Chapter one: first acquaintances.

Hey guys, so I need a break from my fic 'Scelus' it's just so damn depressing writing stuff like that! I can't even write about Ichigo or Shirosaki smiling, or been happy, it's so hard! XD It's all very dramatic and very dark, so I want something light hearted, sweet and fluffy and YAOI FILLED. This story is going to be a pretty much cliché AU high school fic, so it won't surprise me if there is another fic just like this one on this site somewhere. But of course, I will be adding something that makes it completely unique, I seem to do that with most my stories. XD Enjoy anyway, R&R let me know what ya' think. 3

Summary: New kid Ichigo Kurosaki gets into a spot of bother with the schools bad boy Shirosaki Ogichi…as the plot thickens Shirosaki falls for the orangette, but what happens when the pair are forced to portray two tragic lovers in the schools musical? Perhaps Shirosaki will drop his 'bad boy' façade? YAOI.


To say that Shirosaki was pissed would be a huge fucking understatement. First of, Grimmjow thought it would amusing to smoke his last joint, to say the least the white haired teen was not 'amused' in fact he was seething. His morning smoke was something he relished without it he was grumpy to fuck. But that wasn't all, nope there was more shit about to hit this metaphorical fan.

Some little bitch ran into him this morning having just sprayed perfume everywhere. So he now stunk like a prostitute, and he had make-up staining his black t-shirt. Said orange haired girl had literally squealed in shock, after that she flurried around him attempting to apologize, whilst squeezing her assets together in a desperate yet obvious fashion.

Shirosaki had snorted at the girl and continued his walk to his classroom. Now, that's where his biggest problem came in. Sat right in his seat was some orange haired kid. Shirosaki assumed it was the new kid Grimmjow was rambling on about that very morning, but that thought didn't even reach his brain. In a flash a pale hand wrapped around the white band tee belonging to the orangette.

"The fuck ya' doin' in mah seat?" Shirosaki growled out. The anger didn't last long however when two profound oceans of oak met his. Shirosaki took in a sharp breath. All he had seen of the orangette was his hair due to teen fumbling around in his bag. Shirosaki contemplated that if he hadn't seen the boys attractive face he wouldn't have been so hostile towards him, but that thought was instantly cast aside. He was Shirosaki Ogichi, no one fucked with him, and most of all nobody made him care.

A deep frown marred the orangette's features and he quickly retorted. "You could've just asked me to move politely, asshole." Shirosaki was shocked to say the least. Nobody had snapped back at him before and he found himself wondering what he would do. He wanted to slug the gorgeous bastard in the face, but he knew if he did that he would just feel guilty later on, and he didn't want to bruise that soft looking tan skin completely free of any form of acne or blackheads like most boys in his class.

"Heh." Shirosaki simply smirked letting go of the boys shirt, pushing back the boys chest, purely because he wanted to touch his bare skin, the loose shirt allowing him to do that rather well. Shirosaki couldn't stop the small shiver that wracked through him when he felt that muscled tan chest underneath his fingertips.

The orangette scowled rearranging his stretched shirt. He quickly picked up his bag and swung it over his back before seating himself in the seat just in front of white haired boy. The orange haired teen found himself wishing he had just sat in the seat at the beginning. It was his first day after all he didn't fancy getting into any fights. That albino literally oozed 'bad news'.

Shirosaki fell back into his seat with a grin allowing his eyes to settle on the tight black skinny jean incased behind that was the orangette's. What an arrogant asshole flaunting of his perfect body like that. Shirosaki thought with a sneer. But deep down he knew he was just finding reasons to dislike the new orange haired kid, but for now he was fine with denying that.

Placing his elbows behind his chair and getting comfortable Shirosaki watched as the teacher came stumbling into the classroom holding a stack of papers and coffee that was obviously ready to fall, if it wasn't for the orange head that quickly jumped up and helped her that is. Shirosaki found himself frowning he had been looking forwards to laughing at the whore of a teacher.

The purple haired woman sighed in relief as the new student took the books from her hand along with the coffee and placed them on the table. She gave him a charming smile with a small blush. "Thank you Ichigo!" Ichigo grinned back at her before answering, "No problem Miss."

Shirosaki watched the scene before him gritting his teeth together, he didn't want that whore flirting with Ichigo. He could obviously do better than her. She was just desperate and lonely, quite pathetic for someone who had only just reached twenty years old right?

When Ichigo attempted to go back to his seat the woman grabbed his hand softly and brought him back to the front of the class. Ichigo arched a brow confused as to why the woman had put her hands on him, she continued to massage her thumb over his hand. Wasn't that illegal? Ichigo panicked removing his hand from hers with a small smile.

"This is Kurosaki Ichigo. He's come all the way from Japan, so please welcome him with open arms. Welcome to the states Ichigo." the woman announced. But the last part however was purred into his ear and he found himself flinching away from her.

Shirosaki eyed the classes intrigued stares some even had the courage to make comments about the boys gorgeous behind, or appearance. Shirosaki felt like growling at them, making sure they knew he had taken interest in the orangette. But that wasn't his style, Shirosaki Ogichi never paid interest to others that way, countless students had attempted to gain his interest, but he didn't pay them any mind whatsoever.

Quickly returning to his seat Ichigo made a mental note never to be left alone in a room with Miss Shihoin.


"Ha! Ya' kiddin meh?" Grimmjow failed to notice the deep sneer his best friend was currently sporting due to the white haired boys back facing him. "Yeah! He's hot man!" Grimmjow replied slinging an arm over Shirosaki's shoulder.

The white haired teen quickly feigned a grin. He'd be damned if Grimm knew he was interested in the new kid. It didn't exactly thrill Shirosaki that Grimmjow was too. Shirosaki snorted at his friend shoving the bluenette's arm off him. "What crawled up your ass and died?" Grimmjow asked a fine blue eyebrow raised in question. "Are ya' forgettin' tha' fact ya' smoked mah last blunt? A' don't av' any till I get some of Nnoitra tonight." Shirosaki growled out effectively shutting the blue hulk up.

"Ha! Here his now." Shirosaki followed Grimmjow's eyes and behold, Kurosaki Ichigo with the orange haired bitch he had run into that morning...wait what? What's he doing with her? Shirosaki scowled at the giggling orange whore.

He knew her name but he just couldn't remember…"Who's tha?" Shirosaki asked unable to stop his curiosity. "Orihime Inoue. Look at er' attempting ta' flirt with him." Grimmjow laughed loudly after that statement, Shirosaki laughed along with him watching the girls poor attempts.

The loud boisterous laughter caused Ichigo to look in the pairs direction. Grimmjow noticed and sent a salute to the orangette. Ichigo scowled at the boy, it was then he realised that the pale boy from this class was there. He tore his gaze away when those entrancing gold on black eyes met his.

"Don't look at him!" Orihime whispered to Ichigo causing him to flush slightly. "Why?" he replied ignoring the urge to turn back around. "He'll probably start a fight with you. He's that kind of guy." Orihime moved closer to Ichigo whispering into his ear, it was obvious that Shirosaki wouldn't hear, but it was also repulsively evident that she was just attempting to get closer to the teen.

Shirosaki watched as the orange haired slut got closer and closer to Ichigo. The pale teens fist balled up and he could feel his nerve quickly disappearing. "Oi! Kurosaki!" thankfully it wasn't Shirosaki that called out his name, it was Grimmjow. The bluenette also didn't want that skank getting her hands on Ichigo.

The head of spiky hair whirled around. The boy quickly moved from Orihime and walked towards the pair. "Yeah?" the orangette scowled at the pair. Grimmjow grinned widely. "Ya' look like you needed help. I wouldn't get involved with her if I was you." the bluenette smirked.

"That's funny…cause she more or less said the same thing about you two." Ichigo smirked leaning back against the wall Shirosaki was also leaning on. Grimmjow stood in front of the pair with a grin. He wanted to comment on how fitting they looked together, but he knew he'd be eating Shirosaki's fist if he did and he didn't want Ichigo with Shirosaki anyways.

"Ha! She's sucked more dick than Grimm! And that's sayin' something." Shirosaki grinned. Almost instantly Grimmjows's head whipped up and a deadly growl erupted from his throat. "Pft. At least I aint a virgin whitey." Grimmjow snarled out, Shirosaki grinned back at him fueling the bluenette's fire.

Ichigo grimaced this didn't go unnoticed by Shirosaki. "Grimm shut up, we're tainting Ichi's innocence." the albino grinned running his tongue over his lips. Ichigo snorted before pulling himself away from the wall. "Asshole." he stated simply before walking away back to Orihime who was currently grinning and waving at Ichigo.

"Even if he is fucking hot, you gonna' let him talk to ya' like that?" Grimmjow leant beside Shirosaki his eyebrow cocked. "He ain't worth it." Shirosaki mumbled fumbling around with his lighter. "…Shiro. There's somethin' you aint telling me isn't there?" Grimmjow asked leaning forwards. Damn that kitty!

"Nope, why would ya' think tha?" Shirosaki asked feigning disinterest. "Because, I can tell. You're interested in him." Grimmjow wasn't exactly sure, but he knew something was up with Shirosaki and it had something to do with that red head.

"Don't be fuckin' stupid. Ya' know a' don't do 'interested.' Why would a' waste time with im?" that was true Grimmjow thought with a small smile. "Well that's good. At least I know I have no competition." Shirosaki inwardly screamed in frustration. He swore Grimmjow was just purposely attempting to make his day worse.

Next chapter will be longer. Awh little Shiro is a virgin. ;D I love how I basically made him call every single female a whore. :') R&R?