: This is my first fanfic ever so I'm kinda nervous about doing this but here goes nothing. I got this idea after reading a manga called Drifters (If you haven't read it, you can find it on Mangafox, I highly recommend it) and I thought "what if you took a normal guy (without any kind of superpower like Saito) and just see how he copes in another world?" And so you get this crap.

22 year old Sergeant Alex Tsougi had only one thought in his head right now. SURVIVE! His detachment had been ambushed in a what was supposed to be a "simple" reconassiance mission in the dense jungles of Panama. His team leader had already been one of the first to go and now he and the surviving members of his squad was desperately trying to evac their wounded before it was too late. Mortar rounds and RPGs whizzed around him as medics threw themselves upon their wounded, frantically trying to shield their comrades with their own bodies. Alex himself was trying to carry a wounded soldier named Scot, a long time buddy that served with him since their years in boot camp.

"Alex, its alright, just let me go..." Scot whispered faintly. Blood was already seeping through his camo.

"Shut up and grab tighter." Alex ordered. He and Scot had survived so much more than this, there was no way he was just going to leave his friend to die. Gathering every ounce of strength in his body he half carried, half dragged his wounded friend to the team medic, Mitchell.

"They're coming again."said the bloody medic. Alex turned around and sure enough the insurgents had left their cover and began advancing to finish off their weakened prey.

"Damn them" At this point Alex knew that there was no way him and his depleted squad would be able to outrun the enemy with their wounded. He took one look at his wounded friend and made a split second decision.

"Take the wounded and get to the evac zone, I'll try to hold them off for as long as I can!"

"What? Are you insane?" Scot opened his eyes and looked up at Alex.

"It's the only way!"



Nodding, Sergeant Mitchell turned around and began hollering orders at the squad to get moving. All the while Scott helpless struggled against the stretcher bearers while taking one last glimpse of Alex facing an entire battalion alone. Strangely, Alex felt no fear as he faced the horde of enemy insurgents, instead it was a kind of calm resignation. As if in a trance, Alex raised his M16 assault rilfe and began firing away into the sea of bodies. Men dropped from the ranks like flies but with superior numbers, the insurgents kept advancing. Finally Alex felt a searing pain in his chest as enemy bullets tore in to his own body and he fell into a strange blue portal felt nothingness….

"Wait... what!"

Meanwhile in the continent of Halkeginia

After the defeat and withdrawal of the Tristein army from Albion, the political situation of Albion could be described as nothing more than pure chaos. Nobles were turning against each other, not one army was united, and the troops of Albion were in chaotic turmoil. Reconquista, a group of ambitious nobles that had overthrown the previous government, in a mad attempt to retain their power had oppressed and persecuted anyone who was even suspected of plotting against the government. Those whose families where suspected of treason were often taken to labor camps as hostages in order to spread fear and paranoia amongst the common people. In one of the Northern provinces of Albion a certain village had all its women and children taken away after the village chief was falsely accused of assisting the Tristein army during the invasion. Needless to say, the village chief suffered an even worse punishment. The government publicly executed the unfortunate man and displayed his corpse to serve as an example to all those that would dare defy Reconquista's regime. With fear, paranoia and hatred for the current government running high, the situation in Albion was, in modern terms, a powdered keg.

At the same moment, Andreas Brown an inhabitant of the before mentioned village was in the woods hunting for deer in preparation for the coming winter. He had already sighted his prey and drew his smoothbore rifle up to his cheek narrowing his sights on the unsuspecting doe. He exhaled slowly, and fired. A shot rang and echoed across the mountain valley as the lead ball tore through the doe's neck, killing it almost instantly. Andreas pumped a fist into the air, exhilarated at his success. He went to retrieve his prize when suddenly he noticed another body lying near the dead doe. As he looked closer he realized it was a person! The unconscious man had short black hair which was an unusual hair color in Albion. Andreas' own hair was silver and came down to his neck. However the strangest part of the unconscious man was his clothes. The clothes themselves were made up of several blotches with different shades of green.

"That's strange." thought Andreas, "Didn't he have enough dye to paint his clothes all one color?" Andreas did not have much time to pursue this train of thought as another color soon came to his attention. Red. The man was bleeding and was in serious need of medical attention. Without hesitation, Andreas grabbed the unconscious man and began carrying him in the direction of his village knowing full well that his hard earned meat would be carrion food tonight.

"You damn better be alive after all this" he thought grumpily.

Author: Well there's the first chapter! Hope you enjoyed it and hope you return for more. And if you decide not to, then fine! Whatever! Dont come back, I dont need you pity!

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